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You'll Always Be My Favorite (Love Series #2) by yourgirlmarry
You'll Always Be My Favorite ( Marrybel Arnaiz
"7 billion smiles, and yours is my favorite"
متلاشی محبت  by HaYa_FaTiMa12
متلاشی محبت by Syeda Haya Fatima
یہ کہانی ہے اصبح کے سفر زندگی کی اصبح کی تلاش محبت ہوگی مکمل یا وہ رہ جاۓ گی متلاشی محبت
As I Am by Anna--V
As I Amby Anna Vahtera
Thalia Watson has always loved music, from before she can even remember. Although she's not that good of a musician, she IS a talented singer. But rather than the classi...
I once said I love you by pottedplant21
I once said I love youby pottedplant21
A normal girl from Britain finds herself face to face with Tom Holland in America at his movie premier. A classic love story inspired by one of my all time favourite ro...
Subtle And Sudden. by heyakankshaaa
Subtle And heyakankshaaa
This write up would involve some short paragraphs, about the very common and subjective things. So this is just my perspective.
Last Day on Earth - A Zombie Survival Novel by DoomofgutsACC
Last Day on Earth - A Zombie Bryan Lau
The virus spread out too fast. They weren't able to contain it. 80% of humanity wiped out just like that. Now all that's left for us is survival. Will I be able to survi...
undertale: o.c mayham by SpiritTheWolf123
undertale: o.c mayhamby SpiritTheWolf
its undertale but with all new characters including your o.c.'s
a Jacksepticeye x reader by Rainbowcattoes03
a Jacksepticeye x readerby just rain
idk i was asked by a friend of mine to make a x reader about Jacksepiceye a favourite youtuber of mine
love in the 80s  by rainnymistt
love in the 80s by rainnymistt
This story is about a girl and a boy who who fall in love but sadly they have to part ways, read to find out!
The Slasher by minecraftAnna360
The Slasherby 🦄❤️Anna❤️🦄
This is a scary based on the series of hero's about Gabe's personality and how his life was in my perspective.
Do you see him too? by BARBIEGUTZ
Do you see him too?by BARBIEGUTZ
Blake, a 17 year old boy who sees a man that nobody else can
Silence by beach_life481
Silenceby Alex
Diana is found in an unpleasant predicament and finds ways to get out of it but some nasty events occur that make her question the world she lives in.
WHO ARE U!!!!! by keykey32
WHO ARE U!!!!!by keykey32
millian mother meets a new man but there's something fishy about him 🤧🤧
Afraid of monsters by Tarranath
Afraid of monstersby Tarranath
From the beginning of the addiction to the devastating effects.
Journey into the Unknown  by YouLocalWeirdo
Journey into the Unknown by YouLocalWeirdo
2 Teens discover a secret about the world, leading them on a dangerous adventure. Will they make it to Xadia?
Into Beyond by Mattb04
Into Beyondby Mattb04
Leader of ship 24460 Astronaut Joshua Blue and his team are sent far into the galaxy hoping to find extra terrestrial life beyond our solar system, attempting to land on...
Once Upon A Time by Rainy_Daisys
Once Upon A Timeby Rainy_Daisys
We now report live from Central County, as we sit here and think about our lives. Ha. Comedy Central. Hahahaa get it?? ( oh and emojis are just Trashy LOSER )
Factual Songbook by Switcher13
Factual Songbookby Switcher13
Find my fictional songs separate;I will be doing All My Songs too though.