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A Sinful Ticklish Tale by UndertaleSinner
A Sinful Ticklish Taleby Proud SkeleSinner
When a young neko girl falls down into the Underground by mistake, one could only assume that a grand adventure filled with fights, friends, and DETERMINATION was about...
For my Demon Children by SubmissiveLilith
For my Demon Childrenby Queen Lilith
Any smut I feel like writing :)
3 Ways to Have Better Sex With Your Partner by delhistore
3 Ways to Have Better Sex With delhistore
Learn 3 Ways to Have Better Sex With Partner: Enhance intimacy and connection with your loved one.
Inseparable by Dark_sky332
Inseparableby Dark_Sky
Tyler finds love difficult for him. He has never been in Love at all. He always wondered what it would feel like to be loved by someone, to have that warm and fuzzy feel...
PART OF OUR DESTINY  by fatymasardauna
Love is the biggest thing that keep our minds together, it sometimes make us vulnerable unless we get the attention and care from our loved ones. They are madly in love...
hot pics by Imacocaineaddict
hot picsby Meth
Very hot🥵🥵🥵 Pls keep ur hands out of ur pants i can see you No i dont own the pictures you fucking cunt.
Pleasure by a Teaser by ForbiddenLoveeee
Pleasure by a Teaserby ForbiddenLove
Harmony wasn't an ordinary 16 year old girl. She lived in an abandoned cabin and didn't go to school. Although she didn't have parents, she had her twin brother to keep...
Braxton Enterprises by jmarieal
Braxton Enterprisesby Jez Marie.
Nicole Copelands family is filthy rich, almost as rich as their competition/enemy in the business world.. Christian Braxton. What happens when the two clash together? Wh...
LUST AND PLEASURE • one shots by Hygeiablo
LUST AND PLEASURE • one shotsby Hygeiablo Fines
a year without lust is like offering without means.
Jamie and Eddie - Jamko SMUTS by LogandraGoals
Jamie and Eddie - Jamko SMUTSby Enjoy Life 💕📚
Just a collection of some juicy scenes between Jamie and Eddie Reagan from Blue Bloods! 😍 I Wish we got to see more of their dirty romantic side on the show! The chemi...
A Mate For Dallas (Lone Star Pack 2) by Animejunkie13
A Mate For Dallas (Lone Star _therodane
I'm 23, life's really change me, my Alpha is gay and had a woman for a mate , it tortured him for years inside. He was a good Alpha and great father, My father was scare...
Becoming Daddy's Girl  by SARAHSHEART
Becoming Daddy's Girl by Sarah
Maria's journey to reconnect with her father
The Ring System  by OctavoGamer555
The Ring System by OctavoGamer555
A normal boy named Owana Menroe is introduced to the world of magic and magical creatures by The System, which is designed to help him with well magical stuff. Read thr...
Through Thick & Thin by LanaLovely
Through Thick & Thinby Lana (Readinbooks2)
Copyright © 2013 Readinbooks2 Tragedy strikes Chicago when the death of Kenu Hill crashes Tatyana's world. Kenu was her brother and her best friend. Being a full-figure...
Broken (Harry Styles Fanfiction) Sequel to 'Little Things' by CelestialWinter
Broken (Harry Styles Fanfiction) CelestialWinter
"I feel as if my body is broken into if ever since, I was dropped like a delicate beautiful vase and all of my pieces shattered against the cold hard fl...
annoyingly hot by 0-Quinncy-0
annoyingly hotby Quincy
if you like enemy's to lovers and dark romance or even smutt then this book is yours to read .
All About Paradise by MuslimahAtHeart
All About Paradiseby MuslimahAtHeart
Allah said: "I have prepared for My pious servants things which have never been seen by an eye, nor heard by an ear, or (even) imagined by a human being." (Sah...
Guilty Pleasure 04: Under Pleasure by Geminicekie
Guilty Pleasure 04: Under Pleasureby Geminicekie
WARNING: SPG| R-18| MATURED CONTENT GUILTY COLLABORATION SERIES 04 Zelicah Monette Monteverde was forced to temporarily take over the business of his infirm father since...
Completed Stories You Might Enjoy by KhushiAzim
Completed Stories You Might Enjoyby Khushi
I'm going to share some stories here that I enjoyed reading and hope you enjoy too. I may add some 'uncomplete' stories if i like them but it'll say uncomplete next to t...