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The Life We Had | Gay BxB | by dollygrand
The Life We Had | Gay BxB |by Dolly Grand
The new, geeky kid in school gets partnered with a popular jock in biology. He believes that geeks and jocks can't be friends until this particular jock proves him wrong...
For Your Eyes Only by kaywritesx
For Your Eyes Onlyby KELSEY
He was the boy that no one noticed. He was quiet, bland to the naked eye, a total wallflower who sat on the sidelines and lacked in eye contact with those around him tho...
Ink & Passion by Lunolion
Ink & Passionby Lunolion-san
Ikki Ichinou has a natural talent for drawing, but chooses to live a normal life without any passion nor desires. However, when his beautiful and popular classmate Ran H...
Glee. by HazzaStyles2021
#4 HazzaStyles2021
Based on Season 4... Rachel begins school at NYADA, where she meets junior Brody. Ashleigh tries to convince Puck's half brother Jake to join. Brittany is depressed. Rac...
Unlimited Plan (*) by KanataNash
Unlimited Plan (*)by Kanata Nash
When Jeremy Baltac-former member of a hacker elite group turned cybersecurity engineer-learns about the disappearance of an old teammate, he has no idea it's the startin...
Glee. by HazzaStyles2021
#6 HazzaStyles2021
Based on Season Three... As New Directions prepares to recruit new members after losing Quinn and Lauren, Will thinks of "The Purple Piano Project," the McKinl...
Inconvenient Things by LarkTheGhost
Inconvenient Thingsby LarkTheGhost
Ashley was pretty sure that shoving her fellow mathlete Emery Hart into the pool wasn't what her Psychologist had in mind when she told her to try and "make some fr...
One Of Us Is Lying by ContemporaryFiction
One Of Us Is Lyingby Writophile
Author-Karen M. McManus A Geek, A Jock, A Criminal, A Princess Who would you believe? (Note: I am writing this book here just so you guys can go through this amazing st...
Anti-Romantic Geek & Over Impulsive Beauty (COMPLETED) by chaexjune
Anti-Romantic Geek & Over .
Rosé is sick of her short-term dating life and wants to find a man who can be loyal to her and her only. She does not want to play around with love anymore after seeing...
My Wattpad Favourites by laughingintherain
My Wattpad Favouritesby C
Stuck for what to read? Here's a list of all my favourite books and recommendations which you must have!!! (The ones you read curled up with a cup of hot chocolate and t...
The nerd and the player BXB (short story) by randoomMEIuser
The nerd and the player BXB ( me
take Clark, a gay teen desperate for a boyfriend. And there also exists a guy called Christopher who basically gets any girl he wants. What will happen when they get the...
The Mathematics of Love ✔ by LB_Jade
The Mathematics of Love ✔by L.B. Jade
Nancy Pang doesn't have a clue what love is. All she knows is that it's not going to help her win the Junior Mathematics Tournament, or get her into Harvard, or do anyth...
His Tutor by ishqaan_DZ
His Tutorby nandita💗
Ishqi has a simple plan for high school: make a few friends, pass her classes, and graduate without any drama. Things go smoothly for her in the first two years. However...
The Bad Boy in School Is My Step Brother by JuliaElainee
The Bad Boy in School Is My Step julia
Grace Green is just a shy nerdy senior in high school. She lives with her single mom. Everything is pretty normal in here life until the hot bad boy in school becomes he...
Falling For a Jock by nniepersaud
Falling For a Jockby A n n i e.
When Carly Lukens wanted the perfect senior year, she didn't expect to fall for a jock. Especially an obnoxious one in her AP Psychology class. Drew Rollings. Carly Lu...
Capturing My Mate *Rated R* (Book #1)  by whenmusictakesflight
Capturing My Mate *Rated R* ( whenmusictakesflight
At the age of 6, Cara Halen's life took a traumatic turn when she was abducted from her family and held captive by the notorious underground rogue group known as the Blo...
Sister. by wyls0n
#17 wyls0n
Precious is one half of identical twin sisters. When she is asked to impersonate her sister for one weekend, it seemed easy enough, but when one weekend turned into two...
Married For Revenge  by star5589
Married For Revenge by star5589
Tiana Maconlay an only child and a daddy's Princess lost her mother at a tender age, Her father is the only family she has left. She is loving, beautiful, and fun, she c...
Falling For The Player ✓ by trxnslate
Falling For The Player ✓by n
Maya's a sixteen-year-old girl with big dreams, she doesn't want to be someone who achieves absolutely nothing in their whole life, she wants to at least be known for he...
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