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Noctis X Reader Oneshots ♡ by Grassiethings
Noctis X Reader Oneshots ♡by Grassïe Aldenhart
You're the one for him, he can't take his eyes off from you. Yes, there are a lot of stuffs happening, yet it is not enough for stopping him to love you. Bunch of Nocti...
The King And The Knight by CielLeonette
The King And The Knightby CielLeonette
Where in Lucis Kingdom, The Goddess Etro herself send the king to be, Noctis Lucis Caelum a one beautiful knight to help and guide him to win the war between the countri...
A Heart Of Fire (Final Fantasy XV) by xLadyMariax
A Heart Of Fire (Final Fantasy XV)by xLadyMariax
A young child is labeled as an outcast and shunned by her own village, seen as only a threat to everyone in Solis, the Village of the Sun. With no one to care for her, s...
(REQUEST CLOSED) Noctis X Reader {One Shots} by plantaerium_99
(REQUEST CLOSED) Noctis X Reader {...by ㅎㅎ
I'm actually wanted to try this for a long time now. This is a one shots Noctis X Reader so you can send any requests to me.
Final Fantasy XV One-Shots by FFXVsummoner
Final Fantasy XV One-Shotsby 《Night Sky》
~In commemoration of the seven day countdown to Final Fantasy XV release~ Final Fantasy XV x Reader only First part written on November 22, 2016
Final Fantasy XV One Shots by CelestialShadowWolf
Final Fantasy XV One Shotsby Lost in the Stars
**Book 2 of 2** ❌REQUESTS: CLOSED❌ Continuation of my FFXV one shots. Will also contain more crossovers. I DO NOT OWN ANY PICTURES I USE IN THIS BOOK.
Night Owl - Final Fantasy XV - NoctisxReader by KitCatCalico
Night Owl - Final Fantasy XV - Noc...by Kaylee
This is the story of a night owl, who's mind evades sleep. She muses deep into the night, about her travels with a ragtag group of men. I'll give this story a rating...
Final Fantasy XV One Shots by Isabella_Scientia
Final Fantasy XV One Shotsby Isabella Scientia
One shots starring the Chocobros and other FFXV characters!!! These will be x reader. Requests are open and gladly accepted. Enjoy! [The characters and places in this st...
Stand By Me (FFXV x Reader) by Soleeme
Stand By Me (FFXV x Reader)by Nari
!REQUESTS OPEN! In the world of Eos... There are four hot guys who deserve some loving! NEW CHARACTERS ADDED: Ravus Aranea Cindy Ardyn Cor Loqi Nyx Lunafreya ~~~~ Well n...
Growing love // Promptis (Noctis x Prompto) // FFXV by Khatymiss
Growing love // Promptis (Noctis x...by Khatymiss707
Welcome to this story. I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I enjoy writing it. This is still ongoing ♡ SLOW UPDATES CAUSE I'M A JERK EXTREME GAYNESS AND FRIENDSHIP BECAUS...
Random Final Fantasy XV IV by Isabella_Scientia
Random Final Fantasy XV IVby Isabella Scientia
The fourth book in my Random Final Fantasy XV series! You like FFXV? Want to find some cool fan art for it? Or want to learn more information about your favorite game? W...
Angels Descend Final Fantasy VII by Moana7jen
Angels Descend Final Fantasy VIIby Moana7Jen
Act 1: Cloud has developed a interest in Bluerose Fair. Tifa is jealous and won't admit it, and Blue is totally oblivious about the whole situation. She is more into fin...
Immortal Poison (FFXV) by Lishiamarie
Immortal Poison (FFXV)by 🌸LishiaMarie🥀
"Afraid they'll catch us? How exciting." Following a lead into enemy territory, Cor Leonis rounds up a team of spies to investigate what Niflheim has been up t...
Final Fantasy XV x Reader ONESHOTS by Promptis_trash
Final Fantasy XV x Reader ONESHOTSby Prince of Garbage
Please enjoy the one shots 💕 I don't write lemons I'm sorry 😩 but please enjoy the story anyway ❤️
Noctis X Reader - Chances by YatothejengaGod
Noctis X Reader - Chancesby Moved Accounts
"Sometimes you've just got to take a chance, no matter the circumstances. If it's for you Noctis, I'll do anything." -(y/n) [at some point probably] You're Pri...
Don't Act Like You Don't Know Me... Noctis x reader  by Theway1are
Don't Act Like You Don't Know Me...by Theway1are
You and Prince Noctis are very alike, both having near death experiences and gaining powers from the gods but, you are stronger. You befriend noctis at a young age, unti...
Random Final Fantasy XV II by Isabella_Scientia
Random Final Fantasy XV IIby Isabella Scientia
A sequel to my Random Final Fantasy XV book. This book will contain random things all relating to FFXV. This can include photos, art, GIFs, facts, and more!
A Week In The Game [Final Fantasy XV x Reader] by Isabella_Scientia
A Week In The Game [Final Fantasy...by Isabella Scientia
I open my eyes to see one of the dead kings of Lucis staring at me in front of the TV screen. 'Great, now I'm hallucinating.' "I shall grant you, (Y/n) (L/n), one w...
Final Fantasy One-Shots by tsukkki-
Final Fantasy One-Shotsby Jess
A book of one-shots & drabbles for characters from the Final Fantasy franchise. *CURRENTLY NOT ACCEPTING REQUESTS*
After the Light (FFXV) by Lishiamarie
After the Light (FFXV)by 🌸LishiaMarie🥀
According to the prophecy, the chosen King was to sacrifice his life to bring light back to a world engulfed in darkness. One year after the prophecy was fulfilled, the...