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BOUNDED BY THE WOUNDEDby Niranjana Nepolean @ Amutha T...
A love story between a wounded Girl and a Guy who is running towards his GOAL.
Two Enemies Or Two Lovers!? by i_m_akshita
Two Enemies Or Two Lovers!?by Akshita Sharma
Our elders always advice us to stay away from our enemies but what will happen if you ended up in a arrange marriage with your enemy? Same happened with Abeer and Kris...
အဆိပ္ျပင္းေသာဖီးနစ္(Poisonous Phoenix) {B-2} by mbkarmy
အဆိပ္ျပင္းေသာဖီးနစ္(Poisonous FLAME
Manga translation တပုဒ္ပါ ဒါေလးကေတာ့ book 2ခြဲထားတာပါ 1ကိုေတာ့wallထဲမွာဝင္ဖတ္နိုင္ပါတယ္ေနာ္..ဒီ B2 ေလးမွာ part 97 of 2ကေနစပါတယ္ေနာ္.. QI ဆိုတ့ဲရုပ္ဆိုးမေလးေတ်ာက္သူခ်စ္ရ...
Forced Vows by Two-Bibliophiles
Forced Vowsby EnakaiGuy
"I'm wondering...where you go if you don't have work" I said coldly. "Why would you care?" he asked, his voice strained. "Because I have the mis...
translated Chinese and wattpad novel recommendation by cestories
translated Chinese and wattpad cestories
these are the novels that i love and i would like to recommend it to you
Far from Gone by _Clockworkkat_
Far from Goneby _Clockworkkat_
"Don't worry. I'm far from gone, but you'll never have peace again from the constant memories of your betrayal. They won't ever be gone." These were the last...
Destiny waits- Chandanakshi by chandanakshi
Destiny waits- Chandanakshiby chandanakshi
"The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be." Destiny is often waiting for us to simply decide and declare... "how to...
Married to a handsome asshole by Harshii12
Married to a handsome assholeby Harshii12
Jiya Rathore 18 year old bold and cute with lot of dreams Aryan singh 25 year old handsome billionaire and true jerk love having sex but for one night only What happen...
Something like that  by missionlife
Something like that by missionlife
This story is 3rd book of Everything is connected
The Power of Love by Cel1013
The Power of Loveby Ms.Kim_Taehyung
Hindi mahirap magmahal. Ngunit hindi madali ang masaktan. Alin nga ba ang pipiliin ko MAHAL KO o MAHAL AKO, alin nga ba ang mas nararapat ang Tama o ang sinasabi ng Isip...
The Gift- An Original Story by OverthinkingHooman
The Gift- An Original Storyby Dominica 💛
ㄒ卄乇 Ꮆ丨千ㄒ --------------------------------------- A bone-chilling Horror-Thriller --------------------------------------- ❝ Is evil something you are? Or is it somet...
The Lies Hidden In Our Vows (Jungkook ff) by Namastae_SugaKookie
The Lies Hidden In Our Vows ( Namastae_SugaKookie
It was a forced marriage. A marriage that started with one vow, one vow that both of us could never keep... Living two lives is never easy, let alone when your just a...
بساط by khizrakhan9
بساطby khizra khan
یہ کہانی ایسے خاندان کی ہے جو ایک خون ہوتے ہوے بھی دولت اور اقتدار کے نشے میں چور ہے اپنی اپنی انا کی جنگ لڑ رہے ہے یہ کہانی ہے لڑکے ابج گردیزی کو جو دنیا تسخیر کرنے کا...
Reincarnated in a Magical World by DBlaNQ
Reincarnated in a Magical Worldby Christian Mizimakovski
Chriss is a normal human. He lives his life in japan alone since his parents are away from home. He is not from japan. He is from England. He goes to a high school in To...
BIGGBOSS 13 (After First Finale) by heartwritterr
BIGGBOSS 13 (After First Finale)by ❤️ heartwritterr❤️
What if sidnaaz confess their love to each other before first finale secretly. And after wild card entry there are misunderstanding develop.
Sabastian's Wife by kittkattt
Sabastian's Wifeby Kay
A normal day at the Phantomhive Mansion until there was a knock on the door. And there to the surprise of everyone there, the one at the door was ........ Evangeline Mic...
sidnaaz a love story  by iamsidnaazian
sidnaaz a love story by iamsidnaazian
A luv story of a couple name sidnaaz . Sidharth a mafia king aur a big business tycoon and a girl shehnaaz cute innocent n beautiful girl whose only priority is her fami...
Twisted Love The Series (Forth Beam) by kottran
Twisted Love The Series (Forth kottran
"You are marrying me Beam whether you like it or not" "what makes you think that I will ever marry you, you ruthless muderer" "do you want me...
one short stories collection (Only Normal)  by alinkarnang
one short stories collection ( alinkar nang
own creation one short stories collection ရသအစုံပါအောင်ရေးပါမယ် Timetravel . rebirth. revenge. drama . romance အမျိုးအစားတွေကိုဦးစားပေးရေးမှာဖြစ်ပြီး normal . အစုံရေး...