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The New Liar  ❁  pretty little liars by iamalternative
The New Liar ❁ pretty little Iamalternative
I wanted to introduce myself but it looks like my Liars have already done that for me. Welcome to Rosewood Aviary, but remember- in Rosewood, bitches get buried -A
Emison: Change by zuulygovea
Emison: Changeby Emison Fam
Emily Fields is a Senior in high school, she knows she wants to be will the girls react when she tells them? How will Alison react? Will Emily still be th...
Ezria; Not Over You by ishipezria
Ezria; Not Over Youby Ezria Fanfiction
{BOOK COMPLETED BUT IM REVAMPING IT SLIGHTLY} Aria and Ezra's relationship is going down hill. Ezra catches Noel making a move on Aria and gets the wrong idea, leaving A...
My Ships by DramaFangirl25
My Shipsby Delena Salvatore
This is who I ship and fangirl over if you don't like them just don't comment and move on, you don't like my opinion then I don't care for yours, if you do like them fee...
Forever? (A Spoby Story) by Spoby__4ever
Forever? (A Spoby Story)by Spoby__4ever
*Completed* Sequel to 'It Just Happened' After all the things Spencer and Toby have overcome, fate tests them once again. Spencer and Toby have now agreed that nothing...
Goodbye Life~SPOBY by loverofdaisies
Goodbye Life~SPOBYby bella
When Toby leaves for a month in London, Spencer falls and hits her head, which causes her to lose her memory. Now Aria, Hanna and Emily must get Spencer to remember ever...
Pretty Little Liars With A Twist by Kar-Shian
Pretty Little Liars With A Twistby Mason Wildes
What if Mona wasn't A she just pretended to be to save Hanna? What if Ali really is dead? What if Spencer dad was involved with Toby's mother death? Or even Aria finding...
PRETTY Little LOVE (emison fanfic) by anonymous_1698
PRETTY Little LOVE (emison fanfic)by A
A slightly different kind of Emison story where Emily's the one who went M.I.A from the group. When she finds her way back to Rosewood, Emily doesn't remember Alison, or...
A vacation to remember (Haleb/Ezria/Spoby/Paily FanFicition) by tindrakatalin
A vacation to remember (Haleb/ Tindra Katalin
Story about pll couples. Finished.
The Mafia's Daughter (Paily) by WeirdoInTheCorner
The Mafia's Daughter (Paily)by Begladyourenotabug
Paige McCullers has spent her whole life in an orphanage, but at age 15 she runs away to a little town called Rosewoods. For 2 years Paige has been living in an abandone...
Feelings: emison by hellnawh_
Feelings: emisonby Fern
Emily fields is currently dating Paige. When Alison dilaurentis, emilys lifetime crush, comes back to town, does her life change?
Ezria-The perfect love story by Fanfic_8
Ezria-The perfect love storyby Fanfic_8
This is the life of Aria Montgomery and Ezra fitz
The PLL Ship Game by PLLxDM
The PLL Ship Gameby abby
Come on and play! Everyone's welcome! Rules: I will write a ship name between two random people from Pretty Little Liars and say who is in the ship. These ships can be t...
Kendall Jenner Imagines by 5RCRiRi
Kendall Jenner Imaginesby 5RCRiRi
I daydream about Kendall way tooooo much, so I thought writing this would help?
Pll one shots by ready4sl33ping
Pll one shotsby ready4sl33ping
I will do this when I feel like I have a good idea. This will have gay/lesbian ones.
Pretty little Facebook convo by prettylittlehalebb
Pretty little Facebook convoby HALEB
Facebook updates from the Liars and their boyfriends
Pll Group Chats by chloecosgrove_xo
Pll Group Chatsby Ezria4life
What the Liars and their Boyfriends/ Girlfriend could be saying on the phone.
Pretty Little Liars by PllFanfictionz
Pretty Little Liarsby PrettyLittleWattpad
"In Rosewood, Bitches Get Buried!" Everyone has something to hide- especially high school juniors Spencer, Aria, Emily, and Hanna. Spencer covets her sister's...
Pretty Little Agents [Book 1] by osnapitzyzzy
Pretty Little Agents [Book 1]by -
[NCIS and Pretty Little Liars Crossover] (You don't need to know both shows to do this. Just one because I will explain in the first chapter for those who don't know one...