The Virginity Broth...
By _wayward_
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Wine and dine them, flirt, even meet the parents. As long as you reach the ultimate goal: SEX. The Virginity brothers, or so that's what I call them, they target new girls every week. Every single week there's a new girl thinking they're dating one of the popular boys. They think they are in love and then the girls have sex with them and then BAM! They drop you and they find another Virgin to destroy. Another rule in this game of Virginity stealing is that the virginity brothers aren't aloud to speak about what they do in public or aloud to tell anyone outside of the brotherhood about it So I bet your thinking, how do i know about it? Well maybe it's because my brother is apart of it, or maybe it's because I just so happened to find there secret meet up place and I know which girl in the school they are targeting next. So shhhh everyone. Don't speak of the brother pact because if you do beware of the consequences that come with it. punishment for doing so is public humiliation, and trust me no one wants that.

I Spy The Virginity Game

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The Virgi...
by _wayward_