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The SAVIOURESS by MillicentAmbrose
The SAVIOURESSby MillicentAmbrose
Asante Dlamini is a twenty three years old young woman. She's the second daughter of Aqua Witbooi and Chester Dlamini. Asante is an introvert and she'll rather bury hers...
Good Things Take Time  (ON HOLD) by emily30x06
Good Things Take Time (ON HOLD)by Moose12345678
Tori and Trina Vega have a sister, Tori's twin. Thea is really good with instruments. When Trina can't sing and a guitarist is down, both sisters step in to save the day...
RED ♥️ by SakuraLi1322
RED ♥️by anonymous95
A MUSICAL ARSHI LOVESTORY They were two people occupying the opposite ends of a spectrum. They were so different that their difference became frivolous. If she was red...
Trolls: A Colorful Wedding  by DianaMovies
Trolls: A Colorful Wedding by Lukas Mikes
For all you Trolls lovers, you made some great fan fictions stories or a new movie of Branch And Poppy wanted to get married. Well for you I have a perfect story that wi...
Music In The Wind by MelancholicBastard
Music In The Windby Noah Tupaz
Music is a form of art. It conveys an artist's emotion through meaningful words. Words that either wrap someone in a warm blanket, or pierce through the chest with an ic...
6 boys are friends. shit happens. they steal, gamble, rob, fight, smoke, drink and other shit. it begins with three boys who wants to befriends their crushes.
The Forbidden Sitar by sumomuso604
The Forbidden Sitarby Sumo&Muso
[Under editing process] |18th Century CE| Queen Jashoda desperately wants to escape it all. With her ignorant husband liberated from the trap of life, her children fight...
Melody Of Love (Forced Marriage Series #3) by Azelluna
Melody Of Love (Forced Marriage 𝘙𝘦𝘢𝘱𝘦𝘳
"Her voice reminds me of how we used to loved each other."
Living to Loving by Geekgirl531
Living to Lovingby 🎶Natalie🩰
She has PTSD. He has epilepsy. He's on the football team and she's in choir. She's introverted and shy. He's extroverted and popular. He's determined to keep his secret...
Journey as an idol (SVT Mingyu FF) by bxbypinkue
Journey as an idol (SVT Mingyu FF)by Ji aHhhh
"Diamonds never break," -<(Roselle Kim Min Seo)>- Roselle got scouted as an idol and met Seventeen during their debut stage. Roselle and Mingyu slowly fe...
Dark Red{COMPLETED} by SincerelyNirvana
Dark Red{COMPLETED}by Amy Y
"How'd you get in?" "With a fake ID,please don't tell wasn't even my idea,it was my friends idea." "Woah,woah,woah,calm's ok,I...
Smells Like Teen Spirit(kurt Cobain) by lodeddipper
Smells Like Teen Spirit(kurt lodeddipper
Crystal is a teenager who has loved music forever. She starts to have more and more connection with music as she grows. Because of her unusual childhood and ignorant sin...
Spicy Music Love ;) by SpicyDuck070609
Spicy Music Love ;)by The Spiciest Of Ducks
Samantha didn't know what she was getting herself into when she accepted Eric's invite to the charity banquet. Not only does she have to try and keep Mike and her relati...
AGREEMENT AND LOVE 4 (Completed ✅) by Neenasd
AGREEMENT AND LOVE 4 (Completed ✅)by Mewgulf❤️ forever ❤️♾️
Agreement and Love 4.... It's been generation with Agreement and love ... Still it's have huge way to cross the path with the new generation in the family.... can thi...
•~Night Classes-Ena Shinonome x Reader~• by lovelyenanan
•~Night Classes-Ena Shinonome x Star
•~Night Classes-Ena Shinonome x Reader~• You have been friends with Ena since childhood. You met through Akito, Ena's younger brother, and went from there. You and Ena...
Hulog Ng Langit (Wattpad Pop-Musical) by josempio
Hulog Ng Langit (Wattpad Cenon R. Sempio Jr.
The songs featured in this musical are original compositions of the author, a total of 24 songs in English and in Tagalog. A tagalog story about the determination of o...
Try-State Area by BridgesTunnels
Try-State Areaby BridgesTunnels
According to her brother, high school sophomore Emily Randazzo has a "GPS brain" which set her route and won't let her try a new one. But as far as Emily is co...
The Perfect Melody~ (Scaramouche x Female Reader, Modern Au) by CupidXxxx
The Perfect Melody~ (Scaramouche Cupid
Y/n. A violinist that transferred into a new school. Wanting to get better at her skill she meets a new friend. His name is scaramouche but who will their f...
Love in California by Potterhead1711
Love in Californiaby Ari☮︎
Elodie Edwards-Martinez has always loved music. She knows how to play multiple instruments, can sing, and listens to music 24/7. Her two best friends, Piper and Cassie...
Always Wanna Be With You (Amor Verdadero Series # 1) by gyuri_anika
Always Wanna Be With You (Amor Azure_Clover
Si Leigh Lockhart ay heiress ng isang pinakamayamang business tycoon sa buong asia and europe. She has everything...maganda, matalino, mabait, a cooking expert, an excel...