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Girl Quarterback [REWRITING] by -lanawritesbooks-
Girl Quarterback [REWRITING]by • Lana •
"Don't you realize how rude that remark is? I'm not a rock. I have feelings, but it seems like these days a girl can't follow her dreams, can she?" I said. &qu...
Typical I ✔ by angiewuuuu
Typical I ✔by ~~~
{Highest rank: #222 in Poetry} "They say beauty is to be noticed, so she hid hers." o..oo..o This is the tale of the girl that tried so hard to be invi...
This is just a story for shout outs. Look inside for more.
Maybe One Day by algenon
Maybe One Dayby dev
my thoughts and feelings are too much for me to handle © All Rights Reserved 2016
His Tattoos  by Couchpotato2022
His Tattoos by Lazy Graphics
Not every tattoo tells of a party or drunken night, but not every tattoo tells a happy story either. Most of these tattoos are nowhere near regretting. Each stor...
#Project Undiscovered: Book Reviews by Project_Undiscovered
#Project Undiscovered: Book Reviewsby Project_Undiscovered
Want your book to have more votes and comments? No problem. We, the crew of Project Undiscovered does book reviews now. We both vote and leave comments to help you impro...
The Story of How Flynn Wolfhart Found his Muse by overcaffeinated
The Story of How Flynn Wolfhart overcaffeinated
Flynn Wolfhart: smart, quiet and sinfully dull. He has huge dreams of changing the world, but lives in one with no intention of being changed. Through battles with his o...
The Cursed Stone by obsessed_over_words
The Cursed Stoneby writer
Highest rank:- #84 in fiction - 17th june 2017 If you believe in true love and a bit of magic.You have come to the perfect place. It's a magical love story with loads of...
#Project Undiscovered by Project_Undiscovered
#Project Undiscoveredby Project_Undiscovered
Curious huh? This is where you'll find out more about what we do to help authors change the fate of their book. You will know more about us, the crew, as well.
Violent Delights = Violent Ends by steviewonderwall
Violent Delights = Violent Endsby tori.
They were only kids. Bogged down by the world around them, left with only one escape. But still, just kids. *a modern retelling of one of The Bard's most famous trage...
Falling For The Christmas Thief by CaseyAndrina
Falling For The Christmas Thiefby Casey Andrina
READ ME! RECOMMENDED! "What? No, I'm not a woman," the boy said, his expression replaced by red blushes. "I have man stuff to prove that I am certainly no...
Her Dilemma by jarades
Her Dilemmaby Mae
5 years ago, all Felicity Clarke wanted was Christopher Lawson's heart, but he didn't give. 5 years later, all Christopher wanted was for Felicity to stay with him, but...
Unordinary by Pandafel
Unordinaryby Pandafel
"I don't think I can return your feeling. I'm just a human and you can't expect me to feel something for you so suddenly." Park Soo Min has led quite a normal...
in which a girl who likes to make graphics shares with you a book of her graphic stuff. [✖] open [✖] closed temporarily [✖] closed for catch up [✔] closed forever ___ a...
A Lover's Dream I ✔ by angiewuuuu
A Lover's Dream I ✔by ~~~
{Highest Rank: #891 in Poetry and #75 in Suicidal} "Why weren't you there when I needed you?" My happiness, my heart is all hanging on a thread. The depression...
Dead Silence by sweetafflictions
Dead Silenceby sweetafflictions
Highest rank - #197 in science fiction "Because I could not stop for Death He kindly stopped for me; The carriage held but just ourselves And Immortality" E...
Isolation by smartandtalented
Isolationby Smartandtalented
Kim is a rich, although very unspoiled girl. She is very humble, even though she could take her friends to that expensive restaurant down town. She doesn't brag, or wear...
A Twisted Dream by yara_dewan
A Twisted Dreamby Yara
Pink everywhere and everything is pink. The sky, the clouds, and everything is plain pink. It seems like I don't know anything about this place yet my heart beats out lo...
Writer's Block by TheImaginatorSings
Writer's Blockby TheImaginatorSings
A collection of short stories written as beginnings and ends to unwritten stories.