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Hate to Love You | Ryeji 🔞🔞🔞⚠️⚠️⚠️ by Asiandumbass
Hate to Love You | Ryeji 🔞🔞🔞⚠️⚠...by Asiandumbass
⚠️ smut with gradual plot because I'm built different Ryujin and Yeji have a love, hate relationship. 🤡 Ryujin g!p 💦 🔞Don't read if it's going to make you uncomforta...
Magnanimous (Blue Exorcist ~ Yukio Okumura) by HeyyOli
Magnanimous (Blue Exorcist ~ Yukio...by Oli™
Magnanimous: selfless, forgiving. Akilina has unofficially trained to be an exorcist since she was eight. From Aveyron in France, she must become used to the new surrou...
The One Who Never Told | P5 by -LOSTNFOUND
The One Who Never Told | P5by ŸUNØ
And what about the boy who sat behind the phantom their leader and didn't tell a soul? What if he wasn't so passive, but instead worked the courage to join Akira and the...
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The Boy with the Two Toned Hair (Bon X Reader) by dark_kai_art
The Boy with the Two Toned Hair (B...by 🌺KAI🌺
(F/N) was a shy girl just trying to float her way through school, but that all changed when her great grandfather willed her two rings. These two rings transformed into...
Of Phantoms and Thieves by anderkawasaki
Of Phantoms and Thievesby AnderKawasaki
The leader of the Phantom Thieves of Hearts, Joker, AKA, Ren Amamiya, is not in a good mood. It's been a year after the events that happened in Persona 5, and trouble ha...
Sociopathic Tendencies by Demonic__Flame
Sociopathic Tendenciesby Demonic__Flame
Rin Okumura, diagnosed with Antisocial Personality Disorder (ASPD) or a sociopath since the age of 12, well diagnosed by human standards. (I've read a few things saying...
Ryeji Gxg Oneshots  by ryejicouple
Ryeji Gxg Oneshots by Ryejicouple
This is a whole bunch of stories in one. This story is based around the ship Ryeji/Yejin which is Hwang Yeji and Shin Ryujin together. This story is mainly smut but doe...
Blue Exorcist: The Sins of Friends (Bon x Rin) by BrownEyesEren7
Blue Exorcist: The Sins of Friends...by BrownEyesEren7
*COMPLETE* Rin Okumura has a secret. Not the secret of him being a demon, but about him being depressed. He hides it well, but how long can he keep this up with his 'fri...
The Unknown Love(Bon X Rin) by -Creamyroll-
The Unknown Love(Bon X Rin)by GALAXY ASHLEY WOLF!!!
Rin and Bon were not always friends but they did get along sometimes They both secretly liked each other What will happen when Ryuji finds out Rin is a demon Will Bon lo...
My Inspiration (Ann Takamaki x Male Reader) by Outlaw_Hunter
My Inspiration (Ann Takamaki x Mal...by Hunter
Ever since Shiho, Ann's best friend, tried to commit suicide from jumping off the school building, Ann has had many doubts fill her mind. Some of that changed when she b...
this is my first attempt for making Rin Okamura and Ryuji Suguro (Bon) fiction. there's gonna be mature content, but mostly love and all well back to the story descript...
Wearer of 1,000 masks (Persona 5 royal x male reader remake) (adopted) by Destroyer_Creater2
Wearer of 1,000 masks (Persona 5 r...by Destroyer Creator
You are a trickster who is known to the world as a beyond talented person who wears countless different faces, feels all kinds of emotions, and posses multiple personali...
Miraculous Persona 5 by L0nelySha2ak1
Miraculous Persona 5by Shazaki Mashsuki
[This is an AU to one of my stories from Quotev] [I own Komori, Reader, Shadow, her older siblings, and the drawings] What if (Y/n)'s life was ruined again in Paris? She...
BonRin oneshots by toastymarshie
BonRin oneshotsby Marshie
BonRin content is very sarce. We need more of it.
old and new (akira kurusu x reader) by animeewriterr
old and new (akira kurusu x reader)by rosé!
after the disbandment of the s.e.e.s affiliation, [y/n] sets out for a new life. one that would have yet again misfortune and shadows. lower case intended.
Makoto Niijima x Male reader Persona 5 by RSPBLiterature
Makoto Niijima x Male reader Perso...by R.S.P.B
When Y/n is told by his parents that he will be moving to Japan you would think he would be devastated. However Y/n views the move as a fresh start for him and an opport...
Sweetie Pie - Ryeji by Music_lover12345
Sweetie Pie - Ryejiby Music_lover12345
Yeji runs a bakery with her brother Hyunjin. It was all she ever wanted. Every morning as she heads to work, a flower is tied on her door handle. Ryujin is a student at...
The Tricksters Game (Persona 5 x Death Note) by GreninJoker
The Tricksters Game (Persona 5 x D...by GreninJoker
Ren Amamiya is stationed in America and works as the genius detective known as R. One day he takes up the task to bring in a corrupt politician in Japan, who was current...
Steal your heart! Persona5 reader x BNHA by rollingthunDah
Steal your heart! Persona5 reader...by Rollingthundah
Y/N Milford, a famous actress by day and a Phantom Thief by night. All of the sudden, an app appears on her smartphone teleporting them to a world where 80% of the huma...