U.T.O.P.I.A. ✒️ by KrystalM
U.T.O.P.I.A. ✒️by Krystal Munroe
The system is called U.T.O.P.I.A. The codes are never wrong. Everyone has a perfect match since they're born. Everyone will meet their match at the age of eighteen in...
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  • love
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Falling Into A Different Destiny by harrish6
Falling Into A Different Destinyby harrish6
(I do not own the picture and it was made by FMgufa77, Error Sans, Undertale, any cartoon in this, or any AU in this unless stated. They belong to their respectful owner...
  • error-does-what-he-wants
  • bloody
  • shop-owner-error
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Ask Or Dare - From Any Of My Books by harrish6
Ask Or Dare - From Any Of My Booksby harrish6
(I do not own the cover, Undertale, or Error, Shears, and other characters, they belongs to their respectful owners. I only own the stories involved and the versions of...
  • healing-what-has-been-broken
  • become-mine-and-mine-alone
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COBALT: The Red Phantom by Spookyspackles
COBALT: The Red Phantomby Spookyspackles
Káel didn't think his life could get worse after being abducted by an alien posing as a Russian exchange student. Until that 'one day' turned into three months, and he w...
  • fantasy
  • fiction
  • phantom
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Sea World by Edman96
Sea Worldby edward man
Error, Null, and Void landed in a new multiverse after falling in the void from seeing ink's counterpart in Mobtale toriels home. They landed in a new multiverse and too...
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Knighthood: Juliette's Sword (Book 1/3) by MermaidsAndStarfish
Knighthood: Juliette's Sword ( 🌟 Mermaid 🐟
Knighthood Series. Book One A war is coming. The rebellion is here. A fallen kingdom is about to conquer once more, and it will come back far stronger than it's ever be...
  • darkages
  • archery
  • romance
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Character sign-ups by _TheEternalOne_
Character sign-upsby Silverstar
I'm making a Pokémon story, and I need characters! Please help me!
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  • alola
  • legendary
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Ship Wars by thefourminecraftians
Ship Warsby thefourminecraftians
Children of fictional ships battle for complete domination. There are only two teams of ship children left, and both are eager to win.
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  • herobrine
  • dreadlord
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Team Crafted: The Secrets Within (Fanfiction) by GalleryGirl101
Team Crafted: The Secrets Within ( Gallery Girl
Everyone thinks Ty has gone missing, but truly, he snuck out on his own and he's perfectly fine. Not knowing this creates panic around the base, thinking the squids are...
  • minecraftyoutubers
  • mitch
  • jeromeasf
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Metathesiophobia - (Gladion x reader) by LawyerInLaw
Metathesiophobia - (Gladion x ♤ D.Spade ♤
"Change doesn't always mean growth, just as movement doesn't always represent progress."
  • pokemon
  • lillie
  • edgelord
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ERIS by KrystalM
ERISby Krystal Munroe
Mathias Johnsen grew up with one constant rule drilled in his head ever since he was young: Never take off the necklace he had been gifted to since birth. Unknowingly on...
  • reflection
  • death
  • romance
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An aether kid's story(gladion x type:Null/silvally) by YaoiFanatic248
An aether kid's story(gladion x Yaoi Lover!
Gladion has always been an aether kid, born and raised in an aether family, but what will happen when he sees type: Null's suffering and steals him away from the aether...
  • beastiality
  • sildion
  • idontknowwhatimdoingwithmylife
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The Unordinary Life of the Enchantress by Eilfen
The Unordinary Life of the Eil
"I swear on the life of my men, that I will never fall back on my word to bring down this worker of mischief- and bring down this inhumane creature!" The new k...
  • humour
  • adventure
  • fairytale
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Crumbling apart (sequel to Secrets we keep) by walkedintoatree
Crumbling apart (sequel to Ello
As we know it, it's the end of the world! The ground is falling beneath our feet. Technology is gone, we can't rely on it anymore!! They say, a sacrifice, a sacrific...
  • bajancanadian
  • entity303
  • herobrine
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Fight for Her by CreepyGirl_10
Fight for Herby
This will be my first minecraft story so don't hate me about any wrong spelling or grammars. I am not a English-speaking person. I am just doing this for fun. Herobrine...
  • minecraft
  • fanfiction
  • herobrine
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Weird Error One Shots by A_Random_Cup
Weird Error One Shotsby Cuppie Slys
This all honestly started with a comment with Error ruling the underworld just by looking at Satan himself from "Falling Into A Different Destiny", chapter, &q...
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HeroSteve:Corrupted Heart by NyoAmerica2
HeroSteve:Corrupted Heartby AngelNerd (Lexus)
[A Sequel to HeroSteve:Forbidden Love] Steve has become a corrupted Steve,Herobrine & Notch are shock and can't believe it. Herobrine's heart has been shattered. Will th...
  • entity303
  • steve
  • corruption
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To You, My Future by JuneTheGlassesBearer
To You, My Futureby Dolos Of Trickery
Error was never before so confused. He doesn't even know what to do in these kinds of situations. It's not like he knew what to do after someone pulls him and his childr...
  • void
  • family
  • error
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Destruction's Tail. by Loverofyaoi22
Destruction's Loverofyaoi22
Error escapes Ink with Null and Void into a world of fantasy and new friends. He is now half fox demon as is his sons; kitsunes. After saving a fairy from her captors, h...
  • sanscest
  • void
  • healing
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GEX by cmroth76
GEXby Cassie
From the day Sierra was born, bad news is the only constant in her life: her parents divorcing, a disability that controls her, and her mother seeking solace in drugs. S...
  • superpowers
  • divorce
  • scifi-fantasy
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