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Lone Wolf *The Animals MC book one* by AngelBlueDawn
Lone Wolf *The Animals MC book one*by Angel
Morgan is a single mother, trying to make ends meet and care for her daughter. Wolf is the leader of the Animals MC, He's only ever been alone and he likes it that way...
The Wingless Crows | Jungkook FF | BTS GangAU by 3amfanfiction
The Wingless Crows | Jungkook FF |...by 3amfanfiction
[Strong female lead story] [JJK FF] "The second I get a glimpse of the tattoo that is on his upper back my heart stops. A Crow. But not just any crow. It was the s...
Gangs, Love and an Immortal by Morgaannxx
Gangs, Love and an Immortalby Morgaannxx
Maria was an ordinary girl with an ordinary life. Well, that's what everybody thought. Little did they know that she was the heir to the Mexican mafia, and the most dang...
Rival passion ~ sweet pea fanfic  by asthma_chxld
Rival passion ~ sweet pea fanfic by Satans.princxss
Pricilla Martinez or simply princess is the twin sister of Ghoulie leader Malachai Martinez but what happens when she's forced to move from seaside high to southside hi...
SOS (Sisters of Sins) by LazyPotatoSalad
SOS (Sisters of Sins)by ☞B. B-M☜
Twelve months ago Bailee's life fell apart. Tony, the old leader of the gang Corrupted, took away everything she needed. One by one. And it tore her apart. Tortured he...
Rock Brain by the_rabid_snail
Rock Brainby the_rabid_snail
Alex, a single mom, is struggling to raise her three boys, all of whom have autism, after her husband is brutally murdered. Wrestling with the challenges of being an asp...
a little too late  by JustMegannnn
a little too late by JustMegannnn
Hey everyone so I'm not too good with descriptions, but read the Prologue and see if you all are interested in this story. Thank you so much for just opening up this st...
Mafias Crude Boy by BastianLebedev
Mafias Crude Boyby BastianLebedev
A boy who was kidnapped by the mafia and raised by them. He does some of their dirty work and suffers for ten long years until he tries to escape this shitty life. One d...
Kings and Queens by GisselyR321
Kings and Queensby Gissely Rodriguez
Arelia always follows her head; it's never led her astray. However, when her heart begins to stir -- infecting her mind with thoughts of "love" -- she begins c...
Torn Apart by xojustinex
Torn Apartby Meg 🥀
Cassidy Blake led a relatively normal life in a small town until the Hayes' arrived during her sophomore year of highschool. Months after their arrival her Dad dies in a...
The Pianist✔️ by pjmn_myng
The Pianist✔️by MinJimin
A mysterious girl caught the attention of the bad boy, Yoongi. Everyday, he will watch her play her feelings out and he loves it. He wants to know her more. Until one da...
Your Beloved Jerk by _icecreamish_
Your Beloved Jerkby lee
"This story is about Lyra and Chris. A fun girl on the inside but cold on the outside, Lyra's world is turned upside down over a summer. Read on to find out what ha...
Up In Flames [#wattys2017] by SapphireStorm97
Up In Flames [#wattys2017]by Peach
Two rivals gangs come together to create a truce, but what happens when that truce is broken so easily? Will the gangs come back together or will everything the members...
Gang life  by LizzySossa
Gang life by Lizzy Sossa
Gang life love drama death Friends familia heart brakes ❤️💔😀😥
Nearly Empty by velvetspirit36
Nearly Emptyby Velvet
Bianca Cruz is the second in command of Temilan the capital of Eilances most bloodthirsty street gang only rivalled by the Night Wanderers Gang in power. Despite this an...
Block Party by Lunar-Books
Block Partyby Lunar Books
"Welcome to the hood. Sex, Drugs, and the Black Angels run this place. Now, you best get your pretty little self out of here before you get hurt."
For The Better by blondevamps
For The Betterby Hannah
❝I'm just a girl who's kindness made everyone take advantage of her and now have changed her into the worse but also for the better❞ In which Amelia Day changes her ide...
Checkmate by gardenia_rose
Checkmateby Rose
Two rival gangs. Golden, and the Foxes. They've hated each other for decades, but what happens when they meet? What will get in the way? Zachary Sear. Brown hair, a perf...