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My Father's Keeper by AuthorMarieStJohn
My Father's Keeperby Marie St. John
Olivia Dempsey is in control. Her life in NYC is polished and in order - she's all but forgotten her skip-out father. That is until his bodyguard abducts her, claiming t...
Confessions of a Teenage Alcoholic by Blair-Jade
Confessions of a Teenage Alcoholicby Charlotte
STORY 2 1# in alcoholism 28/05/20 This story is the Sequel to Confessions of A Queen Bee- i suggest you read that one first! But honestly i am so thankful for anyone tha...
~Trust Me ~  by insanelysane2552
~Trust Me ~ by Tripti
"I want a divorce." And just hearing him say that my whole world that seemed to revolve around him stopped. Gathering myself I barely managed to speak in a voi...
Flick by evam224
Flickby ✰Eva✰
"We fought an uphill battle. One we had no hope of winning." ~~~ Felicity-Flick as most call her-Carter, has learned a thing or two in her 12 years of life. Ho...
The Alpha's Rogue ✔️ by SeaOfGlass
The Alpha's Rogue ✔️by Kiana Rose
"So tell me, Rogue, how would you like to be killed? A slit to your throat, your heart ripped out, or how about a silver bullet to your brain?" "Kiss me f...
Ungodly Hour | d.e. by lisha-stories
Ungodly Hour | A L I S H A
Success doesn't equate happiness. I've had to learn that the hard way over the years. With every disappointment, every let down, every heartbreak, my solution was to jus...
Sister Cities by buggieboot
Sister Citiesby Laura
Basically a potential season 2 for Arcane: League of Legends that ties up all the loose ends that have ruined my life! It's going to be extremely long, starting out with...
Unfinished Love Story | Jakehoon by simpforgeonu
Unfinished Love Story | Jakehoonby bianca.
Sunghoon who liked Jake during their High School years decided to confess to him. Jake harshly rejected his confession. In two years, they're destined to meet again. Wi...
From Heart to Heart! [YiZhan FF] by einfach_Eileen
From Heart to Heart! [YiZhan FF]by einfach_Eileen
A union of a corporation with a company, brings not only some changes, but also new colleagues and a past love, which seems to rekindle. But was the flame of love ever g...
A Journey From Tears To Happiness | ✔ by NB_Collections
A Journey From Tears To NB_Collections
Three years after that eventful night, Payal Raizada is finally out of the prison to face the demons she herself once created and tread the path from pain to happiness a...
Not So Useless Spiderman (SpiderDeku AU | BakuDeku) by LighttWing
Not So Useless Spiderman ( LighttWing
Izuku Midoriya is a highschooler in the city of New Tokyo who gets bitten by a radioactive spider that gives him spider-like super powers. While Izuku becomes a great he...
Chasing Rainbows by alyreign_
Chasing Rainbowsby alyana
Bianca Celestine Mijares and Daniel Alejandro Ponce were academic rivals during their high school days who eventually fell in love with each other and have been together...
A Perfect Trap by Mariefrinnxx
A Perfect Trapby Mariyahh
Caden Stewart, like in any cliché stories is a man with many things- a billionaire, arrogant, a player a catch for all girls. Despite all of this, he'd never be a candid...
Wo bhooli dastan  by dizilover
Wo bhooli dastan by Sarah Siddiqi
EXCERPT "Open the the door. I'm leaving for Karachi, right now." Meerab turned to say to Murtasim who was standing just behind her. She jumped to find him so...
#TejRan - Is it Over?  by _Riddhi16
#TejRan - Is it Over? by Riddhi 💌
There is something about angsty reconciliations that attracts me the most. If you too are like me, then this one's for you! This story is about BB15's most famous couple...
Reconciliation by TheGalaxy_Rider
Reconciliationby Juno
Avni makes it out of prison, legally, not leaving any room for Neil to justify what he did. Hatred is evident in her eyes and voice although she doesn't explicitly deman...
The Lost Flute by kanakangi
The Lost Fluteby Proteeti
Balarama's visit to Vrindavan, a couple of decades after Krishna and Balarama's departure, opens up a floodgate of emotions, forcing their family to finally confront tho...
Just an Illusion (A Ninjago Reader Insert) by Camacan
Just an Illusion (A Ninjago Camacan
Y/n is the girl with no future. Living alone in the city, with no family to go to, Y/n has no purpose. All she has is a strange...ability. Until she gets an invite to Ma...
A Siren's Forte [Young Justice] by septic-stories
A Siren's Forte [Young Justice]by septic-stories
[A Sequel to A Siren's Echo] Two years can change so much. Siren had little contact with the people who broke her trust all those years ago. But now...she might have no...