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TenxRose One-Shots by Starkidfan224
TenxRose One-Shotsby Starkidfan224
A series of one-shot stories about the tenth Doctor and Rose Tyler. Updating will be continuous.
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oracle [doctor who] by madeline-eve
oracle [doctor who]by madeline eve
in which there's a voice in her head guiding her, urging her, and one day it leads her to rose tyler's front door [s2-??]
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The Other Tyler - rewrite by Rhysee
The Other Tyler - rewriteby Rhysee
We all know Rose Tyler, the beautiful blonde companion. But what about her older sister? Mei Tyler, twenty four years old, somewhat genius. Found and adopted by Jackie a...
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Doctor who|| Gif series  by chloebella209
Doctor who|| Gif series by chloebella209
"When you're a kid, they tell you it's all... grow up. Get a job. Get married. Get a house. Have a kid, and that's it. But the truth is, the world is so much strang...
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Doctor Who Imagines by somethingbrave
Doctor Who Imaginesby 💞
One shots of the reader x Doctor (mostly 10&11 but feel free to send requests of other doctors/companions💓)
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The Girl Who Accidentally Ran Away (A Doctor Who Fan-fiction) by TIMEYWIMEYPRW
The Girl Who Accidentally Ran TIMEYWIMEYPRW
Katherine never intended to run away. In fact, she had planned to live out the rest of her regenerations on the beautiful planet Gallifrey. She had a future there. She h...
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Doctor Who Memes And Wibbly-Wobbly-Timey-Wimey Stuff by psychoticsmileyface
Doctor Who Memes And emo trash
{COMPLETED} 2nd book out now! the title explains it... Update: thank you all for 10k reads, I'm glad yall are enjoying this book! :) Disclaimer: all of the art and most...
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Sinking: a TenRose Fanfiction by doctortenrose
Sinking: a TenRose Fanfictionby doctortenrose
• • The clock is ticking and the Doctor and Rose Tyler have found themselves on the Titanic. After getting separated they meet some unexpected friends who help them in t...
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An Original Vampire's Guide to the Universe (Rewrite) by NicholasFlamelFan
An Original Vampire's Guide to NicholasFlamelFan
The Doctor has changed. Not only that but things have become much more difficult. Or rather... they will become difficult for Tyra. A lot of things have changed in her l...
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Nothing Lasts Forever || The Doctor [2] ✔️ by KleeAlise11
Nothing Lasts Forever || The ℳ𝒾𝓈𝓈 𝒞𝒶𝓇𝓉ℯ𝓇
"Why?" "The rest of my life will never be enough for me if you're not by my side." <3 Lily felt her heart break the second her Doctor regenerated...
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Maintaining Harmony (Doctor Who Fanfiction) by puppuphk
Maintaining Harmony (Doctor Who Hannah
Harmony just wanted to go to Comic Con is that so hard to ask apparently so because while waiting for her friend she goes to explore the convention and gets lost finding...
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Storm: Time Jump by Heartlocket1004
Storm: Time Jumpby Heartlocket1004
Teresa Storm is a regular girl in our universe- well, as regular as Whovians get. But her life changes drastically when she sees a mysterious, Tardis blue light and touc...
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I See You (1st in the His Soulmate Books) by padme37221
I See You (1st in the His KJ
When the TARDIS is drawn to Van Statten's museum, having received a mental call for help, the Doctor discovers something that'll change his life...
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IMMORTAL HEARTS ━ jack harkness. by gallifreyas
𝖎𝖒𝖒𝖔𝖗𝖙𝖆𝖑 𝖍𝖊𝖆𝖗𝖙𝖘 / ❛of all the things the guardian expected to do after the time war... surviving wasn't one of them.❜     ❪ DOCTOR WHO / TORCHWOOD ❫     ...
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An Unexpected Meeting (1st in Impossible Girl Saga) by padme37221
An Unexpected Meeting (1st in KJ
Imogen was only going to her best friend's place to get her sketch book and left with making the acquaintance with the last of the Time Lords. What she didn't know at t...
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The Last Royal (editing) by psychobaby1199
The Last Royal (editing)by Miss-Scifi
Elizabeth Mae Tyler: Rose's adoptive sister... what happens when they meet a 900-year-old alien and he takes them into time and space? My amazing cover is by @-crazywebs...
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To Watch the Day of the Doctor by Syliphen
To Watch the Day of the Doctorby Zora Riddle
What will happen when Amy, Rory, River, Jack, Martha, Mickey, Rose, and The Metacrisis Doctor (AKA John Smith) are all teleported into a room with nothing but a TV, a co...
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Doctor Who One shots by madmansbluebox
Doctor Who One shotsby Ⓜⓞⓝⓘⓠⓤⓔ
These one shots are about 40% sadness 40% fluff and 20% I don't know what I'm doing. There's quite a few x readers in here along with some poetry as well (yikes) and my...
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Ultimate Doctor Who Book Of Randomness | ✔️ by amberiscool333
Ultimate Doctor Who Book Of ♡Raven♡
(COMPLETE 2018) (COVER MADE BY ME 2019) Knock Knock. Who's there? Doctor. Doctor . . . who! Haha I get it . . . TRUST ME when I say that the jokes in this book wil...
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