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Cat Eyes: Acrux by MhavelN
Cat Eyes: Acruxby Mhavel N.
They used him as a weapon. She will show him there's more than pain and hate. Rosy is dealing not only with her life but also with the dangerous evolved humans. However...
Pet by AnAliensPet
Petby We<3Cece
Alex is young human boy who gets abducted by aliens to be turned into a pet. Zanzlo is a male Tanool who recently moved away from his home planet. What happens when Zan...
Through A Dragon's Eye (Completed) (Toothlessxreader) by RubyKat44
Through A Dragon's Eye (Completed) Eener
OLD STORY - NOT GREAT Ever wondered what it would be like if you were the last of your species? Read how (Y/n), a beautiful (f/c) DiamondWing, faces extinction, hunters...
Zombies 6 by Lia_Morgan3
Zombies 6by Lia_Morgan3
Addison is having stomach issues, and soon learns something that will change everyone's lives forever. But, when a new species threatens everything they hold dear, will...
Jericho ((New Species Fanfiction)) by AlysiaOlivas
Jericho ((New Species Fanfiction))by Alysia Olivas
《Warning Sexual Content, Swearing and Mild Violence if you don't like it don't read this book》 Jericho never believed he would ever meet someone who could get past his r...
New species (Lux series) by katherinereads46
New species (Lux series)by Bookworm
Katy and Daemon are still together but are having issues. Katy found out a big secret about her dad that Daemon doesn't know about. Katy knows that her dad wasn't human...
Life Behind the Walls by Sarah-Winters
Life Behind the Wallsby Sarah Winters
A collection of short stories from behind the walls of Homeland and Reservation. This is a fanfiction of Laurann Dohner's New Species series.
Fandom one-shots, imagines, preferences And What If's / head-cannons  by demiMarie16
Fandom one-shots, imagines, demi
All the photos I find on google or from Instagram I'll write oc x character, character x reader, Character x character Male x girl Male x male Girl x girl Smut Girl...
The Secret by VivicaSavage
The Secretby Vivica Savage
Paranormal Romance: When Anaelle Laveaux lost her young heart to the mysterious, half-tamed boy from the other side of the East Texas woods, she never imagined that the...
The Heart Is Red by Black_JawBreaker
The Heart Is Redby Rhashaun
"Nothing is made without a reason, question, answer and a solution, I'm still searching for mine" Lyrica is the first and last of her kind, at least she hopes...
Integration by Zephocles
Integrationby Skyler Scarlett
"In no way am I jealous─just territorial. Because when you're jealous, you want something that's not yours. But when you're territorial, you just want to protect wh...
Does it Exist? by RozeSky
Does it Exist?by Roze Plastow
Cen Fron lives a life of poverty and thievery, after encountering a fellow friend, she got offered a job - worth a lifetime of fortune. Unfortunately Cen got caught, exi...
Destruction by EmilyStewart7
Destructionby Emily Stewart
Mepue and Dargus have been best friends since childhood and live on the peaceful planet Zagoc. All Dargus has ever dreamed of is to become a leader of his colony; just l...
The Plant Of The Trigs Book One by TheHiddenTree
The Plant Of The Trigs Book Oneby TheHiddenTree
ON HOLD I am writing a series before this one. Ω A while ago there was a planet called Trigmery. Trigmery harbored the Trigs, a species who were like humans but better...
No Escape (On Hiatus) by APaoletti
No Escape (On Hiatus)by Alyx Paoletti
As I run down the dark corridor, I stop to catch my breath. My vivid orange eyes dart around the hallway I've chosen as my escape from the team pursuing me. A holler res...
The Alphraes (ON HOLD) by FandomJunkie202
The Alphraes (ON HOLD)by Commonly Known
The prophecy said that two males and one female shall rise from the shadows as they are part of the most powerful species in the world. These three children are Alphraes...
what was so wrong with me..? by SolarzTired
what was so wrong with me..?by Xxsas_ukexX
Earths history has included acceptance and standing up for what is hated on . This isn't always the case however. it takes courage and understanding to do those things.N...
One Last Time by AmNotAPansycake
One Last Timeby Madison \_(^-^)_/
This is the continuation of my previous story "You Promised" Sort of like a part two. _____________________ I do not own the picture used as the cover of this...
Wolves of Prite: Book one - Stuck in the Marshes by Firemutt
Wolves of Prite: Book one - Firemutt
It is peaceful on the island of Prite. All the elemental wolves live in perfect harmony, as wolves do. All except seven pups, who are destined to "defeat" an u...