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Never Looking Back ✔ by serial-chiller
Never Looking Back ✔by T
~Completed~ Emily. A girl very happy till some life events changed her into the exact opposite of the girl that she once was. Then one day she thought why not escape fr...
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CEO by tilowriter
CEOby tilowriter
What is going to happen when a beautiful, gentle, but fistey Trisha waston crosses path with an Handsome, rich and arrogant Dave Gardner. Read book for more
TBS: The Billionaire Loves Me (1) ✔ by GalaxyOverThere
TBS: The Billionaire Loves Me (1) ✔by ❤Galaxy❤
THIS IS MY FIRST BOOK SO UNDERSTAND THAT IT WON'T BE BETTER THAN THE OTHERS! ----- I was spending time with my boyfriend till a week later her had to leave me. The n...
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Forever and Always by champagnekissesxx
Forever and Alwaysby champagnekissesxx
(Previously, Mr. Billionaire Why Me?) Sophia Drake was a poor Italian/Irish woman, living in the City of New York, often wishing for the world. While Nicolas Knight held...
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SHU'UMIN NAMIJI !! by fatymasardauna
SHU'UMIN NAMIJI !!by phatiemerh_Abubakar
Labarin Zaid da Zahrah....Idan har yaudara zata zamemaka abun ado mai zaka amfana dashi acikin rayuwarka ? Miye ribar aikata zina da fasiƙanci ? Natsaneka Zaid ! Natsan...
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Mr Poison (Editing ) by Aysesahbaz
Mr Poison (Editing )by Ayse
This book is years old.. I was a kid, my grammar was a nightmare. Please do not mind it 😁. Enjoy. "I am the Poison in your throat you constantly try to swallow me...
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His Unwavering Gaze  by i_vicky_i
His Unwavering Gaze by vicky._.d
In her 21 years on earth, Luna Roberts , has witnessed a great heap of hardships, living a rough and rugged lifestyle to make ends meet. Her life working on the streets...
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Blunt. by oyinAsiwajudada
#8 oyindasolaAsiwajudada
17 year old Leonardo is smart, intelligent, popular and a genius. but guess what? he's the clumsiest naughtiest and most sassy brat you'll ever meet. he gets away wit...
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The Bad Boys Nerd by Cupidbowxx
The Bad Boys Nerdby Cupidbowxx
Macy Stone is your average nerd, short, skinny and smart. Jake Evans is your average bad boy, tall, broad and a complete sex god. But what happens when the two finally...
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My Happily Ever After?  by Iamcrazy-iamreal
My Happily Ever After? by Iforgot
"We are getting married"he dictated. I sat there unable to move. How could anyone be so emotionless in asking someone to marry him. I tried to say something b...
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Forbidden desire  by gansta_chica
Forbidden desire by Exclusive doll💍💗
Talia Madison is a 17 year old girl that is moving back to her hometown which is Chicago🌃🌉. Moving back home she thought that her life would go back to normal🥱,but wh...
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Not All That Is Lost Is LOVE! by sunnshhine14
Not All That Is Lost Is LOVE!by Sunshine
Ranked #3 in Billionaire Ranked #15 in Indian Romance Meet Kiara Shah (Beautiful, Ambitious, Independent, Rich, Gorgeous Girl) After a heartbreak, she decides never to f...
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Hazel by King_Mela
Hazelby M. E. L. A.
Leah Tessa Sternberg is a care free 24 year old who loves fun. Her life dream is to one day find true love and get married to the man perfect for her. But her whole life...
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In Her Presence  by fateemmarh_ab
In Her Presence by Fatima A Bashir
" I was disowned by my family for a mistake that wasnt mine I built my empire to give back to them and ask for forgiveness, forgiveness for something that wasn't m...
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His  by TanishaAnisha
His by TanishaAnisha
She was kind He was cruel She was innocent He was anything but that She had a heart of gold He had a heart of cold She was Isabella Anderson. He was Alexander Kni...
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Beautiful Nightmare by Lemonade-Fantasy
Beautiful Nightmareby Lemonade-Fantasy
He drew so close to me, I could inhale his Musky minty scent that shamelessly turned me on, made me feel on cloud nine. He was inches close to my face, we were so close...
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My Billonaire by jordanabdul
My Billonaireby jordanabdul
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I Miss You.. 3000..  - Tony Stark And Peter Parker Fanfiction by NamiSaysHi
I Miss You.. 3000.. - Tony NamiSaysHi
"UNDEROOS!" "..." "If you even cared, You'd actually be here!" "..." "I just wanted to be like you!" "But I wanted...
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Bound By Vows by forever_yours99
Bound By Vowsby forever_yours99
A marriage made for convenience. To clear one family from debt and the other from ruining the family name. Two people from two different worlds are suddenly for...
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The Unbreakable Twins by lotus_dream
The Unbreakable Twinsby lotus_dream
"Please drive fast Piya they are following us" said Siya. I am driving as fast as I can. I am very afraid, some cars are following us from fifteen minutes. I j...
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