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Alive by leephilikseu
Aliveby stay
Highest ranking: #286 In Mystery/Thriller (3rd August, 2017) 3rd place winner of The Quill Awards 2017 (Short Story) Roaming around late at night in a dangerous neighbor...
Maybe One Day by algenon
Maybe One Dayby dev
my thoughts and feelings are too much for me to handle © All Rights Reserved 2016
The Forbidden Island  by obsessed_over_words
The Forbidden Island by writer
Highest rank- #25 in horror - 16th October'17 This story is based on the 'Poveglia Island' in the Venetian Lagoon Italy and it is the most haunted place on earth. Ther...
Realms of Passion (Under Construction/ Editing) by Icyytopia
Realms of Passion (Under Icyytopia
21 year old Stacey has her own reasons to relocate. All she has is a crumbled note with an address, leading her to a handsome young man. Little did they know, they were...
His Tattoos  by Couchpotato2022
His Tattoos by Lazy Graphics
Not every tattoo tells of a party or drunken night, but not every tattoo tells a happy story either. Most of these tattoos are nowhere near regretting. Each stor...
Dead Silence by sweetafflictions
Dead Silenceby sweetafflictions
Highest rank - #197 in science fiction "Because I could not stop for Death He kindly stopped for me; The carriage held but just ourselves And Immortality" E...
Unordinary by Pandafel
Unordinaryby Pandafel
"I don't think I can return your feeling. I'm just a human and you can't expect me to feel something for you so suddenly." Park Soo Min has led quite a normal...
Sarah Who? [On Hold] [Unedited] by aqsamustaf
Sarah Who? [On Hold] [Unedited]by aqsamustaf
" Life is not as straightforward as it seems to be on first glance... you just have to be careful that when you stumble, you don't bring the whole world down with y...
Her Dilemma by jarades
Her Dilemmaby Mae
5 years ago, all Felicity Clarke wanted was Christopher Lawson's heart, but he didn't give. 5 years later, all Christopher wanted was for Felicity to stay with him, but...
Dark Clouds and More Darkness  by MariamK001
Dark Clouds and More Darkness by Mariam Khadeeja
The average experience of an individual's life overwhelmed by the dark passenger residing within them.
#Project Undiscovered: Book Reviews by Project_Undiscovered
#Project Undiscovered: Book Reviewsby Project_Undiscovered
Want your book to have more votes and comments? No problem. We, the crew of Project Undiscovered does book reviews now. We both vote and leave comments to help you impro...