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S O F I A : ATRAIDA PELO TRAFICANTE by bonequinhad765
Sofia tinha uma vida maravilhosa no interior de São Paulo, até que um fazendeiro que queria comprar as terras dos seus pais coloca fogo na casa e os seus pais só consegu...
What happens in the Departed Realm, Stays in the Departed Realm by PowerParty101
What happens in the Departed PowerParty101
A Dead Roommate AU. Morro and his Ghost gang arrive in the Departed Realm post-S5 and Morro eventually becomes roommates with Harumi and Lloyd. 1 sane one, 2 orphans wit...
My Best Friend's A Ghost by RavenKnight3035
My Best Friend's A Ghostby Raven Knight
Cole was kinda weird. His teammates knew that, his sensei knew that, he himself knew that. It was just a fact at this point. Cole was a little weird...because he someho...
Give The Ghost Kid A Chance (Rewritten)On Hold by Rubynmeyer
Give The Ghost Kid A Chance ( Rubynmeyer
What if Morro didn't make it off the Wailing Alps at least not with the right team I'm terrible at descriptions Morro gets captured by the ninja during the get the swor...
I hate you, I love you - Morro x Female reader by retro-gloss
I hate you, I love you - Morro x lmao
"You're so pretty," Morro whispered, "I wish I didn't have to ruin you." He twirled the knife in his hand, his green skin glowing in the dark light...
 The GreenWind brothers (Ninjago AU) by MaryDominiqueEchavez
The GreenWind brothers (Ninjago Lilac Madison
Takes place in the Ninjago Movie. Inspired by: During the skeleton wars, there was a young man by the name of Morro, who was born of the dar...
Misty and The Possession (Ninjago) by EclipseDragonet
Misty and The Possession (Ninjago)by Evelyn is Eccedentesiast
Btw the cover was created by me but the pictures I used to create it are not, Original Published on Quotev (6/8/18) After Morro Possess Lloyd Garmadon, The Ninja and Mi...
Second chances by UltimateSentinelA7
Second chancesby UltimateSentinelA7
Former ghosts Morro and Harumi are given second chances in the form of nindroid bodies. I don't own any of Ninjago's stuff, I only own the plot. Just saying this is my f...
I Won't Allow Your Flame To Die (Lavashipping/Hurt/Comfort/Romance) {Completed} by NinjaGem500
I Won't Allow Your Flame To Die ( 🔥🪨Lava is life🪨🔥
(HUGE thanks to @Ghostx5 on Tumblr for the cover) Kai was captured by Morro and now Morro is torturing him in many painful ways until his friends find him. Morro leaves...
Lil' Ghost   by DWfangirl16
Lil' Ghost by DWfangirl16
After Lloyd and Morro were separated, and unknown side affect of the possession caused Morro to change. could this be a second chance for him? Ranked #1 In Morro 5/11/18
Winds of Change  by AtmosphereDayz
Winds of Change by AtmosphereDayz
- A AU based around Jay and Morro. Jay discovers he's inherited Morro's wind powers, not only that, but he's inherited a brother too. (They have their newest designs but...
Ghost Friend | Ninjago × Reader ✔️ by ZTA1692
Ghost Friend | Ninjago × Reader ✔️by Z
Losing a friend was hard, but him returning as a ghost possessing another friend just to become the green ninja was something Y/n did not expect at all. ...
Morro's Wish by Master-of-Chaos
Morro's Wishby Master-of-Chaos
A Young Morro wishes for his hearts desire to be apart of Sensei Wu's family. Meanwhile (Y/N) stops a robbery at Wu's tea shop resulting in her being sent back in time...
Vengeful Fire. (Possessed Kai ninjago fanfic) by HollowWind087
Vengeful Fire. (Possessed Kai WillowHollowFlame
When the ninja go to the cave of the first spinjitzu master. Kai successfully gets Lloyd back and breaks the realm crystal, stoping Morro's plan as he has destroyed the...
[ voices;  ninjago | reader x lloyd ] by jaywxlker
[ voices; ninjago | reader x jay !! ♡︎
[ in which (y/n) hears a voice in their head ] ( lloyd x reader ) gender neutral !! reader x lloyd 5.12.20
Taking Care Of A Garmadon  by LegoNinjagofan1
Taking Care Of A Garmadon by LegoNinjagofan1
Credit to @RavenKnight3035 for letting me adopt this plot bunny. Thank you @RavenKnight3035! 😊 There's always been an invisible person watching over him. He has been ca...
how did my life come to this? - ninjago au by alirxi
how did my life come to this? - ELF
This is a Ninjago Chaos AU Novella. Tis meant to be funneh! "This was funny," @Thedark_panda
Schoolyard Haunting >Morro X Reader< by izumi_Hanamura
Schoolyard Haunting >Morro X Izumi Hanamura
A Paranormal Investigator awakens an spirit and Ot gets attached to them! What they do? Will they accept their new life or will something more happen? Read To find out m...
Greenwind (Morro x Lloyd) by _iieuphoria
Greenwind (Morro x Lloyd)by luvflare
A Morro x Lloyd fanfiction! I really ship them, so here's the book! (Note: I NEVER do smut/lemons) Expect irregular updates. I'm going through tons of life changes right...
Firestorm - A Ninjago AU: Possessed Kai! by theotheronez
Firestorm - A Ninjago AU: theotheronez
Taking place in season 5 of Ninjago, all seems well and smooth. All lines fitting into destiny's hands. Seemingly a normal turn of event in the Possession chapter. Howev...