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What if we kissed? by Caskett999
What if we kissed?by HeyThereRainbowGirls
(Completed) It's right after shooting the last episode of season four when Nathan does something that could change his and Stana's life forever.
Over And Over Again by Swiftie41319
Over And Over Againby KBArianator41319
Beckett is dating Joshua Davidson, but she has a secret she tells no one; he abuses her.
Caskett: Never Ending Love by MyCastle47
Caskett: Never Ending Loveby Lily Castle
This is a series of one-shots consisting of random ideas, and it's just a lovely way to describe the wonderful life of Caskett. If any of you have ideas you want to see...
Take Me Down (Castle Fanfiction) by CastleCVJ
Take Me Down (Castle Fanfiction)by ✨Chloe
The ups and downs of love and bullets, Castle and Beckett. This story takes place as kind of a season nine for the team and is written as if it were summer. Caskett the...
I'm ALWAYS here by WriterGirl_Katie
I'm ALWAYS hereby WriterGirl_Katie
It will be from Kate's POV. It starts in ep 09 in s 04 (Kill shot). Kate is still with Josh but they have lots of fights. And he maltreats her. He rapes her but she does...
The Detective » Kevin Ryan [Discontinued] by angiegami
The Detective » Kevin Ryan [Discon...by angie
''Elena Beckett what are you doing to me?'' - Kevin Ryan Highest rate- #253 in action
Before Beckett by daydreamer_115
Before Beckettby Mel
Before the series even began, before she even became a cop, Kate Beckett gave birth to a girl. She'd been depressed after her mother's murder, she didn't know what she w...
Trapped Soul by LololovaX
Trapped Soulby LololovaX
Kate Beckett is a homeless woman in her twenties and one day a man stumbles across her. Richard Castle can't stop trying to convince Kate to stay with him, but Kate does...
Vincit Omnia Amor (Love Conquers All) by LololovaX
Vincit Omnia Amor (Love Conquers A...by LololovaX
Kate Beckett and Richard Castle are two spies from different organisations and their jobs are pretty much to kill people who their bosses tells them to get rid off. So w...
The Guessing Game (A Caskett Story) by caskettfanfiction
The Guessing Game (A Caskett Story)by Caskett Fanfiction
*edited* Rick and Kate just got back from their honeymoon and decide to start a family (basically what this whole fic is about...). Read more on 'The Guessing Game'...
Undercover (Completed) by Biocasilva
Undercover (Completed)by Biocasilva
Kate is the president of the United States and have a son called Benjamin that is five years old. One day Benny is kidnapped and Kate asks for help. Her two best friends...
High school seniors by sweetytweety8
High school seniorsby sweetytweety8
AU. Kate and Rick are nineteen-year-old seniors in high school. Rick likes Kate and has a secret crush on her. And Kate - well, if only feelings were mutual...Hate/Love...
Finding home by LololovaX
Finding homeby LololovaX
Kate Beckett has been a fan of criminovelist Richard Castle ever since the first book, but when she starts researching about becoming a foster mother she gets shocked to...
What is the meaning of True love? by KittyKat3715
What is the meaning of True love?by Caskett4ever07
Little Alexis Castle asks her family members and friends what they think the true meaning of love is to them. But Alexis has rules for her questioning. 1) describe what...
Love You No Matter What by ouat_castle_fanpage
Love You No Matter Whatby K L Long
This will take place after "Watershed". What other surprises will there be with a proposal? What will happen if Katherine Beckett encounters her mother's kil...
Sorry by LololovaX
Sorryby LololovaX
"I was listening to 'Sorry' by Halsey and it made me remember of season 4 of Castle. So I was thinking could u do a oneshot based on this music?" - prompt fro...
The Castles by writerandhismuse1
The Castlesby writerandhismuse1
After the birth of little Alyssa Christine Castle. The Castles come home after Kate and baby Alyssa were released from the hospital and begin living as a harmonious fami...
Always: castle & Raura ❌ by swanqueenmydudes
Always: castle & Raura ❌by Chary🖤
Kate Beckett was left pregnant by her boyfriend right after her mother died, and it broke her..... She promised herself she would never fall for another man as long as s...
The Life of K-Becks by CastleEsplainKate
The Life of K-Becksby Star
Katherine Beckett is a NYPD Homicide Detective that meets a Mystery Crime writer Richard Castle and then they depart. After years they meet again. Read the story and go...
Caskett ~ All I need by caskettfanpage
Caskett ~ All I needby caskettfanpage
Caskett, pls dont stop reading after chapter 1, I promise it gets better! !!Slowburn!! Have fun reading it, I am open for advices and pls don't be too hard English isn't...