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Pretty little liars: The First Lie by littlelyingwolfs
Pretty little liars: The First Lieby littlelyingwolfs
This story is about 5 best friends getting harassed by an unknown person who calls them self "-A"
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The Honesty Game by TheNormalest0ne0fAll
The Honesty Gameby Courtney
[pretty little liars] There's a game liars like her lose. The one where you tell the truth. This is that game. And it's becoming a matter of life or death. / She graduat...
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Teacher (emison) by emison14
Teacher (emison)by R.
"Hello class I'm miss Fields." And suddenly a door opens, and a blonde comes walking inside looking on her phone. "And I'm misses dilaurentis. But you can...
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Pretty Little Liars by _beyond_the_lights_
Pretty Little Liarsby _beyond_the_lights_
With 3 liars pregnant and A riding their tails, it is hard to keep such a secret from their parents. Spencer is pregnant with Toby's baby, Aria is pregnant with Mr. Fitz...
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Emison LOVE ME LIKE YOU DO by shannonembeth
Emison LOVE ME LIKE YOU DOby shannonembeth
I wrote this emison fiction because i ship them so hard..haha.. and i got really disappointed with how things are turning out for em and ali in PLL this season. PS. THER...
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Endless Summer (emison) by ElizasTheIsh
Endless Summer (emison)by Eliza
The popular Emison fanfic Endless Summer is now available on Wattpad! All good things must come to an end right? For Alison DiLaurentis, the summer seems endless. Especi...
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New beginnings by selenathegirlonfire
New beginningsby Katniss Everdeen
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teen wolf one shots by That_luh_bih
teen wolf one shotsby Sterekk❤️
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Emison~College by EmisonPLL
Emison~Collegeby EmisonPLL
This story is not a sequel to my first Emison story. It is a new story altogether. Enjoy:)
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Red Coat (1x1 Part 3) by pllredcoat
Red Coat (1x1 Part 3)by pllredcoat
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Never Again by Jess1900
Never Againby Jess
16 year old Alison page never knew what she would get herself into. One party = bad idea. She wasn't the party type anyway, so normally this wouldn't be a problem. But a...
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Alison Lily Malfoy: I Married my Brother's (Old) Archenemy by AW3313
Alison Lily Malfoy: I Married my AW
DO NOT READ UNLESS YOU HAVE READ ALICE LILY POTTER: I FELL IN LOVE WITH MY BROTHER'S ARCHENEMY. Alison has finally married Draco Malfoy and now hoth of them are offered...
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Moments (Emison) by Hauntedtwilight
Moments (Emison)by Hauntedtwilight
An Emison story. Detailing the moments in their lives that mattered and brought them together. The heartbreak, the fear, the love. Covering first meetings, the kissing r...
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Alice Lily Potter: I Fell in Love With my Brother's Archenemy by AW3313
Alice Lily Potter: I Fell in AW
Alice Potter is the sister of Harry Potter but Alice finds herself falling in love with Harry's worst enemy! I own none of the characters except for Alison and Remember...
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The Unknown Gilbert Sister by AlyssaAnn15
The Unknown Gilbert Sisterby Alyssa Ann
Alison Marie Gilbert... heard of her? No well she's Elena's twin and Jeremy's older sister. You might not have herd of her because she has lived in Elena's shadow until...
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I'm Never Leaving by ChelseaParrish
I'm Never Leavingby ChelseaParrish
An Emison fanfiction
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Emison love never left by Stelena4ever325
Emison love never leftby Stelena4ever325
When Alison is back in Rosewood Emily realises she never stopped loving Alison and that she was in love with her.
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The Deadly Lie by cupcakeavenue
The Deadly Lieby Alliebear
Alexander Price. The guy who changed my life forever. He was my mate, my everything, my soon to be husband. But that all changed when he left me. He decided that it was...
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The Lost McCall Twin(hiatus) by Stydiakillsrose
The Lost McCall Twin(hiatus)by Amanda
Melissa McCall gave birth two twins, a boy and a girl, named Scott and Riley McCall. But then one day when Scott and Riley were only 10 years old and we're heading to th...
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The Only One (Hannily / Emison) by troiancoolsario
The Only One (Hannily / Emison)by troiancoolsario
"I loved her. No, I love her. I love her so much that ever part in my body wants to break down. But I can't break down, now that I know. I know that, I'm not the on...
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