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Living With Misophonia by HearMeSwoosh
Living With Misophoniaby HearMeSwoosh
This will inform you about the mental disorder Misophonia, sometimes known as 4S. This will not only inform you about the disorder, but it will also give you a personal...
Misophonia - A newtmas AU by cerys2001
Misophonia - A newtmas AUby Cerys
@trendy.thomas - gorgeous xx @bloody_newt - thank you stranger xx ~ Just another social media book for a beautiful ship
A Disorder diary by A_High_Hoe29
A Disorder diaryby
Welcome to my diary. A Disorder Diary I will add some disorders and explain them in small paragraph (really smoll i promise) and then I will start writing about a person...
This is me.  by SapphireFireStorm
This is me. by SapphireFireStorm
Things about me including, stories, my thoughts, and any other random things I feel like putting on here.
Bakugou has Misophonia and kills everyone in class 1-A by scorpionxxxxx
Bakugou has Misophonia and kills e...by scorpionxxxxx
Bakugou kills everyone in a fit of rage :,((( so sad must read :((((
misophonia sucks. by jaysbonez
misophonia sucks.by Jay
I'm gonna write here about my misophonia, you domt have to read it
Little misophonia things by MisophoniaHelp
Little misophonia thingsby Misophonia Awareness
Those little things all of us misophones (did I spell that right?) can relate to. Sometimes funny. Sometimes sad. Always real.
misophonia | m.c by hearttbreakkgirll
misophonia | m.cby Colleen
a girl who wishes she was deaf meets a boy who makes a lot of noise
Static [A Misophonia/Misokinesia Vent]  by RobynKeys
Static [A Misophonia/Misokinesia V...by RobynKeys
I hate living in a world where it seems like practically everyone triggers my Misophonia/Misokinesia and there's never a day where I get peace. So I need to vent about i...
I resent the party scene  by -ifywwm-
I resent the party scene by bugz
i'm just projecting my disorders onto awsten i am so sorry
Misophonia by doodlebadger
Misophoniaby doodlebadger
This is a story about a serious condition millions of people suffer from it every day. Including myself
The journal of a girl with Misophonia by Misophonia_journal
The journal of a girl with Misopho...by Misophonia_journal
Hey, I... I guess I have misophonia ! I'm 16 and, maybe you're interested ? Or maybe YOU have misophonia too ? ... Anyways, I guess I just want to explain what it is to...
My Misophonia Diary. by AesthetixTurtle
My Misophonia Diary.by Aesthetically
Hi! I'm Sapphire, AKA AesthetixTurtle or Aesthetically. In this story/diary, I will be writing all of the times I have had to deal with Misophonia. Before you start rea...
When Misophonia Strikes by RileyTube
When Misophonia Strikesby Riley/Amy Green
Basically just the story of my misophonia experience. Will include some poetry
Conditions by AnarchisticMindset
Conditionsby AnarchisticMindset
Everyone goes through tough times in their lives, some tougher than others. Grey Emerson is just one person that has a string of conflicts that he must endure. With a di...
How to Deal by hanisenpai-senpie
How to Dealby ImN0tInsan3
Good and bad ways to deal with sound, people touching, and other annoying things.
Control by queendingaling
Controlby Elle
What you see may not be reality
Handleiding voor mijzelf. by EllisLubbers
Handleiding voor mijzelf.by Ellis Lubbers
Dit boek beschrijft mijn dagelijkse hindernissen doormiddel van korte verhalen/situaties, ik hoop dat er erkenning in te vinden is! Specifiek over: (ADD & hoogsensitief)
MIS-I-PHON-I-A by Danaross11
Olivia Lockwood has suffered from a condition called misophonia which means she has a hatred toward sounds. It inflicts emotional and physical distress so being an adult...