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More than a Myth by LightningCFarron
More than a Mythby Lightning Claire Farron
What if a portal connected Lightning and Noctis' worlds? Would they work together to get back to their homes, or reject each other's help? Or will they end up being much...
Final Fantasy Abridged. by Goldy-Chan
Final Fantasy Keith
Wanring: Extreme randomness. Innocent Noctis. Screaming. More screaming and LOTS MORE SCREAMING. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. READ AT YOUR OWN RISK. Once upon a time there was...
Paradox | Noel Kreiss (Final Fantasy XIII-2) ✓ by tsukkki-
Paradox | Noel Kreiss (Final Jess
Noel Kreiss x Reader | Final Fantasy XIII-2 ✓ COMPLETED + UNEDITED | 2018 After the fall of Cocoon had rendered much of the land infertile and uninhabitable, the existin...
FINAL FANTASY XIII: Reminiscence Tracer Of The Memories by ff13fandom
[FFXIII ORIGINAL NOVEL] Written by Daisuke Watanabe. Aoede is a journalist who wants to uncover the truth about the "Another Life" . Follow her journey where s...
The King And The Knight by CielLeonette
The King And The Knightby CielLeonette
Where in Lucis Kingdom, The Goddess Etro herself send the king to be, Noctis Lucis Caelum a one beautiful knight to help and guide him to win the war between the countri...
Just Focus (FFXIII) by Mrs_Strife
Just Focus (FFXIII)by FF Fanatic
Amarhi Raines was a young girl with a strange affinity for magic who happened to be in New Bodhum when the Pulse fal'Cie was discovered on Cocoon. With no way of contact...
When You and I Collide by Mrs_Strife
When You and I Collideby FF Fanatic
FF7&FF13 CROSSOVER LIGHTNINGxCLOUD FANGxVINCENT SNOWxTIFA It all started when Serah was killed in a car accident. No one ever dreamed that that one incident would start...
Epoch | FFXIII/XV by SeventhSaga
Epoch | FFXIII/XVby ・ストライフ・
Noctis Lucis Caelum. The heir to the throne of the Lucis kingdom, and he takes his duty as heir very seriously and cares dearly for his kingdom, and those who lives in i...
Final Fantasy: Children Of The Stars by AmbitionOVOxo
Final Fantasy: Children Of The Prince Noctis
FINAL FANTASY XIII and FINAL FANTASY XV crossover I dont own Final Fantasy (owned by Square Enix) its a game that delivers amazing stories and I wanna try make my own tw...
Hope and Lightning's story  by _Im_Lilyy_From_FF13_
Hope and Lightning's story by 🌹Lilyy💗
So I changed some events in FFXIII trilogy xd and wrote a love story on my own, of my OTP. 😂 THE STORY I WROTE, CALLED HOPERAIWEEK HAS NOT HAVE MY ORGINIAL THOUGHTS OF...
Light at Night (Final Fantasy Fanfiction) by Mikulika
Light at Night (Final Fantasy Mikuri
This is a fan fiction that I wrote a long time ago on my Instagram account Final Fantasy fan page. It was originally called "No life without Light". I stopped...
To Loved And To Be Loved FF13 [Hope X Lightning] Fanfiction by CielLeonette
To Loved And To Be Loved FF13 [ CielLeonette
Agent Lightning was on a mission of marrying the most smartest and richest, the one and only Hope Estheim as to protect him. But what happens when they started to fell d...
FFXIII-2 HopuRai: Rival by _Im_Lilyy_From_FF13_
FFXIII-2 HopuRai: Rivalby 🌹Lilyy💗
This story is about a ship, Hope and Lightning from Final Fantasy XIII-2. It's been 12 months they're a couple. But. There's a girl named Alyssa Zaidelle. Alyssa tries t...
FINAL FANTASY XIII: Our New Life by ff13fandom
This is a short story after Lightning stepped out from the train, and this is how LR FFXIII epilogue should have ended. Snow, Lightning & Hope fanart by Pomiko while the...
FINAL FANTASY XIII: Restart  by ff13fandom
Every ending always have a new beginning. A lot of things have changed and epic plot twist has happened, will Lightning and 2 more people who own the memory of the previ...
Lightning Returns Remake by NatRogers13
Lightning Returns Remakeby Charlie
With the world of Nova Crystalia, or used to be known as Gran Pulse. Is now going to end, with only 13 days until the end. Lightning is now the Savior of Souls, meaning...
FINAL FANTASY XIII: To Light,Love Hope by ff13fandom
Fanart Cover By Hi-Hazuki. Lightning is acting not like herself ever since she re-awake in the new world including her feeling towards Hope is getting stronger. While Ho...