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Scintillating Summer Suppositions by AidenHaust
Scintillating Summer Suppositionsby Aiden Haust
A collection of poetry based on the thoughts of an erratic, nearly sane bibliophile. --- Achievement Hunter - Poets Pub 2021 Summer Challenge End. 31 August 2021 Writte...
Poesies Per Diem by MystresMyna
Poesies Per Diemby J.Lynne Moore
This is book two of my 2017 Poem-A-Day Challenge for the Poets Pub. You can find the first 200 poems in my book Almanac of Poesies. ATTENTION: If you are reading this s...
Shape Poetry by Ram Chanduri by ramchanduri
Shape Poetry by Ram Chanduriby Ram Chanduri
Do you know what the universe is made of? It's made up of infitesimal thoughts clubbed together as conscious atoms. Slowly, these atoms evolve and arrange themselves int...
My Poetry Contest Entries 2020 by aMusedAndPoetic
My Poetry Contest Entries 2020by aMusedAndPoetic
This is were I keep poems that I write specifically for contests and challenges in 2020. The collection includes: Second place winner in Poet's Pub's "Biggest Comp...
Pondetry by InEssenceOfPotatoes
Pondetryby KJ
A collection of poems :> Just a few pebbles dusted with soil and small bits of leaves along the garden path. I don't bleed tears into words on paper, I'm the tear tha...
Pub Chatter - 7th Edition by PoetsPub
Pub Chatter - 7th Editionby PoetsPub
Welcome to our weekly newsletter. Published every Sunday, you can find here, all the latest news and updates on the activities of the Poets Pub.
A Bumpy Ride by PoetsPub
A Bumpy Rideby PoetsPub
Welcome to our first contest of 2021! We are going to ZIP, ZAP, ZOOM in to the new year with a silly fun futuristic contest . All members are welcome and encouraged to...
Colour Me Poetry✓ by staceystrives
Colour Me Poetry✓by Stacey
*Previously known as Poetry Dump* °Some rant with prose °I rant with poetry Colour Me Poetry is a collection of one hundred poems written in both a successful and unsucc...
A Taste of the Islands - Filipino Recipes by Pub-Grub
A Taste of the Islands - Filipino...by Pub-Grub
This is our collection of Filipino recipes.
The Gathering Poems Created for Challenges and Contests by NehpetsEnal
The Gathering Poems Created for Ch...by Stephen L W Lane
These are sanitised versions of my entries and are not necessarily exactly as accepted. Some visual enhancements have been added, as the original format didn't allow thi...
A Father's Story by PoetsPub
A Father's Storyby PoetsPub
Congratulations to our March 2018 Contest Winners Title Poem and Hand Prompt Winner - @MansiJain605 Prompt #1 Co-Winners - @Leontine_Willow and @HauntingAngel Clown Prom...
poeTRY by PoetsPub
poeTRYby PoetsPub
A collection of Poems by the newest members to our ever growing family. These poems are first contributions to the Poets Pub. Please welcome these newest regulars. (T...
A True Thing Summer 2021 Poems by JaneQuill28
A True Thing Summer 2021 Poemsby Jane
Poets Pub--Poems written the Summer of 2021 in two Parts: 100 Poems and Achievement Hunter Challenge. "I do not know what "poetical" is. Is it honest in d...
Richard Higley Legacy Collection by PoetsPub
Richard Higley Legacy Collectionby PoetsPub
Our 2016 Pubber of the Year is Richard Higley. Here you will find a collection of his poems as well as a little bit about who Richard is.
With Style: Poetry  - Monthly Poetry Style Challenges by PoetsPub
With Style: Poetry - Monthly Poet...by PoetsPub
Hello and welcome to the Poets Pub's poetry style challenges. Each month we will be challenging our members to write poetry in a new style. Have you ever written a son...
Nymph: My Sterio Pets by NehpetsEnal
Nymph: My Sterio Petsby Stephen L W Lane
This is an acrostic collaboration between NehpetsEnal & MysteriousDryad, it has been derived from both the writer's synonyms. There was no preplanning on the subject 'My...
A Lover's Sight by theFirstPen
A Lover's Sightby Loki
About the girl who was destined to fly higher than the eagle.
Master B Moore by PoetsPub
Master B Mooreby PoetsPub
Hello and Welcome to the Poets Pub August Contest. This month we are going to take it easy and just write some poems that are fun!! Come join us!! All you need to do t...
[CLOSED] - Poets Pub 2020 - Biggest Competition Ever Vol. 2 by PoetsPub
[CLOSED] - Poets Pub 2020 - Bigges...by PoetsPub
Please join us for our eight-week, gauntlet style competition. We will have weekly winners and at the end of the competition we will announce an overall winner. All par...
The Humbled Word by TheHumbledPenman
The Humbled Wordby TheHumbledPenman
This will be a collection of my poetms and my entries into poetry related stuff. There will be explanations to my ideas at times as well and as to why I use certain lin...