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Massive Camping by LololovaX
Massive Campingby LololovaX
This is a fanfic about Richard Castle and Kate Beckett. I DO NOT OWN these character along with a few of the others! here's the plot:...
Unfaithful by CastleTheBest
Unfaithfulby Kate&Castle_Always
Castle started cheating on Beckett...
Trapped Soul by LololovaX
Trapped Soulby LololovaX
Kate Beckett is a homeless woman in her twenties and one day a man stumbles across her. Richard Castle can't stop trying to convince Kate to stay with him, but Kate does...
Finding home by LololovaX
Finding homeby LololovaX
Kate Beckett has been a fan of criminovelist Richard Castle ever since the first book, but when she starts researching about becoming a foster mother she gets shocked to...
Sorry by LololovaX
Sorryby LololovaX
"I was listening to 'Sorry' by Halsey and it made me remember of season 4 of Castle. So I was thinking could u do a oneshot based on this music?" - prompt fro...
Hello, Baby! : A Story Of Richard Castle and Kate Beckett Parenthood by autumnismylife
Hello, Baby! : A Story Of autumnismylife
Kate and Castle has been married for almost 6 months now. What happens if they happened to have a baby? Let's follow their journey during Kate's pregnancy. :)
Breakdown by LololovaX
Breakdownby LololovaX
In 4x09 Beckett has a breakdown after a sniper-victim grabs her arm. What if Castle ran after her when she disappears?
4x13 An Embarrassment Of Bitches by LololovaX
4x13 An Embarrassment Of Bitchesby LololovaX
Beckett made Castle stay after he rubbed his thumb over the back of her hand. An alternative ending to the evening in season 4 episode 13 An Embarrassment Of Bitches.
Altered bullet by LololovaX
Altered bulletby LololovaX
"What if in 3x24 Castle actually saved Beckett but he got shot, how would she react? Would he tell her he loved her? Would she tell him?" - prompt from @naadjj...
The fatal experience by CastleTheBest
The fatal experienceby Kate&Castle_Always
An angst Stanathan fanfic. If, you don't like Stanathan fanfics, pass it.
Happy New Year (Castle One Shot) by LololovaX
Happy New Year (Castle One Shot)by LololovaX
This is a one shot about Castle and Beckett and sets place the new year's eve after they got married so it's the 2014-2015 year shift. It's also a continuation on my Chr...
Empty Bed (Castle One Shot) by LololovaX
Empty Bed (Castle One Shot)by LololovaX
Kate Beckett wakes up to an empty bed. As she she realizes her husband isn't in the bed she decides to go look for him. This is a one shot about Kate Beckett and Richard...
Fate by everythingaddison
Fateby vauseman-addek
Kate Beckett and Richard Castle are happily living in NY. Then, Kate discovers she's pregnant... A twisted tale of love, loss, romance, betrayal and loyalty.
The Big Surprise Wake Up (Castle One-Shot) by LololovaX
The Big Surprise Wake Up (Castle LololovaX
Kate wakes up with a headache and find someone in bed with her, though she has no memory of getting into bed with anyone, and especially not with the person laying besid...
The Night of Our Lives by Castle_Coffee3
The Night of Our Livesby Castle_Coffee3
Richard Castle's night turns upside down when he catches a glimpse of Kate Beckett across the dance floor. Their connection is intense and immediate. He wants the night...
Anaconda Castle (One-Shot) by LololovaX
Anaconda Castle (One-Shot)by LololovaX
A small one-shot that takes place after a tough case and Espo decides to lighten up the mood and when Castle joins in he's the one Gates put the blame on. Like the name...
From Friends to Lovers by 4everandalwayscastle
From Friends to Loversby Caskettastic
Rick was Kate's best friend! They'd been tight buddies since Kate's first week here at Brooke High. But as the days go by she realizes that they were never really friend...