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Justice legal system academy's deadly killing game (Ace Attorney) by ace_detective
Justice legal system academy's Just.some.aafan
Danganronpa x Ace attorney crossover Follow the ace attorney cast as they have to over come the trials of the killing game ⚠️Characters ARE NOT MINE all rights for ch...
Chocolate Wright by PlasticNeko
Chocolate Wrightby Meow?
First of all, this isn't entirely original. It's based off an official picture someone showed me, called "Chocolate Wright." It's of Edgeworth and others sculp...
Courtroom Affairs by ErrorCode_707_404
Courtroom Affairsby Error_Code_707
This is a Wrightworth smut book that I'm writing simply because I barely see any Wrightworth/Narumitsu smut anywhere. Anyway, comment on stuff if you want, and please no...
Courtroom Romance | Phoenix Wright x Reader x Miles Edgeworth by SarahAbrevinova
Courtroom Romance | Phoenix SarahAbrevinova
"Someone, help!" The young girl turns around to find the police standing behind her. "You're under arrest!" Detective Gumshoe shows his badge, then h...
Ace Attorney X Reader One Shots Vol. 3 by YuiFromTheBlock
Ace Attorney X Reader One Shots Yui
This is Volume 3 of my Ace Attorney one shots! If you haven't, please check out my other two volumes! **They are a bit cringy, so beware!** Anyways! This book will cover...
Ace Attorney Preferences by tayraearm
Ace Attorney Preferencesby Taylor
Boyfriend scenarios including Phoenix Wright, Miles Edgeworth, Apollo Justice, Klavier Gavin, Kristoph Gavin, Simon Blackquill, Diego Armando, and Nahyuta Sahdmadhi Off...
ace attorney character headcanons by essyllt
ace attorney character headcanonsby essyllt
"constantly, consistently, continually, you." some chapters may be nsfw, reader discretion advised. [requests open]
Klapollo and AA incorrect quotes by fangirl-888
Klapollo and AA incorrect quotesby fangirl-888
Klapollo and Wrightworth are my otps. Quotes found on Tumblr.
Unknown Feelings (WrightWorth) by Foxomegah
Unknown Feelings (WrightWorth)by Pink Goldimia
This is my first story i made in this app. I ship these two so badly and I thought I can show you guys what I been working on. Ill try not to forget to add on stuff. And...
Star Crossed Lovers [SLOW UPDATES] by ohnoitsmiki
Star Crossed Lovers [SLOW UPDATES]by Seasoned Bitch
Phoenix Wright and Miles Edgeworth. The defense and prosecution. Completely opposite from one another, they where never meant to, but they somehow fall in love with each...
"Formal Love." || Miles Edgeworth x Phoenix Wright. by m0mmysniffle
"Formal Love." || Miles sniffle
Miles Edgeworth, a formal prosecutor with a tragic past; Phoenix Wright, a casual worker in defence with childhood memories of this formal prosecutor. They are opposite...
Wrightworth One-Shots by KingAleczanderr
Wrightworth One-Shotsby KingAleczanderr
just some nice fluffy wrightworth one shots with a bit of angst too because life isn't fair
Narumitsu/wrightworth shorts by eviecookie
Narumitsu/wrightworth shortsby eviecookie
Does include a couple parts with tiny bits of strong language. Also mentions of suicide or other parts with violence however before each of these chapters there's a warn...
I Want to See Your Smile Again by klapollol
I Want to See Your Smile Againby Enoby Dark'ness Dementia Rave...
Really, Kristoph Gavin is the last thing Apollo wants back in his life. Klavier may insist, but it seems like the visits to his jailed brother are slowly destroying him...
Phoenix Wright various X reader by Monochromiss
Phoenix Wright various X readerby Monochromiss
Defence attorney: (Y/n) Fey! Sounds glamorous doesn't it? Its not. My boss, Mr Phoenix Wright, has always held the spotlight as the 'legal eagle', 'ace attorney' etc. Si...
When Our Eyes Met Again(A Wrightworth Fanfiction) by AggressiveGayParent
When Our Eyes Met Again(A Phoenix Alexander
(A/N) This is set in a soulmate AU. In this universe, you see only in black and white until you meet eyes with your soulmate. • "We're going to be best friends fo...
Without You (Godot/Diego Armando X reader) by randomfangirlfandoms
Without You (Godot/Diego Armando random fangirl
I was completely flustered by his manners, but I quickly gathered myself and shaked his hand. "Y/N L/N. Nice to meet you too, Mr. Armando." ...
Trials of Love (Phoenix Wright x Female Reader) by GhostTellings
Trials of Love (Phoenix Wright x GhostTellings
He pressed his lips against mine firmly, cupping his hands over my cheeks. He seemed to relax, even just for a minute. I stood, surprised, and pushed away. "Nick, I...
Take that! Ace Attorney One-shots! -VERY SLOW AND I MEAN VERY SLOW UPDATES- by DashingStar17
Take that! Ace Attorney ||Akitara||
Woah! Hi there! (Lol I know, nice title...not.) This book will be filled with one-shots with your favorite characters from Ace Attorney! The pictures are not mine! These...