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Forever And Always | ✓ by yumnaxxariff
Forever And Always | ✓by Yumna
[COMPLETE] Ava winters, a 17 year old girl who recently moved from Australia to San Francisco after the tragic death of her beloved grandma, her family of 5 move to Cali...
How to save a Bad Boy✔️ by floatsus
How to save a Bad Boy✔️by Georgina
"I need your help." He was obviously drunk, and I was obviously confused. "What the fu-" Mason pushed a hand to my mouth. "Shhh," he shus...
My roomates a gang leader (COMPLETED) by bookreader00021
My roomates a gang leader ( bookreader00021
He slammed his fist into the wall beside my head "Your mine. Do you understand me!?" And with that his lips crashed into mine *** Isabella's former roomates j...
She Was Ugly by Amber_1217_Roth
She Was Uglyby Book_Worm_31
17 year old Athena Jennings has always been the ugly duckling of her family. She's accepted it. The kids at school haven't. She's constantly being bullied by Leo and his...
The Player Next Door by BabyInACorner
The Player Next Doorby Natalie
[#1 Teen Fiction | #1 in Romance] Bad boy Luke Dawson is stuck living with clumsy nobody Millie Ripley for the summer. When she ran over his most prized possession, he...
The Scars Of Us by Aroha_xox
The Scars Of Usby Aroha_xox
Milly tries her best to be a normal girl in High School as an attempt to heal from the scars of her past, literally. However, the bad boy of Lewisberg just moved next d...
Violet ✔️ by idle_adolescent
Violet ✔️by ❤︎r a t ฅ^•ﻌ•^ฅ ❤︎
His tongue slips in and I get caught off guard. Woah buddy! I push back slightly and he lets go and looks into my eyes. "what?" he asks confused. No trace o...
Faking It by superduperpear
Faking Itby PEAR
HIGHEST RANKING- #1-lovable #19- badboynextdoor We've all faked something, whether it was a grade in school, maybe a smile, or even a friendship. For Lila Evens its mo...
The Badboy's soft spot by soccerlover025
The Badboy's soft spotby soccerlover025
My name is Annabella Walker. I have 5 brothers. I know what you might be thinking how do you even survive with 5 brothers. I'm here to say it is always a rollercoaster b...
Fake dating my ex best friend by katequacksonholland
Fake dating my ex best friendby 𝐤⊳
[COMPLETED✔️] "I have a proposition," He states in the dark Janitors closet. Before I can reply with a muttered 'and what would that be?' He answers for me...
The Bad-Boy Saw Me Naked by fearless_reader_
The Bad-Boy Saw Me Nakedby ana karina
Avery and Josh were complete oppisites. Josh was a little badass. Barely, passable grades, rude additude, tattoos, piercings, and a wall built so hard, not even Miley C...
Her Escape, His Safe Haven by AmandaReneeBoulos
Her Escape, His Safe Havenby Amanda Renee
Elliot Voss has spent years feeling lost. He's given up on a lot of things out of grief. He never thought that meeting a girl from his sister's dance would lead to a hug...
||don't touch||                                                bakugou x reader  by tomodachi09
||don't touch|| ☾intelligentpandax☽
bakugou has hated you since elementary school. he bullied and looked down on you all you're life, without any reason. but when a horrible accident in the (l...
9 inches [dabi x reader] by unknownsenpai-
9 inches [dabi x reader]by senpail0ver
You find yourself in a middle of a crisis with dabi and have NO USE of keeping your cool. hope you enjoy you freaks (•̀ᴗ•́)و
Him & Her - Ponyboy X Reader  by Robertdeneato
Him & Her - Ponyboy X Reader by Robertdeneato
[COMPLETED] #1 - Ponyboycurtis 30/05/2020 #1 - Theoutsiders 28/06/2020 Ponyboy and Y/N discover their new feelings towards each other after living next door their whole...
Luminary {Book 2 ✔️} by Kennedylee
Luminary {Book 2 ✔️}by Kennedy
''I get it,'' he said, ''the sun so loved the moon...'' His voice trailed off. We both knew the story. We knew it all too well. He was looking at me thoughtfully. I, how...
JEON JUNGKOOK ONESHOT BOOK by withlovedaisygirl
Jeon Jungkook oneshot book. Get hobi water on your way back here.
The Dare (Hwang Hyunjin) by ohmygodhey01
The Dare (Hwang Hyunjin)by Ariel
"Hey, Em." "Hmm?" "You like dares, games, and challenges, don't you?" "Yeah, why?" "I have a little challenge for you."...
rodrick heffley x reader NSFW by lolabursey
rodrick heffley x reader NSFWby ch1cknsh1t
very nsfw rodrick heffley x reader i promise u u finna be ra1l3d by rodrick y/n= your first name l/n= your last name i'm not promising that this is not gonna be cringey...
Anna's Husband  by immaql8
Anna's Husband by Shy-Girl-With-A-Pen
Imagine a boy playing dress up at 21. Is that weird? Whatever. Name him Sinji, make him 5'7, in full on make up, a girly dress and ofcoarse, the heels. He loves the hee...