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A Heart For Heart; Tom Riddle and Mattheo Riddle by Ally11227
A Heart For Heart; Tom Riddle Ally11227
Elizabeth Malfoy falls in love with both Riddles. Which one will she pick?
Different (Mattheo Riddle) by itsBrittneybitchh
Different (Mattheo Riddle)by I don't know what am I doing...
-"I know the truth. You love me?" -"yes" -"I love you too" Best rank #riddles 14 ❤️ #mattheoriddle 10♥️ #...
Monster In The Mirror | M.R by RavenGray_
Monster In The Mirror | M.Rby Raven
⚠️contains bad language, ED, self harm, toxic relationship, abuse⚠️ "He hates her." "No he doesnt, not really. She just makes him feel things that he's c...
Triangle Problem  by pavriddle
Triangle Problem by voidstiles_stilinski
Yn Yln. 6th year at Hogwarts. Slytherin girl. Abused by her parents. One of the best students but never better than Tom Riddle and Mattheo Riddle. The brothers of chaos...
Part of Me || Mattheo Riddle by bbloodyv4mp
Part of Me || Mattheo Riddleby k.
"I backed her up against the wall. She looked up at me with those sweet innocent eyes. God I needed her, she's part of me." - mattheo x fem reader ⚠️ WARNING...
"Let me be." Mattheo x Riddle by Maddi_exe
"Let me be." Mattheo x Riddleby Maddi_exe
Y/n Dolohov and her family are very loyal to Lord Voldemort. During a meeting, Y/n lock eyes with Voldemort's son Mattheo Riddle. How will this work how, how long will i...
What Makes A Villain // Mattheo Riddle  by outerbanksbabe
What Makes A Villain // Mattheo obx
Who decided the Slytherin's were villians? Who decided they were evil. The slytherin group of the 'Golden Trio Era' all have their own storys to tell. The group consists...
What if ; M.R by Sab020
What if ; M.Rby Sab020
What if Voldemort had won the war. What if Harry Potter had died during the war. What if the Death Eaters had complete control over Hogwarts How is the new life of Eloï...
The killer trio by Hvfflpluff
The killer trioby whoisvaniya<3
The killer trio is about Draco Malfoy, Mattheo, and Tom Riddle. So this is a harry potter book.\ The killer trio is feared by many students but what will happen when Har...
Forgetting you | Mattheo Riddle story | by westanmattheo
Forgetting you | Mattheo Riddle ✨Westanmattheo✨
PART ONE! Y/n Black is an ordinary girl at Hogwarts like everyone else. Three new students come into Hogwarts that will change everything. Some will say year 3 will be n...
~numb~mattheo riddle by klaustheprophet
~numb~mattheo riddleby klaustheprophet
She's numb. No feelings. No thoughts. No nothing. It's a good job she's great at hiding it. He's numb. No feelings. No thoughts. No nothing. It's a good job he's great...
Mattheoxreader by Marisol946503
Mattheoxreaderby Marisol
Mattheo riddle fanfic!
Mattheo riddle oneshots by academiahour
Mattheo riddle oneshotsby Hi
For all my horny bitches here ya go Mattheo riddle smutttttt 🔞🔞🔞🔞🔞
Hating you to love me by findmeherelol
Hating you to love meby findmeherelol
Rose Dukes is what you would call a normal teenage girl attending Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. That is until she finds herself tied up with Hogwart's new...
A Riddle's Love //Feminine pronouns//Mattheo Riddle X Reader by Multifandoms_madness
A Riddle's Love //Feminine Multifandoms_madness
Y/n starts her 6th year of witchcraft at Hogwarts and makes a new friend. Drama between her and her best friend occurs, but her new soulmate stands beside her through it...
Enemies to Lovers: Mattheo Riddle x Y/n Potter by Avaluvgood
Enemies to Lovers: Mattheo Avaluvyou!!
Y/n Potter is Harry Potter's twin sister and is in her 4th year of Hogwarts. However, there is a surprise in her fourth year (also the start of the book) as another boy...
Trusted~Mattheo Riddle by 16734user
Trusted~Mattheo Riddleby user
What happens when cold hearted Precious Blackheart, a soon to be death eater comes to Hogwarts and meets the dark Prince Mattheo Riddle. Will they clash, join forces. We...
bitches broken hearts || mattheo riddle by chxrryrae
bitches broken hearts || mattheo hailey
"stitches into all your bitches broken hearts" in which mattheo riddle, raven grindelwald and their gang scare the shit out of hogwarts after raven's heavy bre...
let's play a game. mattheo riddle x reader by cupldsb0w
let's play a game. mattheo cupidslove
i never thought someone could understand how i felt. he's such a sweetheart but he puts on this tough act to make everyone fear him, but truly that's not what he wants i...
Secrets| Mattheo x OC by mleh_12gh
Secrets| Mattheo x OCby mattheo_riddle62
THIS IS MY FIRST STORYY ok so basically i don't really know what i'm doing and idk what this story is going to be about so it's just kinda uh see where it takes you stor...