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Omertà, Amore Mio by LolaaaC
Omertà, Amore Mioby Lolaaa
What do you do when you see a dead body? You call the police, right? No, you keep walking unless you want to be killed too. Noelle didn’t know that. She did what any oth...
The Best Birthday Gift by organizedmess8
The Best Birthday Giftby Naina Gupta
"You really thought what happened last night matters to me?" He said. "Then know this, it was just for fun and we aren't together. Just because we are ma...
Is This Happiness by shamelesshxte
Is This Happinessby shamelesshxte
IS THIS HAPPINESS - BOOK 1 After happening to accidentally witness a murder. Carmen has no other choice but to be protected by the Genovese crime family. & Fascinated w...
Without A Trace | ✓ by witheringnights
Without A Trace | ✓by 𝐧𝐚𝐭
❝I would burn for all eternity to feel your touch once more.❞ Lorenzo Castello, son of one of the most known mafia leaders in Italy, tried everything in his power to mak...
MADDWAYNE- mafia series part 1 by subhiksha_iyer
MADDWAYNE- mafia series part 1by Subhiksha Iyer
"Relax. I'm always there for you." His warm lips landed on my forehead, making me go haywire into thoughts of whats gonna happen next. Laying on his arms, I dr...
Code of Silence by spapce
Code of Silenceby space ☾
All eighteen-year-old Valentina wanted to do was pass her driver's test so she could get her license and be like any other normal teenage girl her age who could finally...
Mafia Love by scarlexx
Mafia Loveby XXX
It was a mistake deciding to take a walk at night and then bumping into a bad group of people. And it was most defiantly a mistake deciding to wear a top of the line Do...
Salvatore. by daisy_theodor
#8 ♡Daisy♡
"Remember Bambina, a smile will get you pretty far." He whispered, a dark smirk playing across his lips. "But a smile and a gun will get you farther."...
Salvatore, the Sky and Me by whatsthe411
Salvatore, the Sky and Meby Rosa
MAFIA. the shadow of your shadow, the shadow of your hair, the shadow of your gun, the shadow of your stare.
The Devil's Ruby by husnah_love
The Devil's Rubyby Adedeji Asmaa A
Amanda Ruben Russell is a quiet but mighty girl, some would she is a nerd or a freak because of how quiet she is, she doesn't speak unless spoken to, so you could say sh...
amore dell'inferno by BTS-Fakelove
amore dell'infernoby BTS-Fakelove
He was the devil. A king, and like any king he had his queen. She was beautiful,dangerous and wild and she ruled by his side. She was his and he was her. "Touch h...
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Omertà: Honor. Traición. | Actualizaciones lentas. by AngyZacarias
Omertà: Honor. Traición. | Angy Zacarías
Descripción: Coming soon. Omertà se ira publicando lentamente. La descripción de la novela la subiré dentro de poco. Todos los derechos reservados. Código de registro...
Assassin by devilsxlettuce
Assassinby Reddxx
Redd. World Famous Assassin.
Hidden Shadows by DoINeeedToExplain
Hidden Shadowsby bøb belcher
After one night, her life takes a turn for the worst. Camilla Alasco is thrust into the dangerous. world of the notorious mobster, Luca De Palma. ...
She's danger. by stripteaseee
She's stripteaseee
Amelia is your average 18 year old girl. But the thing is, she is living a life that no one can know about. What happens when Aiden Moretti moves in next door. ~~~ He p...
Lust by chvnel_hepburn
Lustby chvnel_hepburn
Lust Noun 1. Intense sexual desire or appetite 2. Uncontrolled or illicit sexual desire Eleanor Pierce is your average good girl. She was innocent, smart, boring but...
The perks of almost/ Omertà  by lyan0805
The perks of almost/ Omertà by lyan0805
-"Almost is to be honest the saddest word to exist. I almost won, we almost told each other the truth, they almost made it." - For him, almost is a happy word...
MAFIA KING by SRoseAllam
-BOOK 3- The third book in the series of "Thrill in Danger" books. After they all discovered the real identity of Rick, alterations will take place. Startin...