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Across the Divide and Through Valhalla by chaosmoon75
Across the Divide and Through chaosmoon75
Sherry was on a camping trip with one of her friends when the universe decided to go haywire. She finds herself with several new worries and not a whole lot of informati...
Paradox | Noel Kreiss (Final Fantasy XIII-2) ✓ by tsukkki-
Paradox | Noel Kreiss (Final Jess
Noel Kreiss x Reader | Final Fantasy XIII-2 ✓ COMPLETED + UNEDITED | 2018 After the fall of Cocoon had rendered much of the land infertile and uninhabitable, the existin...
FINAL FANTASY XIII: Reminiscence Tracer Of The Memories by ff13fandom
[FFXIII ORIGINAL NOVEL] Written by Daisuke Watanabe. Aoede is a journalist who wants to uncover the truth about the "Another Life" . Follow her journey where s...
Forget Me Not [Caius Ballad x Reader] by KnowaNoelle
Forget Me Not [Caius Ballad x KnowaNoelle
"I do not wish to fight you, [Y/N]" "You're a fool to believe that you can seize her cries. The dead must stay dead, Caius." "I will free Yeul f...
The Last Hunter || FFXIII by megs_was_here
The Last Hunter || FFXIIIby ❤️ ~ Megs ~ ❤️
Noel Kreiss believes he's the one who ended the world, killing his once friend, and releasing chaos across the plains of Pulse. Serah Farron insists that he is not at f...
Time... What is Time? (Snow Villers x OC!Amara Rinaldi) by LeonPiersLover07
Time... What is Time? (Snow Miranda Gunter
It's been a little while since the flood of Chaos entered the real world through Etro's Gate. Ever since then Amara Rinaldi hasn't been the same. Nothing made sense to h...
FINAL FANTASY XIII: Restart  by ff13fandom
Every ending always have a new beginning. A lot of things have changed and epic plot twist has happened, will Lightning and 2 more people who own the memory of the previ...
Star-Crossed by Zack_Has_Attacked
Star-Crossedby Zack
When Noel and Serah go to save the future, it takes an unexpected turn when the portal places them in a world that isn't what they expected. After defeating the Savior...
Final Fantasy: One World by theblackyaksha
Final Fantasy: One Worldby Hatsumomo Mameha
New main character x FFVII x FFVIII x FFIX x FFX x FFXIII x FFXV x Legend of Mana. - Lanina Nublar, perempuan berdarah dewa, harus menyelamatkan dunianya agar tidak bert...
FanFic Bootcamp by WolfeyeWinter5
FanFic Bootcampby Alexis (Wolf) Winter
My entries for the FanFiction Bootcamp. Round 1. Private: The Purge - Final Fantasy 13 (Chapter 1) Round 2. Specialist: Snow's Battle on the Crystal Lake - Final Fantasy...
Always (Final Fantasy 13 Fan-Fic) by ForgottenBliss
Always (Final Fantasy 13 Fan-Fic)by ForgottenBliss
This includes my character in Shadows of The Past, Fae I've always been there when you needed me. I've stayed by your side all this time...even when it hurt...but did yo...
Distant Light by Van1ilee
Distant Lightby Reina Branford
Noel Kreiss was the last breathing creature who lived at the end of time. Whilist on a journey to correct the timeline and erase the horrific future he was born in, Noel...