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Blososm And The Cusred Boy by marvelgirlfan
Blososm And The Cusred Boyby marvelgirlfan
What happed while Jessie was alseep? Was that dream really what happed in the real world? Read to fine out
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At Your Service {The Princess and the Butler} by kanatheshipper
At Your Service {The Princess and...by shipper05
its just a book i decided to make just for fun :) Beautiful faces, fantastic reputation,elegant clothing, designer school bags, and has a private chauffeur to drive your...
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Don't leave me now (PPG X RRB / powerpuffgirls x rowdyruffboys) by squishiipeeps
Don't leave me now (PPG X RRB / po...by squishiipeeps
-2 in 1 Story- BOOK 1 After 8 years of the sudden disappearance of the boys, the girls have finally decided that they are over them. But what will happen, when they re-e...
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Ppg x Rrb "mixed Colours" by planetseeking
Ppg x Rrb "mixed Colours"by planet
New school, new life, new romance? Mixed couples? Drama? All happening in this series! The ppg and Rrbs never saw each other for years! Until they went to a new school...
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El poder del amor PPGZ x RRBZ by Jossy_JM
El poder del amor PPGZ x RRBZby Jossy_JM
Amor eh? La fuerza mas poderosa que pueda llegar a existir... Pero así como poderosa puede ser desastrosa... Tu piensas de una manera Yo pienso de otra Eso nos puede lle...
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Boomubbles oneshots  by lilyhayley13
Boomubbles oneshots by Blueberrybubblegum
Title kinda gives it away, I haven't really wrote stories and posted them before so feel free to give me pointers or whatever 😆 Disclaimer: I obviously don't own the PP...
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Deja vu  ppgz x rrbz by starryglxss
Deja vu ppgz x rrbzby starryglxss
Baby, I can't go anywhere Without thinking that you're there Seems like you're everywhere, it's true Gotta be having Deja Vu 'Cause in my mind I want you here Get on th...
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Two Sides * Book  Two Of Power Marvel Girls z * by marvelgirlfan
Two Sides * Book Two Of Power Mar...by marvelgirlfan
The rrbz gain new powers. How? Read to fine out more
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For princey by princeysmassivebulge
For princeyby Tranos
just fucking read it fuchsia
Miss Popular (Boomubbles AU) by MaryJoeycoco
Miss Popular (Boomubbles AU)by × Mary Jo ×
"You only want to be with me, because people expect us together." I said as I crossed my arms, having Boomer shake his head. "No! I really do like you,&qu...
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PPGxRRB(vampire love) by wolfygirl4life2020
PPGxRRB(vampire love)by Brianna Fisher
The ppg were sold to the most handsome vampires the rrb what will happen if they fall in love?Will they live happily or will the rrb fall for someone else
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Start Over by LiziiGarcia57
Start Overby 💀Lilum Grave☠
After four years since their disappearance, The Powerpuff girls Z realize that their new classmates are nothing more, nothing less than the Rowdyruff boys Z! Nevertheles...
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The sacrifice of a Ruff:A blossom x brick fan story by RichardMichael385
The sacrifice of a Ruff:A blossom...by RichardMichael385
Blossom Powerpuff is living a good life in the fast lane, with no crimes. But that all changes, when one day, Brick Rowdyruff comes to her door step asking to become a s...
soggy dick by RachelAnne916
soggy dickby Rachel Anne
sugy dick
Heated (Butchercup PPGXRRB) by squishiipeeps
Heated (Butchercup PPGXRRB)by squishiipeeps
Buttercup is a dancer at a club, it might not sound good, but the pay sure is. To earn a living after the unfortunate split that split her and her sisters up, she worked...
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Swapped (PPGXRRB/ powerpuffgirls x rowdyruffboys) by squishiipeeps
Swapped (PPGXRRB/ powerpuffgirls x...by squishiipeeps
What happens when the Powerpunk girls disguise themselves as the Puffs when they break through a portal leading to another dimension? On a mission in another dimension...
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be my vice (blossick) by undead_queen_rose
be my vice (blossick)by always.and.forever
highschool sucks. Blossom hasn't quite been herself lately, wearing over sized clothing that very clearly covers her arms. Her attitude also appears to have changed wit...
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High school: a ppg story by bubbs1
High school: a ppg storyby Hannah Morales
The girls thought they had faced things much worse then high school...till they reached their Junior year. And found out that a very obnoxious group of teen boys would...
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Nightfall's Visitor - A Powerpuff Girls Z fanfiction by xDenKDenx
Nightfall's Visitor - A Powerpuff...by Egg with a wig
It was decided that on one of the days all the villains would show up to have some sort of secret meeting at Him's old lair, the last place where most of the villains ha...
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