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Percy Jackson - Forgiving, not Forgetting by BraveandPowerful
Percy Jackson - Forgiving, not Clarrissa Parker
Percy Jackson has been killed, maybe not physically, but still killed. Dead. Gone. But Chaos brings him back with some help from a few gods. He was betrayed by the ones...
Not Your Typical Vampire [ HARUKYU 18+] by rutojwjk
Not Your Typical Vampire [ Lili
Junkyu is the new waiter at a vampire specialized club. He did not expect he would meet a vampire like Haruto on his first day.
Al patrón by Iktan-Ikal
Al patrónby Iktan Ikal
El hombre más rico del pueblo, Porfírio Galeana, un hombre gallardo y distinguido, respetado por todo aquel que lo conoce, con la vida que cualquiera desearía tener, esc...
A Land of Dragon Tales by Cross-Warrior
A Land of Dragon Talesby 𝓒. 𝓦. 𝓚𝓷𝓲𝓰𝓱𝓽
Step in to see all that you'd likely wanna know about my discord my Patreon, and/or my Ko-Fi membership options, all great ways of supporting me.
De secrétaire à femme du patron by HayaOusoula
De secrétaire à femme du patronby HayaOusoula
Résumé : Changer de ville et changer de travaille rend la vie un peu difficile. Mais quand on tombe amoureuse de son patron, la vie devient encore plus difficile. Moi Mo...
OTP (Jacquees FAN FRICTION) by YvonnyBenee
OTP (Jacquees FAN FRICTION)by PaiPai
When you on the phone till 6 A.M. When the weed keep rolling. When that Patron done got into your system. Damn the way he look at you when he paints you.......
Patreon  by FanficMayham
Patreon by FanficMayham
Hey guys so this isn't really a story but I wanted to let you know about my patreon.
OS Pantron : I'm addicted to you by LapinouChan
OS Pantron : I'm addicted to youby Usagi
Patron sait y faire avec ses mains, c'est un fait. Pas que ça d'ailleurs! En plus, il est incroyablement sexy. Comment notre pauvre chanteur qu'est Maître Panda pourrait...
Moi ? Agent secret ? Jamais ... by Per5efonelolo
Moi ? Agent secret ? Jamais Princesa 👑❤️
Moi ? Agent secret ? Jamais ... ❤️⭐️👑❤️
Novena to St. Peregrine by CathDev
Novena to St. Peregrineby CathDev
St. Peregrine is the patron saint of cancer patients. Pray the St. Peregrine novena for healing.
There Once Was A Bluebird by strawberrymayonnaise
There Once Was A Bluebirdby Tara
In a village where family-clans have patron spirits, Ren struggles to get taken seriously with his bluebird patron. Folks often dismiss his goal to join the Guard--which...
The Wandering Warlock by hedgehog_hufflepuff
The Wandering Warlockby Hedgie Puff
An origin story for Ava au Nieva - an Aasimar Warlock of the Archfey patron. When her celestial-blessing is mistaken for a curse, Ava is exiled to the Northwoods, where...
Requiem for a Sword by PatriciaAliceB
Requiem for a Swordby Patricia
The four kingdoms of Anevion - Espentium, Tyradion, Ordica and Myrantis - have been hostile for as long as anyone can remember. Although never having been to war, the a...
side by side by 3ugeiwvev3
side by sideby heyyyyyyyyybish
Patton remembers the very first time he became a side, wishing thing were the same with him and his old friend. Janus not knowing how to feel about many things tries to...