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The Biggest Puppy by YporquenoCom
The Biggest Puppyby Ana_Cecy P.
Kace is somewhat popular around campus. One day the principal asks him to give a tour to the newest student, Ria. But when Ria visits his house she finds a collar and le...
Under He Went (femdom)  by youareworthless1
Under He Went (femdom) by youareworthless1
This cruel mistress wants nothing more than to punish her unexpecting prey in unique ways when he least expects it. He begs for her to stop but the merciless domme just...
His puppy (ManXBoy) by wolfs_are_great
His puppy (ManXBoy)by wolfs_are_great
A 18 year old boy named Caleb King who gets bullied by Sebastian, Garret,and Carter and so his two friends Devon and Derek who stand up for him but one day Caleb king me...
Daddy? (Logan Paul DD/lg and petplay fan fic) by HannahEaton0
Daddy? (Logan Paul DD/lg and petpl...by Scarlette Black
"Hi. I'm sorry to bother you but my I made the mistake of calling you cute in front of my friend and now she's making me give you my number for a new stuffie and co...
The Pup and the Priest by Sir_Crimson_Fur
The Pup and the Priestby Sir. Crimson Fur
An honest man was father Colin he was just like any other priest good at his job spreading the word and leading the worship..... But even he has his secrets. Join him an...
Short Kink Stories by wanderlustpupp
Short Kink Storiesby Nova💚
Short stories about a female pup named Nova and her Daddy. More to come about Nova and her adventures with her Daddy! If you have any requests, let me know!! 😊
Love Death + Werewolves by terkie10
Love Death + Werewolvesby Teranica
A story about the zombie apocalypse but the good thing is they have brains and are controled by the Queen and all that stuff but that's not the main story our story foll...
My master by NatalieTipsword
My masterby Natalie
Zachary Jackson has just turned 18, and you know what that means... SEX! That's right. Now Zach is finally old enough to have sex. For him this moment is bigger than it...
It's ya BOI  by FocusOnHez
It's ya BOI by Satan
This books just for fun, so don't be a dick. Ok? If this book gets 3 reads I'll walk into Walmart blasting cupcakke as loud as I can. I was running... I could hear the...
A collection of shitty smut stories  by thirdperiodsmut
A collection of shitty smut storie...by thirdperiodsmut
I'm so sorry, this is pure smut and it's not even good smut. TW// dead people
My puppy (A Phan Fic) by philskitty
My puppy (A Phan Fic)by Kitten~
A look into the life of Puppy Dan and Master Phil~
Puppyplay Stories by godlydog
Puppyplay Storiesby Siflin
Read if you want, NSFW! Adult content!
My Pet Boyfriend  by protect-waffles
My Pet Boyfriend by protect-waffles
The adventures of me (Sam), and my puppy (on occasion) boyfriend (Kinney). Puppy play Cute no sex
Mamamoo nsfw one-shots collection by scandalousgal
Mamamoo nsfw one-shots collectionby elly
I'll post my mamamoo nsfw one shots here too I post them on Asianfanfics too everything here is pure fiction!
Cioccolata x male puppy reader (Fluff) by pink_sugarpuppi
Cioccolata x male puppy reader (Fl...by gooey_glittercoyote
This is just a cute idea I thought of this morning and I decided to type it up! a cute little morning with Cioccolata this is very tame for Cioccolata but I thought it...
The lonely moon by DestinySmith1234567
The lonely moonby DestinySmith1234567
(ftm) (transgender) (boyXboy) (BDSM) (Puppyplay)(werewolf)(vampire) Im a new author please no hate just love and send helpful tips thx :p a closet trans-guy in the local...