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Aliens: My Alien, Daeus by F_E_A_R_Aconite
Aliens: My Alien, Daeusby Nightmare
Ruin was born a 'mistake' to his parents and abused most of his life. When he got out of his parents house, it was straight into a controlling boyfriend's house despite...
Pet by OfficialCeceFanpage
Petby We<3Cece
Alex is young human boy who gets abducted by aliens to be turned into a pet. Zanzlo is a male Tanool who recently moved away from his home planet. What happens when Zan...
Clara's past by midnightmountain
Clara's pastby Kira Elizabeth Buhagiar
Clara woke up in a Tardis with no memory of the past year and rewritten DNA. She has no idea how she got to the Tardis or why she is different. The only thing she can re...
The Eyes of the Dark  (Riddick FanFic) by KaidronMcClafferty
The Eyes of the Dark (Riddick Mystical Hearts
All Emily has ever done is run. She ran away from her abusive parents and her who life and became a fugitive. Now she is in a mess she can't get out of and what if she m...
Incorrect Solace quotes by WarOfSolace
Incorrect Solace quotesby ✨ Space ✨
Greetings all, this is just a book I put lil texts between me and my friend A.J.Rulez's ocs from a CoMiC wOaH. So if u want semi funny short chapters here is da place to...
red moon by chanlixofficialceo
red moonby 𝓙𝙴𝚂𝚂
chan isn't human. he has to live a human life, to kill a boy before the red moon occurs. little did he expect he would fall for the boy.
Brave new world by Nicole964
Brave new worldby BellarkeEndgame
Octavia goes missing after the mysterious appearance of Hope. Bellamy, Clarke and the rest of the crew go on an adventure to find her. Upon finding her they come face t...
Highest rank #7 Mystery/Thriller #6 in what's hot section #3 in What's new A boy named Alex, feels a strange thing. It was a loud noise coming from his backyard...
It's Time to Choose, Soldier (BxB) by Soggy_Tortilla18
It's Time to Choose, Soldier (BxB)by Unknown Tater Tot
The world is now in ruins. Most of the world gave up on trying to keep the peace between countries leaving everything to fall apart. Now the world was just completely ch...
Guest of the UFO by Daehan_Reads
Guest of the UFOby Jacob
Emma seeing an opportunity to leave her home, signs up for the United Nations Space exploration program that will send the first humans outside of the Milky Way galaxy...
Nefelibata by rye_BR3AD
Nefelibataby Rye of the Bread
nefelibata (noun.) cloud walker one who does not obey the conventions of society, literature, or art Biologist Elain Mavka is sent to a foreign planet recently...
Δεκατρείς (Thirteen) by BenevolentMyths
Δεκατρείς (Thirteen)by BenevolentMyths
We were going to die. Thirteen months, that's all I - it's all anyone has left. Thirteen months until we all die. *** With thirteen months left until the sun burns out...
The Drifting Theory by kthcrstl
The Drifting Theoryby kit
After surviving the heartbreaking apocalypse back on Earth which resulted to the complete destruction of the planet, the 3 million survivors who have made it to the spac...
Just a little space by bellamywinchester17
Just a little spaceby Bellamy Winchester
The year is 2467, the human race has seen many different things, Nova and Vega, two friends travel to a new planet with countless other young adults, with few teenagers...
Starlight Dreams by TheThund3rGod
Starlight Dreamsby skyler Henry
Victory attained by violence is tantamount to a defeat, for it is momentary. John and his unit, SITH-B, must survive what was to be a new colony on a new alien planet. M...
Fallen Pasts by AnaEsterly
Fallen Pastsby Ana Esterly
#JustWriteIt Hello? Can you hear me? I am Francis Ascen, and there isn't much time left for me or the other survivors. If you receive this message, come back for us.
CelestialDust by TheAxePack
CelestialDustby AxisDOTPol
A new story, Coolio rad shit. Space and Whatever.
Pure Blood by RooWolfiee
Pure Bloodby RooWolfiee
We have lived long before humans, hunted by people, we were the hunters and now we're the prey. Our Existence is going extinct and mankind think we are only in mythical...
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The Wonders Of A New World by CCLibraries
The Wonders Of A New Worldby Cookie Crumb Witch
I have woken up in my space craft in a forest of some sort, however I cannot remember except the rocky landing that had brought me here. I should explore this new world...
Orbit by CCFrancis
Orbitby CCFrancis
"What is it James?" Lucy asked, worry apparent in her voice. "James?" "Its some sort of... creature." I said. "Sorry, can you specify...