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Minimal (In Progress) by Precciku
Minimal (In Progress)by Precciku
Davids tired. Things aren't going his way and the world isn't in it's best state so maybe it's chill time.
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Becoming a Star by iyanuv
Becoming a Starby The World of Iyanu Ade
This is a story about a young lady Julie who was living a shabby life and uneducated one but until her brother stole some money for her education she was still happy an...
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australia ~ a.i. by stanleybarberlovebot
australia ~ james
so i'll wait for him, to come he won't break my heart because you know, he'll be from australia book 1 in the "lonely heart" series ashton irwin x male oc calu...
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전정국/j.jk  by jxxungxms
전정국/j.jk by jeon jungkook
Don't be hornie btw- яєα∂ ιи вℓα¢к
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If Only... by dreamsfanatic
If dreamsfanatic
A series of poems - Just a way to vent :) Not even sure these are even poems haha, maybe short thoughts 🙃 It's honestly all about this girl who I never had a chance wit...
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The MODEL { Slow Updates} by taeminjeon7
The MODEL { Slow Updates}by Idols Army
Taehyung. A model that very dedicated to his work. He loves Gucci. He met someone. A girl. Sowon. They met in an unpleasant way. Could they make a great teamwork, when...
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Unexpected Love by hardcoredemilovatic
Unexpected Loveby hardcoredemilovatic
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Concert  by hardcoredemilovatic
Concert by hardcoredemilovatic
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First Interview  by hardcoredemilovatic
First Interview by hardcoredemilovatic
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Truth Or Lies? by hardcoredemilovatic
Truth Or Lies?by hardcoredemilovatic
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Online Dating by hardcoredemilovatic
Online Datingby hardcoredemilovatic
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DM'S by hardcoredemilovatic
DM'Sby hardcoredemilovatic
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Celebrity  by hardcoredemilovatic
Celebrity by hardcoredemilovatic
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Why? by hardcoredemilovatic
Why?by hardcoredemilovatic
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Taken Love by hardcoredemilovatic
Taken Loveby hardcoredemilovatic
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HELP ME PLEASE.. by Onlyfordemetria_
HELP ME Onlyfordemetria_
Liv is a normal 19 year old. NOT. A normal teenager wouldn't have an eating disorder, struggles with self harm or depression. School starts again and there's a new teach...
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Private Investigator  by hardcoredemilovatic
Private Investigator by hardcoredemilovatic
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Police  by hardcoredemilovatic
Police by hardcoredemilovatic
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Stranded by hardcoredemilovatic
Strandedby hardcoredemilovatic
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Vacation  by hardcoredemilovatic
Vacation by hardcoredemilovatic
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