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The Good Teacher  by TinaIsSortaCool
The Good Teacher by TinaIsSortaCool
Hoping to enjoy her last night before senior year starts, Emily Fields finds herself working the bar at Radley while her other friends are out partying. Her night takes...
Temptation - Emison by AllyLoan
Temptation - Emisonby Alex P
Who can hold out longer? Ali or Emily? It starts with a bet to see who can go the longest without touching the other. It ends with one of the girls begging.
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Parent Trap by kangmanoban
Parent Trapby 페이트
Lost twins. Lilly and Grace. Once strangers until both coincidentally attended summer camp. The girl's parents divorved few months after birth. Emily and Alison, living...
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No scars to your beautiful by AlisonSash
No scars to your beautifulby AlisonSash
Love story between Sasha and Shay. Main Characters: Sasha, Shay and Mikaela.
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Crazier - Emison (COMPLETED) by JennasSunglasses
Crazier - Emison (COMPLETED)by JennasSunglasses
No A, no disappearance, only Emison. Emily and Alison, two 15 year-old BFFs living in the wealthy town of Rosewood along with their three best friends and their families...
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Emison: She's Back by emisonxezria
Emison: She's Backby emisonxezria
A is gone for good and Alison finally confesses her love for Emily. But she missed a lot when she was gone. Will they finally get the happy ending they are looking for?
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The Difference Between Us // Emison AU by emisonclexa
The Difference Between Us // Emiso...by We still have us
Alison is an overly privileged rich woman with a large mansion and a family that holds a multi-million dollar corporation. She has never believed in love or truly cared...
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▪︎The Girl Next Door ▪︎Emison  by xPrettyPerfectGurls
▪︎The Girl Next Door ▪︎Emison by PrettyPerfectGurlss
| Emily moves from Texas to Rosewood after her father died during the war in Afghanistan. They come to live in the house that has been empty for months after the Vanderw...
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Stronger Together (rewrite)  by LisaGibson2
Stronger Together (rewrite) by Lisa Gibson
Emison's journey through A.D and raising a family
(Emison) Teacher's secret by emisonforever19
(Emison) Teacher's secretby sasha fan girl
Emily Starts college she has a secret she is intersex . what happens when she develops a crush on her English teacher read to find out :)
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This will be our little secret - emison by diarydays
This will be our little secret - e...by The diary days
There is a lot of sexual things in here so if you are not into that/ dislike it don't read. This is an emison fanfic didn't write this I saw it online and wanted to pub...
Change by aestheticemison
Changeby aestheticemison
A badass brunette with a bad past named Emily Fields and an outgoing popular blonde named Alison DiLaurentis. Could the badass have a soft side for the blonde? Can they...
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Safe and sound(Emison AU) by thatoneweirdo43
Safe and sound(Emison AU)by thatoneweirdo43
this story is based off my popular one shot safe and sound go read my one shots to understand. Emily went off to the army to make her father proud but left behind her fi...
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She's My Boyfriend by prettyliar0199
She's My Boyfriendby prettyliar0199
Alison doesn't want her parents to know their 'perfect' daughter is gay. What will she do to make sure that doesn't happen? Read and find out:)
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Skinny Jeans by fuckmeupjauregui
Skinny Jeansby ya girl
"This is the last pair, but I'll let you have them in exchange for your number."
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Emison: I can't fight my feelings by camren_againstreason
Emison: I can't fight my feelingsby Color Outside the Lines
A-Free story about Alison Dilaurentis and Emily Fields falling in love. This story takes you on their journey full of Emison Fluff and Emison Fights. The story gets so m...
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Meant To Be (Sashay | AU) by fheperz
Meant To Be (Sashay | AU)by Fepherz
Sasha and Shay are two of the most popular girls in school. Belonging to different cliques, and being on opposite ends of the spectrum. What will happen if the two girls...
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Basketball and cheerleading by Bball2217
Basketball and cheerleadingby Bball2217
What happens when the queen b of the school falls for the captain of the basketball team?
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What happened to me? by actuallycay
What happened to me?by actuallycay
alison becomes a vampire and her world is turned upside down! will her and emily make it? goes along the lines of the CW show THE VAMPIRE DIARIES but with PRETTY LITTLE...
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The new girl (An Emison FanFic) by wolf_lov
The new girl (An Emison FanFic)by emison_fan
Alison DiLaurentis she is 18 years old and she is a regular small town girl and a Vampire her friend Hanna Marin-Vampire Aria Montgomery-Witch Spencer Hastings-Wolf They...
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