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Phanfic Stories

1.5K Stories

PLAYBOY | PHAN by foreverhome-
phan // in which phil is a photographer and dan is a model.
Phanfiction by DawnTaylor047
Phanfictionby Dawn Taylor
Dan and Phil are two amazing(not a pun) people, and they deserve their space and privacy. Please do not take this book as a way to force Phan upon them. This book is for...
A different world (Phan au) by Phanini_head
A different world (Phan au)by TheFew_TheProud_The_Emotional
Dan is deaf, a failing college student and aspiring writer. Phil has bad eyesight, works in a zoo and lives near Dan's college On a fateful laundry day they meet.
Puppy love (Phan AU) by Phanini_head
Puppy love (Phan AU)by TheFew_TheProud_The_Emotional
When Dan meets a mysterious black haired boy, he doesn't know what he's getting himself into. Two young adults with very different pasts meet each other and fall in lov...
Ethereal Bonds by peachyski
Ethereal Bondsby The Real Breen
(art credit- szluu.tumblr.com) Dan and Phil live quite normal lives, apart from their YouTube careers. Both Dan and Phil were content with one another. They pictured the...
Bittersweet Reign // Royal Phan AU by SyzygyBear
Bittersweet Reign // Royal Phan AUby S̴y̵z̷y̶g̵y̵
When Philip Lester, the son of the king's most honoured nobleman, goes against his disciplines and ventures into the dark forest at the very bottom of his kingdom, the l...
Behind the Mask: A Phantom of the Opera Fanfic by StarTiger73
Behind the Mask: A Phantom of the...by StarTiger73
Elsa Daae is the twin sister of Christine Daae. But the two could not be more different. Barely resembling her twin, Elsa is somewhat of a enigma. She loves her sister...
Heaven and Earth //PHAN// by DepressedDannie
Heaven and Earth //PHAN//by Your local rat
Dan's life seems to be falling apart more day by day. His little brother is getting beat, his mum is sick, and he doesn't have anyone that would even talk to him no matt...
The Popcorn Fic (PHAN) by the_darks_prisoners
The Popcorn Fic (PHAN)by rʌvn
I made this idk why.
You Are Not Alone (A Phantom of the Opera Fanfiction) by penbehindamask
You Are Not Alone (A Phantom of th...by Lottie-Lu
PREVIOUSLY FEATURED IN WATTPAD PICKS Top rank #1 in phantomoftheopera Erik has always been shunned and rejected, using music as an escape from his pain. Celeste finds m...
One Lifetime (A Phantom of the Opera Fanfiction) by penbehindamask
One Lifetime (A Phantom of the Ope...by Lottie-Lu
SEQUEL TO YOU ARE NOT ALONE Top rank #7 in phantomoftheopera One day Erik will marry the woman he loves. One day they will have a home, a family, a real life together. B...
apartment 122 by SUGARTOZIER
apartment 122by 𝒋𝒖𝒏𝒐
❝𝐑𝐎𝐎𝐌𝐌𝐀𝐓𝐄 𝐖𝐀𝐍𝐓𝐄𝐃: male uni student unable to pay rent for one year lease. we will NOT be "close". ping me at- ❞
Love Didn't Die by fi-is-me
Love Didn't Dieby Fi
The Sequel to The Phantom's Opera. Alina returns back to the 21st century and struggles to come to terms with her new life. Despite having her family and friends back, s...
phanfiction by galaxykittens2007
phanfictionby Sapphire Rhodes
about 2 boys who deeply feel in love
Finding Me ♡ Phan by howell_is_my_husband
Finding Me ♡ Phanby #amazingphildothewap
Where a black-haired, gay, emo boy moves to a new school. And a Brown-haired, sexually confused, emo boy has trouble thinking straight.
The Beauty Within [PotO/B&tB] by phantomsbooklair
The Beauty Within [PotO/B&tB]by Eewee
It's been five long years after the famous disaster of Opera Populaire. No one has entered the building since then and no one dares to speak of the night everything ende...
Our lives with Dan and Phil/D. H./P. L.  by hiorheyitsgail
Our lives with Dan and Phil/D. H...by Gail is not on fire
Two fans live their coolest lives with Dan and Phil. With some drama of course. End of 2019/start 2020
To Believe You by sorrybutalsowtf
To Believe Youby sorrybutalsowtf
Phil has just finished culinary school and needs a job to afford his new flat as he's also just moved to London. Good thing there's a successful bakery only a few blocks...
Forever by Firedragona
Foreverby Li
Rerik and Cherik have been friends for a long time. But one needs to move on... or do they?
Anywhere You Go by creamy_cupcakess
Anywhere You Goby Meg
A Phantom of the Opera Phanfic What if Christine had changed her answer? What if she changed her mind? In this (phanfic) continuation of the beloved Andrew Lloyd Webber...