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Ignited (Noctis x Reader) Final Fantasy XV by Cheddar7
Ignited (Noctis x Reader) Final Cheddar7
Where to love and being loved was deprived from you, abuse and hatred were instilled. No one knew how and why it happened, but it's as if fate has sealed you with the ve...
Final Fantasy X Reader Fluff & Smut by Fantasist14
Final Fantasy X Reader Fluff & Smutby Fantasist14
All smut and fluff requests are open! Warnings are posted at the beginning of the chapters. Have fun! Some pics are not mine, all rights reserved to owners.
Along the Way: [Noctis X Reader] by iitsNerdy
Along the Way: [Noctis X Reader]by 💛
Lucis, Insomnia. Home to the crystal, home to the Lucis Caelum family, and home to you. Being apart of the Kingsglaive has some of it's doubts, but when you're also swor...
(REQUEST CLOSED) Noctis X Reader {One Shots} by plantaerium_99
(REQUEST CLOSED) Noctis X Reader { ㅎㅎ
I'm actually wanted to try this for a long time now. This is a one shots Noctis X Reader so you can send any requests to me.
Noctis X Reader Stories/One-shots by YatothejengaGod
Noctis X Reader Stories/One-shotsby Moved Accounts
So this is basically just gonna be full of things that pop into my head that either don't fit into the Noctis X Reader book I'm writing at the moment or just ideas that...
Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse {Book Three: Pestilence}(Ignis x Reader) by CelestialShadowWolf
Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse { Lost in the Stars
Final Fantasy XV x Reader Book three in the short series "Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse" Ignis x Reader
Final Fantasy XV One Shots by Isabella_Scientia
Final Fantasy XV One Shotsby Isabella Scientia
One shots starring the Chocobros and other FFXV characters!!! These will be x reader. Requests are open and gladly accepted. Enjoy! [The characters and places in this st...
Night Owl - Final Fantasy XV - NoctisxReader by KitCatCalico
Night Owl - Final Fantasy XV - Kaylee
This is the story of a night owl, who's mind evades sleep. She muses deep into the night, about her travels with a ragtag group of men. I'll give this story a rating...
Final Fantasy XV One-Shots by FFXVsummoner
Final Fantasy XV One-Shotsby 《Night Sky》
~In commemoration of the seven day countdown to Final Fantasy XV release~ Final Fantasy XV x Reader only First part written on November 22, 2016
Renovating the Heart (FFXV) by Mrs_Strife
Renovating the Heart (FFXV)by FF Fanatic
The dawn of the Darkness raked chaos across Eos, leveling the land for all peoples, nations, and kingdoms. Two years after the light returned, Insomnia was slowly crawli...
Final Fantasy One Shots/x readers/lemons/story by TaeTaeYk
Final Fantasy One Shots/x TaeTaeKookie
Ever wondered what it would be like to spend some time with your favourite Final Fantasy characters? Well here is your place to be! (Taking requests mainly from FFVII, F...
Flower • Noctis Lucis Caelum by venyenifer
Flower • Noctis Lucis Caelumby Cleopatra🌹
In which a trapped girl finds her freedom in the heart of one certain ravenette.
More than a Myth by LightningCFarron
More than a Mythby Lightning Claire Farron
What if a portal connected Lightning and Noctis' worlds? Would they work together to get back to their homes, or reject each other's help? Or will they end up being much...
Noctis x Reader The Valkyrie Princess/REMAKE ON PROCESS/ by Ruka_ShimizuOC
Noctis x Reader The Valkyrie Azure
(Y/n) Solis (L/n),the Princess of Adelaviel or people called her The Valkyrie Princess.This 20 years old princess is on a journey with her two companions.Her journey is...
FFXV Drabbles/Oneshots  {📥}REQUESTS OPEN{📥} by YXxXxXxXxXY
FFXV Drabbles/Oneshots {📥} YXxXxXY
Just some things I've thought up while playing FFXV. If you have any requests for certain characters or story lines, DM me.
My Omega by Damonthefallen
My Omegaby Damon C
Gladio never realized how he felt about Noctis but when the Omega prince is attacked by two Alphas it makes everything clear for the shield, who is also an alpha. When N...
Noctis One-shots [Noctis x Reader] by eternal-nox
Noctis One-shots [Noctis x Reader]by Ariel ♡
Random short stories of you and the prince. I make these up as I go so hopefully you guys enjoy them ! I try my best to make them cute as possible.
Final Fantasy XV 《《oneshots》》 by Bugmoos
Final Fantasy XV 《《oneshots》》by Jerk
sorta self explanatory if you understand.
Chocobros Group Chat by Isabella_Scientia
Chocobros Group Chatby Isabella Scientia
What would happen if Noctis and the gang had a group chat? Find out here! This story is completed. [Final Fantasy XV and it's characters and places belong to Square Enix...
Hearth And Home - [Noctis x OC] by Yuuki241
Hearth And Home - [Noctis x OC]by Akari
As a Glaive Fira had sworn a solemn vow to protect the city with her very life, despite her feelings and relationship with the Prince of Lucis their love is put to the t...