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Marvel smut by Zosia6147
Marvel smutby Szeto
Litterly just smut of marvel. (English is first
wish | tsukishima kei [✓] by atsumuisbae
wish | tsukishima kei [✓]by aina
l/n makes friends with volleyball players all throughout the country. {slight kakegurui crossover} [half chat-fic] best rankings: #1 in tsukishimaxreader #1 in nope #2...
Danganronpa parent scenarios by Siblingphobic
Danganronpa parent scenariosby Kaiser
ŪwŪ what's this? another filler book? yes. yes it is. I've noticed not a lot of people do Danganronpa parent scenarios so I'mma fix that. I do up to 5 characters per ch...
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Karkat Vantas X Reader (LEMON) by mercenaryMonarch
Karkat Vantas X Reader (LEMON)by ♡ Just Taylor, I guess ♡
Since there's no good Karkat X Readers with good grammar and a good story plot that doesn't have spontaneous sex, I'm gonna make a better one muhahaha OxO
Mortals meet...and some other crazy things [DISCONTINUED] by Riordanbooklover
Mortals meet...and some other Luna Faye
This is gonna be a mashup of mortals meet, rants, and occasionally torture items for non percabeth shippers who try to break them up. There will be premade murder plans...
Just My Thoughts by Taeboxie
Just My Thoughtsby Founding Churan
Another failed attempt to actually get a way to share what I feel.
Bad Timing (DISCONTINUED) || K. Kenma by emxlkk
Bad Timing (DISCONTINUED) || K. pia
"I... I like... you.." "..." "I-" "Listen, its ok. You don't have to reciprocate my feelings. I just wanted to get the thought of not...
life in the maze as the paul's sister by KaelynDempsey
life in the maze as the paul's Kaelyn Dempsey
one day a girl named kaelyn paul was filming a YouTube when she got taken right out of the ten house and away from her family and friends and her boyfriend,jace Norman.
Enemies of the Desert by Sorainhere
Enemies of the Desertby Sorainhere
Cyno and Alhaitham. The perfect couple physically. both are strong and Geniuses. one nobody expected to get together due to their conflicting personalities. of course th...
Ask and Dare Deko Family by -Idate_Orca-
Ask and Dare Deko Familyby Krakaka
Are you bored? Do you need any intertainment? Just go to this book! This will take your boredom away!
Nights Like This by you-hate-life
Nights Like Thisby you-hate-life
~On some nights like this i just wish she would see me instead ~ ✨🖤✨🤍 Cover Image not mine
Fuller House!! The New Girl ~ J.K  by nathaly-reina
Fuller House!! The New Girl ~ J.K by Nathaly
Mackenzie is Matt's daughter, Matt is dating DJ. Matt and Mackenzie move into the Fuller's house hold! What happens when Mackenzie doesn't get along with her *NEW* sibli...
Nope (2022) • One Shots  by mai_inthehouse
Nope (2022) • One Shots by Mai
One shots of the characters from the 2022 movie Nope. Requests can be made in the comments :)
Broken and back ( hp fanfic) by NiceSlythernCathy
Broken and back ( hp fanfic)by Charlie
Harry or Hadrian, Potter does not why in the world why he dwells on the past, it's the past, it's already dont, but one is being sorted into Gryffindor, the sorting hat...
What's Up, Doc? by quintessencewrites
What's Up, Doc?by Quintessence Writes
Emerald Haywood x Reader "You see a therapist?" OJ asks. "I fuck one," Emerald responds dismissively. Warnings: 18+!!!!! Smut, basically just porn...
Back to my Origins • Italy Brothers + Nico di Angelo  by OfficialBookOwl
Back to my Origins • Italy Fabulous.
It's five years after the giant war, and Nico is content with life. Realizing that he still had a house in Italy, he sets off to regain his property and come back in a m...
shawn x tanner 1shots  by ieaturgrippers69
shawn x tanner 1shots by ieaturgrippers69
shanner 1shits (tanner x shawn) sorry not taking reqs but ill make oneshots for yall 🥰 also btw if ur a stokes twins fan, u know how this goes rn 💀 (joke btw)
Ziela by CassandraMaeMadrid
Zielaby ziela
The Author.