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The Biggest Puppy by YporquenoCom
The Biggest Puppyby Ana_Cecy P.
Kace is somewhat popular around campus. One day the principal asks him to give a tour to the newest student, Ria. But when Ria visits his house she finds a collar and le...
My BDSM Life by SubmissiveGirlRP
My BDSM Lifeby SubmissiveGirlRP
In the year 3440 bdsm is the way of life. When born you have either a D or S on your left wrist, to determine whether you are a Dom or sub. Subs are trained and then sen...
The Leader || BTS AU || by kellinquinnlover
The Leader || BTS AU ||by Kimberly Howard
Namjoon is BTS' strong and mature leader. In the public eye he maintains composure and keeps his members in line. In private however, he is anything but. Namjoon is a su...
Mha one shots (ships) by half_blooded-wolf
Mha one shots (ships)by twinkling_stars
Hi! Please send me requests I'm bored and we're all in quarantine so why the frick not! Also I'm in Canada so if things are spelt differently that's why
Little Neko Pet by Shaddow_pet
Little Neko Petby Melody Emery
the world has been taken over by vampires, wolves, fairy's and everything other creature that humans once thought didn't exist. James is a vampire looking for a pet to c...
Lᴇᴀsʜᴇᴅ| NamJin | by JoonieJoonieXZ
Lᴇᴀsʜᴇᴅ| NamJin |by 사랑해💜
One day Jin is feeling lonely and his private life not going the way he wanted it too. So Jungkook suggests something interesting.. ━━━━━━━༺۵༻━━━━━━━ NamJoon. ↑ ...
Short Stories of Petplay, Ageplay, and Gay Shit by SubPuppy
Short Stories of Petplay, Little One 🍼
#1 in collar (8.8.19) #1 in pullup (8.8.19) #1 in collared (8.28.19) #1 in puppyplay (11.8.19) #14 in Oneshots out of ~56,200 As the title says, this is just a collectio...
Daddy's angels by JadaTamiaMaraj
Daddy's angelsby Jada✨
A story I said I was gonna write for my discord lmfao :)
Let's Eat by infraredboy
Let's Eatby AJ
Can lovers overcome their strange Cannibalistic Urges? Or was it doomed from the start
The Shield's Princess (DDLG) by LittleMikaelson8
The Shield's Princess (DDLG)by LittleMikaelson8
(ShieldxOC) Lili didn't intend for her life to end up on the road, touring with CZW for her brothers career, but thanks to some bad decisions in her private life it's w...
Pet by allthemanygalaxies
Petby allthemanygalaxies
Lilly doesn't do names, dates, or feelings. And Lilly certainly doesn't do commitment.
Forced and Sold by ShylyUnique
Forced and Soldby Rebecca Marie
Bella Ann was taken from her home, forced into a world she never heard of before. BDSM. He master was determined to make her the best slave for him. What she doesn't kno...
Loyal ♂ Cashton [DISCONTINUED] by HolyAFIx94
Loyal ♂ Cashton [DISCONTINUED]by Boo
Ashton is the owner of his own company, so he has time and money enough. But, something's missing. As he tries to find something for his problem, he instead finds the id...
Forbidden Love by Killjoy413
Forbidden Loveby Alexander Applebaum
"I'm positive I could get you to behave." "I'd like to see you try." ≈≈≈ (Y/n) Malfoy is starting his seventh and final year at Hogwarts School Of Wi...
The Demon's Pet by AOTfangirl238
The Demon's Petby AOTfangirl238
Dr. David Kutterfield is an anthropologist, on the hunt for tribes in the Amazon. Instead, he finds a portal that leads him to another dimension. He's found by Cadeon, a...
New World Order by Pup-pup
New World Orderby Pup Echo
Humans are no longer at the top of the food chain, they are animals, livestock, playthings. The world has been flipped. Cover by the lovely PJOFan987651. My ko-fi: https...
Teachers pet  by satans_eyebrow
Teachers pet by Lola__lover
Lolas school year is starting to a look a little more interesting when her teacher Mr.Black shows an infatuation for her
My Twin Alpha Mates by Flying_Free123
My Twin Alpha Matesby M A D D I E
"You're the Alpha?" "Alphas." Emilia cocked her head, her lips pouting in confusion. "There's two of you?" "There is." He conf...
kinks n fun // imagines  by prettylilpuppy
kinks n fun // imagines by prettylilpuppy
just lil short kinda stories with basically every kink possible jejedj i'll put a little summary above each story of what kinks are in it n trigger warnings and stuff if...