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"babe, lets fuck in the school toilets" "cmon then baby boy." ^^dm me for ideas and characters.
hermione the slut x oneshots by hpTVDsmuts
hermione the slut x oneshotsby hpTVDsmuts
do not report, it is your own choice to start this book what if Hermione Grager was the unkown sex-greedy school slut credits to JK. rowling a good story filled with smu...
✓MR.VIRGIN | KIM TAEHYUNG  by taetaeta20
" Will you lose your virginity for me? " ~ she asked. Kim Taehyung, a decent professor received a message from an unknown number. Will he able to reach her...
Megan Fox Smut!!! by user97517246
Megan Fox Smut!!!by Nikita
A smut book for Megan Fox because I didn't see any on her so why not.
Differences by Brainy-Art
Differencesby Human with a pen
Reine is an eighteen-year-old french girl with no biological mother to look after her. Visiting her mother's tomb isn't an easy task especially when you are somewhat the...
Why Him? (YOONMIN)by Cloud
When Park Jimin's mother leaves town, she calls a babysitter... But its not who he expected. Not only is it the hottest dude in school, he bullies Jimin for being gay. A...
Millberry High: Piper by indigosky8690
Millberry High: Piperby Indigo Sky
The story of Piper's forbidden love with her best friend's brother. If you've read Millberry High: Melanie then you will understand the role of Piper
V I R G I N   [ s h o r t   s t o r y ] by bacach
V I R G I N [ s h o r t s t ѕ τ я α и g є я
"I wanted love, he wanted sex. He gave me love, I gave him sex. Guess whose heart is gonna be broken in the end?" This is a short story which means it is going...
Hidden Urges (Kyo x Tohru) by DGDSSFRSJH
Hidden Urges (Kyo x Tohru)by Etherea
After a strange run in, Tohru and Kyo are left with feelings they've never experienced before. The urges are growing stronger, but both are convinced that they're unattr...
Guys Our Age (Wattys2017) by ChasingMadness24
Guys Our Age (Wattys2017)by Kyra Blackthorn
Hannah and Hailey; identical twins with one truly terrifying thing in common. Their father is the Sex Ed teacher at their high school. And this semester? The girls ar...
Ivy's Ever After [Completed] by claretk
Ivy's Ever After [Completed]by kiara_vale
One passionate night and a heartbreak later, Ivy's life suddenly changes direction to a path she didn't expect. Started March 18
Forbidden Fruit. by Twelvii-FD
Forbidden Twelvii-FD
Annabelle Lilith, a nun . Jason or Mr Nobody as he likes to go by, an assassin. what happens when the young nun goes missing? . These book contains a lot of violence,har...
The Billionaire Boss by rannsom
The Billionaire Bossby rannsom
21 years old Rann is desperate for a job, Not any job but a reputed one. She applied for a job as personal assistant at the Sharma Enterprises. A little did she knew who...
Zervis: PURITY (Book 2) by NeaxiJCO
Zervis: PURITY (Book 2)by NeaxiJCO
A sequel to Zervis: VIRGINITY (Book 1) Mavis' life turns into a living nightmare as her dreams become a reality. The King is back and he is coming for his Queen. Mavis w...
Pehchaan by _yesha_jain_
Pehchaanby Yesha Jain
This story starts with a normal conversation between naina and sameer, they both already have communication on Dating App, and sameer falls for naina with her just one p...
Looking to Lose (completed) by therealalleir
Looking to Lose (completed)by Alleir
Adulthood has many rites of passage: learning to drive, voting, moving out, going to college. The unspoken rite of passage? Losing your virginity. 19-year-old Isabel is...
The Deep End by Ophelia_is_Knightly
The Deep Endby D. Knight
Wyatt Anderson was too cool for school. He was the stereotypical black boy with the new Jays and fresh line up. He was the captain of the football team and the commander...
The Suck It List (#Watty2020) by ChasingMadness24
The Suck It List (#Watty2020)by Kyra Blackthorn
In which a pizza delivery boy ends up on a girl's doorstep asking her to help finish his bucket list before he dies. (Full Description Inside) Cover by @zoeygraphics
Tempting Fate by Bashful_beauty
Tempting Fateby Bashful_beauty
He pulls me in and kisses me. His lips setting mine ablaze with sensations. The more he kisses me, the less I want to stop. He runs his tongue across my bottom lip, aski...
Trust,Love and Passion by Tia_Girl
Trust,Love and Passionby Tia_Girl
Tia Cooper a shy girl in the city of Nottingham thought her life would be as normal as everyone else but, that's about to change when a handsome young werewolf comes and...