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Shifter Academy (boyxboyxboyxboy) by Naturalin
Shifter Academy (boyxboyxboyxboy)by Naturalin
Archbridge High is a school for orphaned or dangerous young shifters. It's the last place a squirrel should be. Unfortunately for Kim, he's run out of options. Warning:...
What Me QUEEN!? (MenxMenxMenxBoy) by xXSnowy327Xx
What Me QUEEN!? (MenxMenxMenxBoy)by xXSnowy327Xx
⚠ATTENTION⚠ this is a Male x Male story now if you don't like it then... don't fucking read if you do don't comment something mean cause I'll just delete it. So there is...
Dark Desires (MxMxMxM) by Xxsavage_surfer
Dark Desires (MxMxMxM)by Just M
Book I: Their Baby Boy Book II: Dark Desires (mxmxmxm) Iris Scarlatti Volturion is moving away from Creatures academy. His parents are finding it hard to accept their ba...
Fantastic Foursome. by NuggetsNotDruggets
Fantastic Otto Sage Young
Luka Wood-Dawson is new to Armstrong High. And he's straight, so very very straight. At least until he meets Ezra Riviera-Cerulli, Clyro Harley and Lector Doyle. Then...
Three Of Them (BxBxBxB)(M-preg) by Laxruar
Three Of Them (BxBxBxB)(M-preg)by Laxruar
Elijah has been a rogue with his cousin, Eve, since he was six years old. He has an unknown past with the only one knowing what happened with his family, pack and younge...
Soul by evie_lime
Soulby Evie_lime
Everyone has a soulmate from the time they are born. Once they begun going through the first stages of puberty a soul mark appears. Soulmates have the same soulmarks and...
5sos smut (from tumblr) by kimthorne101
5sos smut (from tumblr)by kimthorne101
Just a lot of 5sos smut from tumblr. If you don't want your smut to be featured please let me know xx
The Alpha Mates by JuST_In_My_MiND
The Alpha Matesby Sunbae
4 different guys, 4 different lives become mates I'm shotty at ryting descriptions
Ours by izzyyang
Oursby Isabel
Vivian is actually a man. Yes, a man. He is actually a man who have lived for a long time. As he lived he decided to stay dressing like a woman but still intensify himse...
EXODUS by AomineDaikii
EXODUSby AomineDaikii
Come join the mysterious story of Sehun as he lives his life as an everyday guy who gets abused even though he has royal blood, as he grows up to be a handsome guy his l...
Turned upside up by JulianaNarh
Turned upside upby Juliana Narh
Tyson a regular human who thought there was nothing for him in life was introduced to an unordinary world as he meets his mate(s). Sorry for the bad description. P.S. Th...
Wolves by JadeMirrors
Wolvesby ~𝕁𝕒𝕕𝕖 𝕄𝕚𝕣𝕣𝕠𝕣𝕤~
Julian has been on the run for as long as he can remember. From switching states to switching identities, Julian has never had time to make friends. That is until an uno...
Life Debts by Hiddenhearts93
Life Debtsby E. Dale
Space, a new frontier. A few thousand years after humans left earth, the universe is split into the Powers. All with their own cultures and rules, all trying to be the m...
Lustful Brothers by Dual_Moisturizer
Lustful Brothersby Chinchan
It was already midnight and i am still infornt of my study table doing my assigments. Those Minor Subjects na feeling Major Subject kung makapagbigay ng assignment are s...
Candy Heart Lovin' (MxMxMxM) by YaoiLuvr4Lyf
Candy Heart Lovin' (MxMxMxM)by P.C Anne
Byron Vernon-Reed is loud. Lachlan Wilson is anxious. Alex Sommerby is indecisive. Sol Sahara is meticulous. They're a chaotic mess most days but they love each other s...
Oro's Three Bear Shifters by officielmiel
Oro's Three Bear Shiftersby 𝓜𝓲𝓮𝓵
Oro Argenté, a kleptomaniac by day and a thief at night. What can happen when he came upon a two-story house in the midriff of the wood? A theft duh. Deciding to steal...
OK BOOMERS ࿔ volturi kings by cometsthot
OK BOOMERS ࿔ volturi kingsby ⚡ ˚₊·͟͟͟͟͟͟͞͞͞͞͞͞➳❥ ೃ࿔₊⋆
❝ okay boomers. ❞ ❝ darling, what is a 'boomer' exactly? ❞ ❝ aro, 'my love', it's simple. you and every shithead in this castle. ❞ ✧ » ◇ « ✧ » ✦ «...
Dare Me ( bxbxbxb) I Dare you *on hold* by love_me_dearly
Dare Me ( bxbxbxb) I Dare you * Amazing Maze
"I am your Dom and you will respect me" "sorry, it ain't my job to please you, ask the pack's slut if you want" "you won't last a day without us...
Living With My Three Hot Brothers [MxMxMxB] ✎ by SaBubbleXZ
Living With My Three Hot 𝑺𝒂𝒃𝒃𝒊𝒆♡
Finn Brooks is your average 'nerd.' He's smart, short, and shy when you first meet him. Everything was going as expected until his stepfather and mother decided to get r...