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Castle's partner by silverharp
Castle's partnerby silverharp
You know Castle, but what happens when a fourteen year old girl stumbles upon a crime scene, a girl who has a murdered family and lives alone? He pushes me down to my kn...
The Detective » Kevin Ryan [Discontinued] by angiegami
The Detective » Kevin Ryan [ angie
''Elena Beckett what are you doing to me?'' - Kevin Ryan Highest rate- #253 in action
Family Ties - A Castle fanfiction by EmoraBreeze
Family Ties - A Castle fanfictionby Grace
When Beckett and Castle are called to a murder scene, they aren't expecting what they find - or rather, who they find. With the murderer skulking in the shadows and just...
Vincit Omnia Amor (Love Conquers All) by LololovaX
Vincit Omnia Amor (Love Conquers LololovaX
Kate Beckett and Richard Castle are two spies from different organisations and their jobs are pretty much to kill people who their bosses tells them to get rid off. So w...
A Daughter of a Writer and his Muse by LololovaX
A Daughter of a Writer and his Museby LololovaX
Johanna Castle is the middle child of three, Cosmo is the eldest and Roy the youngest, and her parents are Richard and Katherine Castle. Johanna has one special thing sh...
Our Journey  by writerandhismuse1
Our Journey by writerandhismuse1
This is a sequel to the book We'll Find Our Solid Ground (Caskett fanfiction). This will be during Beckett's pregnancy. Feel free to read it! ❤️
The Life of K-Becks by CastleEsplainKate
The Life of K-Becksby Star
Katherine Beckett is a NYPD Homicide Detective that meets a Mystery Crime writer Richard Castle and then they depart. After years they meet again. Read the story and go...
Incorrect Caskett by slayingstana
Incorrect Caskettby natalia
incorrect caskett. funny and romantic scenes we would've like to see of one of the best TV couples ever. daily posts! 🕵🏻‍♀️ i hope you enjoy it! ...
One and done surprises (caskett) by Pez_bex
One and done surprises (caskett)by Pez_bex
Starts off as how I thought the season six finale should have gone then extends into a lot more
Caskett one-shots by GodOfGlitter
Caskett one-shotsby A.K.A_Nayesha
Just a bunch of caskett one shots. ( I know, I know, very descriptive. But the title speaks for itself.... ;D )
No I never (Castle Fanfiction) by CastleCVJ
No I never (Castle Fanfiction)by ✨Chloe
10 years into the future, Castle and Beckett are still married with two kids. Alexis a lawyer and engaged to her long time boyfriend. Espo a captain of hostage negotia...
Terms Of Endearment (Caskett) by CastleXKate
Terms Of Endearment (Caskett)by Xanax
They like to tease each other with nicknames, get under the others skin. And now is no different, even with Becketts apartment blown up they still taunted each other. Bu...
Unexpected by CastleEsplainKate
Unexpectedby Star
Kate has a secret side. A couple secret sides actually. That only few know about. She...
Caskett~one shot by writerandhismuse1
Caskett~one shotby writerandhismuse1
This is the part where I should put story description but I don't have anything smarter to write that this is just a buch of Caskett one shots...
Always: castle & Raura ❌ by swanqueenmydudes
Always: castle & Raura ❌by Chary🖤
Kate Beckett was left pregnant by her boyfriend right after her mother died, and it broke her..... She promised herself she would never fall for another man as long as s...
Talk to me by Katick
Talk to meby Katick
What would have happend if Castle would not have arrived with Jacinda in 4x20. Caskett clearing the air in stuck traffic. Kate has the chance to confess her feelings. Ho...
Till The Wheels Fall Off (Rysposito) by NotSocialButAWeeb
Till The Wheels Fall Off ( Rat
This is set in season four (before the wedding), so the story and plot will be changed hopefully not too much. ------------------- Kevin Ryan was engaged to the woman he...
Altered bullet by LololovaX
Altered bulletby LololovaX
"What if in 3x24 Castle actually saved Beckett but he got shot, how would she react? Would he tell her he loved her? Would she tell him?" - prompt from @naadjj...
Caskett OS by shanasmind
Caskett OSby s h a n a
Hey Leute! Wir sind einfach zwei verrückte Fangirls die sich gegenseitig Angaben schicken und draus OS schreiben. Diese OS findet ihr hier in diesem Buch. Habt einfach...
Waking Up In Vegas by MsReginaPhalange
Waking Up In Vegasby MsReginaPhalange
AU: Hey guys! This a story about Kate and Rick meeting in Vegas and how their relationship develops from there. Let me know what you think!