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if txtzy had families by SoongiandKaiyun
if txtzy had familiesby Texan Duck-Bug
don't question my thought process. BAM a book. randomness,fluff,
Crush  by Fiction_escapade
Crush by Lylia
Crush (verb or noun) 1. deform, pulverize, or force inwards by compressing forcefully. 2. violently subdue (opposition or a rebellion). 3. a crowd of peo...
☆Whitty head cannons and boyfriend Scenarios or something ☆ Whittyx fem reader by XOHWNF
☆Whitty head cannons and stupid
Help me :) i was bored so guess what i did :v I made a whitty wattpad or something he Would be like the sort of wholesome boyfriend. But i hope you enjoy :) (Y/n) ...
Soundtrack by bo0seungkwan
Soundtrackby Amber
Wonwoo wonders a lot about Seungkwan
A Sway to Fates Melody by MsDelicateRose
A Sway to Fates Melodyby Leigh
Cale Henituse wasn't known as Trash once upon a time but one tragedy attracts a series of scenarios Cale hadn't anticipated. Cale, the sweet child he was, was forgotten...
Life Without Me by kaykay55mc
Life Without Meby Kay
"Would everyone's lives be better if I never existed?"
Arid Ocean by ra8indr0ps
Arid Oceanby ra8indr0ps
It was all about drowning or burning. Thea couldn't let herself live after her brother committed suicide five years ago. Thea always felt lost and empty but after he die...
my last breath by ugh_amyourgrandma
my last breathby bacon_soup_noodles
it has came to eijis last breath and he is going into the after life after many years of dreaming on what the after life looks like he then realised that it was nothi...
Decietful Existence by AsakuraSama
Decietful Existenceby ~♫♪Judy♪♫~
Shizuo x Izaya DJ (alternate versions: Tsukishima Shizuo & Hachimeroppi Izaya) R 16+ Short Story Words: 600
Life and Death by Scarlet_Knight
Life and Deathby Scarlet_Knight
"Sonata, Lord of the Dead, existed merely to guard the dead. His life (was he alive? He did not know. He lived in the underworld, after all) dragged on, never endin...
Moments Of Serenity by lulu925
Moments Of Serenityby lulu925
Trees are poems that earth writes upon the sky. We fell them down and turn them into paper, so we may record our emptiness. - Khalil Gibran A collection of poems reflec...
The Unspoken by Galaztic_Lettuce
The Unspokenby Galaztic_lettuce
I'm writing this as a memo to remind myself that I have words. Powerful words. My voice can topple towers and dethrone kings, should I choose to use it. No matter who sa...
Just a dream journal ~ by jxssella
Just a dream journal ~by Jess 💓
This is a dream journal as the title says. I keep track of my most important or intriguing dreams on here! 🌙✨🌠💜 Just a warning for you small kiddos⚠️ , there may be m...
Unseen by themadbell
Unseenby Jamie
A collection of unpopular/non-existent AUs and head cannons that I think should get more attention
The Weirdcore Asylum by animemeowwwww
The Weirdcore Asylumby animemeowwwww
An eternal year that humans didn't know, a year called ÿûję 2938, an asylum held many.. things.. to help calm them down from they're lives. But one patient in the Weirdc...
My life, My feelings, My thoughts.... How I see the world by Unwritten_xo
My life, My feelings, My Destiny W
This poem is about me expressing myself about me thinking something and then putting it down. It gives you my perspective on things and short stories and poems about how...
Her Good Luck is Invisible by 2inchtallpigeon
Her Good Luck is Invisibleby Mia
Just a girl and luck, that's dead, and buried an ocean away.