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The Leader || BTS AU || by kellinquinnlover
The Leader || BTS AU ||by Kimberly Howard
Namjoon is BTS' strong and mature leader. In the public eye he maintains composure and keeps his members in line. In private however, he is anything but. Namjoon is a su...
New World Order by Pup-pup
New World Orderby Pup Echo
Humans are no longer at the top of the food chain, they are animals, livestock, playthings. The world has been flipped. Cover by the lovely PJOFan987651. My ko-fi: https...
Naughty Paws Taemin x SHINee (Discontinued) by Kpoptrash128
Naughty Paws Taemin x SHINee ( @Ahaha
"Taemin you better stop now or else!" "Hahaha come and make me!" What do you think will happen to Taemin if you want to find out continue reading t...
The Sweet Pet (On Hold) by GarbageMcRat
The Sweet Pet (On Hold)by SkateFastEatAss
Prince Esteban is getting a new pet but what he doesnt know is that the new pet he's getting has been abused and used. Oliver is afraid of letting his Master down so he...
【Imagines】 by crybabyyukii
【Imagines】by Yukii
Generally this is from the P.O.V. of a little, and I tried to make this super gender neutral but if it isn't let me know !! ...
My Rules of PetPlay by ArtietheRedpanda
My Rules of PetPlayby Anna Zhang
These are my rules of what punishments, rewards, or rules that a kitten should follow while being a submissive.
kinks n fun // imagines  by prettylilpuppy
kinks n fun // imagines by prettylilpuppy
just lil short kinda stories with basically every kink possible jejedj i'll put a little summary above each story of what kinks are in it n trigger warnings and stuff if...
BTS yoonjikook by kellinquinnlover
BTS yoonjikookby Kimberly Howard
Yoongi, Jungkook and jimin are in a polyamorous relationship. Jimin and Jungkook are also yoongi's submissives/pets. Jungkook likes to be yoongi's bunny and jimin likes...
puppy boy | donah  by -shallowarmy
puppy boy | donah by lo. ♛
"you're such a good boy, yeah?" "woof!"
Daddy's angels by Urbunnigf
Daddy's angelsby Jada✨
A story I said I was gonna write for my discord lmfao :)
The Shield's Princess (DDLG) by LittleMikaelson8
The Shield's Princess (DDLG)by LittleMikaelson8
(ShieldxOC) Lili didn't intend for her life to end up on the road, touring with CZW for her brothers career, but thanks to some bad decisions in her private life it's w...
The Babysitter by NSFWedgie
The Babysitterby NSFWedgie
Amelia's strict mother is leaving for the summer to try out a new job in a different country, so she's leaving her daughter with a babysitter. The catch is, she's fiftee...
Daddy's Kitten by Tutuice
Daddy's Kittenby Typo*_*
"Who do you belong to?" "You" "And who am I? "Daddy" "Good kitty" • • • Mathias J. Venquelez, notorious for his hot tempe...
Teachers pet  by satans_eyebrow
Teachers pet by Lola__lover
Lolas school year is starting to a look a little more interesting when her teacher Mr.Black shows an infatuation for her
Kinky SFW and NSFW Oneshots by goodnessandluv
Kinky SFW and NSFW Oneshotsby goodnessandluv
A mixture of SFW and NSFW oneshots. The two main things will most likely be age regression and pet play. Age Regression will be nonsexual, petplay will most likely not...
Loyal ♂ Cashton [DISCONTINUED] by HolyAFIx94
Loyal ♂ Cashton [DISCONTINUED]by Boo
Ashton is the owner of his own company, so he has time and money enough. But, something's missing. As he tries to find something for his problem, he instead finds the id...
Good kitty~ Bakudeku by Pikapikaboi-
Good kitty~ Bakudekuby Denkislastbraincell
Idk what this is- There is smut in this 😵🙌✨
Puppy Training by 5hkinks
Puppy Trainingby 5hkinks
Lauren finds it a lot easier to fill her role than she originally thought. ***Consensual BDSM/pet play content inside.
"D..daddy!" by PrincessforDaddddy
"D..daddy!"by Femboi Housewife
When 16-year-old boy Alexander, gets kicked out for being gay he moves into a nice new apartment for a wonderful price. On his first day there he meets the tall business...