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I'm ALWAYS here by WriterGirl_Katie
I'm ALWAYS hereby WriterGirl_Katie
It will be from Kate's POV. It starts in ep 09 in s 04 (Kill shot). Kate is still with Josh but they have lots of fights. And he maltreats her. He rapes her but she does...
The Time of Our Lives (Editing) by mocrig
The Time of Our Lives (Editing)by Morgan Crigger
Kate Beckett, fiance of the ruggedly handsome and somewhat famous mystery writer Rick Castle, has just found out that she is pregnant. With a demanding job as a detectiv...
Castle's partner by silverharp
Castle's partnerby silverharp
You know Castle, but what happens when a fourteen year old girl stumbles upon a crime scene, a girl who has a murdered family and lives alone? He pushes me down to my kn...
Always: castle & Raura ❌ by swanqueenmydudes
Always: castle & Raura ❌by Chary🖤
Kate Beckett was left pregnant by her boyfriend right after her mother died, and it broke her..... She promised herself she would never fall for another man as long as s...
Denying Love {Caskett Fanfic} by morrisonsflwr
Denying Love {Caskett Fanfic}by M✨
First they thought they where just friends, but a normal friendship turns into something more. Well, it can always happen. Just a normal day, and then you would confess...
Castle Oneshots. by VictoriaCrocker
Castle Vickie
This Is a book filled with Castle one-shots. I have a huge obsession with the show and am rewatching it for the third time already. If you are interested in reading sto...
Beckett's Sister: A Castle AU Fanfiction by misschief41319
Beckett's Sister: A Castle AU Whitney
An AU story where Kate Beckett has a younger sister.
IVF Backfire (Caskett Fanfiction) (ON HOLD) by CelticWolf55
IVF Backfire (Caskett Fanfiction) Wolf
Beckett is fed up with the men in her life and decides to have a baby on her own. Not what you expect to read Please review! Castle fan fiction
Caskett:  A Book Of One Shots by BeckettandCastle2000
Caskett: A Book Of One Shotsby Brianna Pawlaczyk
This is going to be a book of a whole bunch of one shots mainly focused on Castle and Beckets relationship. Fair warning the first book I wrote was really short and I di...
Finding home by LololovaX
Finding homeby LololovaX
Kate Beckett has been a fan of criminovelist Richard Castle ever since the first book, but when she starts researching about becoming a foster mother she gets shocked to...
Caskett: a Royal Romance by Alwaysbeckett41319
Caskett: a Royal Romanceby Kate Beckett
Rick Rodgers and Kate Beckett met by accident in a library one day, that accident led to a beautiful romance and resulted in them falling in love with each other, after...
Caskett: FALLING IN LOVE AT SCHOOL by Alwaysbeckett41319
Caskett: FALLING IN LOVE AT SCHOOLby Kate Beckett
Young Katherine Beckett is a principal at Marlowe Prep academy, a prestigious school for wealthy families. One day a student gets herself into trouble causing her father...
We Stuck Together by EmmmyBeans
We Stuck Togetherby EmmmyBeans
When Castle and Beckett pretend to be separated, Beckett gets pregnant and is worried she won't catch loksat in time before Esposito and Ryan find out. Castle Fanfiction...
Redemption (A Castle FanFic) by Alwaysbeckett41319
Redemption (A Castle FanFic)by Kate Beckett
A Season 8 Fic- He had enough, he was tired of being the class clown, she left him and her actions broke the final straw.
Massive Camping by LololovaX
Massive Campingby LololovaX
This is a fanfic about Richard Castle and Kate Beckett. I DO NOT OWN these character along with a few of the others! here's the plot:...
What if we kissed? by Caskett999
What if we kissed?by HeyThereRainbowGirls
(Completed) It's right after shooting the last episode of season four when Nathan does something that could change his and Stana's life forever.
Crush On the Bodyguard by castlefanfics_4u
Crush On the Bodyguardby Love Castle Always
Summary=Kate is a bodygraud and Rick is a famous author in need for one.Kate gets hired to protcect the Castle family.But the longer she works for him the more he realiz...
Vincit Omnia Amor (Love Conquers All) by LololovaX
Vincit Omnia Amor (Love Conquers LololovaX
Kate Beckett and Richard Castle are two spies from different organisations and their jobs are pretty much to kill people who their bosses tells them to get rid off. So w...
Caskett: Never Ending Love by MyCastle47
Caskett: Never Ending Loveby Lily Castle
This is a series of one-shots consisting of random ideas, and it's just a lovely way to describe the wonderful life of Caskett. If any of you have ideas you want to see...
Caskett: Undercover Love (Mini Fic) by Alwaysbeckett41319
Caskett: Undercover Love (Mini Fic)by Kate Beckett
Richard Castle is a NYPD Detective, when a murder digs deep he is called undercover to be a teacher at an Prestigious school. While there he meets a woman named Kate, so...