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A Mistaken Kiss: Story Review by purplelover888
A Mistaken Kiss: Story Reviewby Rina
This is a review on the story,"A Mistaken Kiss" by Kissmyoops3.
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Oc Reviews by Drowning-Freak
Oc Reviewsby daddy
I'm not here to crush your dreams. I'm here to make them better. I'll be reviewing ocs from... •Warriors •Steven Universe •My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic •Creepypas...
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Shinobi - Naruto Book Club by BookClubFanatics
Shinobi - Naruto Book Clubby Karu
The war is over. It's a time for peace. But that doesn't mean there aren't great tales of Shinobi still spread out. So come and share the stories of the great, legendary...
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Anime Review: My Bride is a Mermaid by justajuniorkid
Anime Review: My Bride is a Mermaidby justajuniorkid
My review of the anime: My Bride is a Mermaid.
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Movie Review #14: Edge Of Tomorrow by Cine-Matix
Movie Review #14: Edge Of Tomorrowby Sam and Chris
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Thoughts: Rants, Reviews, Top 10's And More by captaintaco2345
Thoughts: Rants, Reviews, Top 10' Captaintaco2345
My thoughts on music, movies, games, tv, anime, web shows, comics, and pretty much whatever else I can think of, in the form of rants, reviews, top 10s, or just general...
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Floating by lovelaney
Floatingby Elaine Irene
My bottom half was going numb - so were my fingers I noticed. I think I was in some type of shed. I could smell sawdust, gasoline - maybe from a lawn mower? It was musty...
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Why You Should Read The Secret Circle Books by blindwave
Why You Should Read The Secret Katie Jones
Review of The Secret Circle trilogy
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Lovin' It [Review book] by uFiona
Lovin' It [Review book]by ♥ r a m a
Here I will be Reviewing and Recommending books for you. Hope you enjoy them, and tell me if you liked them or not.
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Book Review: What if Katniss didn't volunteer? by Hannah Vorhees by Sisforsecret
Book Review: What if Katniss didn' Sisforsecret
A review of a Hunger Games spin-off.
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English Paragraph - Video Games (Favourite Thing to Do) by MiaSevern
English Paragraph - Video Games ( MiaSevern
So I wrote this in English, I'm in Grade 8, and I have a passion for writing. My teacher said I'm a great writer so I thought I'd share some of my accomplishments with y...
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JAELAH (Myxe #1) by ArielleWeekly
JAELAH (Myxe #1)by Arielle
At the age of sixteen she faced her death... Being held captive within the boundaries of Myxe means death is always closer than it seems. She was thrown into a circle o...
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A Review of: Passionate Encounters: Erotic Tales of Fantasy and Fulfillment by @BG_Davies by iamjamiestark
A Review of: Passionate Jamie Stark
Our first review of our mutually favorite author on wattpad, the one and only, @BG_Davies
Wattpad Help: How To's and Reviews by Denaydena
Wattpad Help: How To's and Reviewsby Shermia Trueheart
This is just a side Wattpad project that I am working on. I have decided to help promote the "underdog" Wattpad writer. Anyone with less than 2,000 readers on...
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Ravings of a Lunatic by TheJessFiles
Ravings of a Lunaticby Jessica Mulder
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The Best Horror/Paranormal - Book Reviews by Ambassadors
The Best Horror/Paranormal - Wattpad Ambassadors
This is a collection of reviews of our favourite Wattpad Paranormal and Horror stories. Some of the stories may be well known, but we have also tried to find many more t...
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