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Haven by Starlately
Havenby Nicole Starleigh
#1 in AKF 🙌🏻 #1 in YANA 💕 Sam Winchester x Reader Insert (AU) Two complete strangers, one fateful cross-country bus ride. You're running from a past that haunts you...
Mental Health Poems by The_Writer4
Mental Health Poemsby The_Writer4
This is a collection of poems by authors that wrote about mental health, mental health, and any suggestions made by you guys.
Un-Expressed!|✓ by -Alishan_xx
Un-Expressed!|✓by ー
❝It hurts...when feelings are left un-expressed!❞ ❝Feelings which are left unspoken by lips are conveyed through the beauty of words.❞ Contains: Poems...
Living With Mental Illness by ijustkindofexist
Living With Mental Illnessby Burt Macklin, FBI
{Updates: Saturdays} Living with mental illness, fluff and sugarcoating omitted. Tips, tricks, posts, Tumblr, Twitter threads, original stuff, and whatnot. Just your fr...
You Will Be Found (DEH) by BroadwayGirl312
You Will Be Found (DEH)by BroadwayGirl312
This book is about a girl named Claire who just recently moved and has to go to a new school. She has social anxiety and has to write letters to herself. She didn't thin...
A READER'S PROBLEMS #youarenotalone by VioletDaylight
A READER'S PROBLEMS #youarenotaloneby Violet Daylight
Reading a book should be the easy part of the job - after all, you don't have to come up with any ideas at all. But as a reader, the task is not always that easy. There...
Alan Walker - Alone with a Hope by _walker292
Alan Walker - Alone with a Hopeby Alan's Walker
I wish people would stop judging me I wish they would understand what Im dealing with I feel so empty I feel so broken inside I feel so so Alone... As she opens up her e...
𝗦HE 𝗜S 𝗕I𝗣OLAR by Thatfunnybrowngirl
A WRITER'S PROBLEMS #youarenotalone by VioletDaylight
A WRITER'S PROBLEMS #youarenotaloneby Violet Daylight
What every writer knows ... Life as a writer is hard. A constant struggle against your own thoughts and ideas. Trying to catch what you know lives inside you. Create the...
Sad/Depressing Quotes by sadquotes13
Sad/Depressing Quotesby UselessNobody:)
~•|•~ Sad/Depressing Quotes for Sad/Depressed people ~•|•~ Day started : 6/8/2020 Day finished : ??/??/???? ~•|•~
Jensen Ackles daughter  by RubyEliza1967
Jensen Ackles daughter by RubyEliza1967
What if Jensen had another daughter that he never knew about. Ruby Elizabeth Diana Ackles is 17 and her adoptive mother tells her about her real family. Will it go down...
Depression is a Bad Houseguest by TheAuthorAgain
Depression is a Bad Houseguestby The Author
A personal story about my own experience with depression, as well as some short stories about other tragedies that our world is so unfortunately plagued with. #1 in depr...
My Therapy Room by TF_NovaStar
My Therapy Roomby TF_NovaStar
I'm finally back in the office and ready to help others woth their problems; I've grown quite a bit since the last time I did this, so I will correct the mistakes I made...
You're Not Alone (Mental Health Awareness Anthology) by val_gates
You're Not Alone (Mental Health Ang Ginoong Manunula (The Gen...
An anthology of poetries written especially for mental health awareness. Date Started: September 1, 2020 Date Finished: ---
vent  by okxyyfreyaa
vent by Freya loves you 🤍🌸
sad /sad/ adjective 1. feeling or showing sorrow; unhappy. "I was sad and subdued"
Inspirational Quotes by CanYouBelieveThatI
Inspirational Quotesby EVERYTHING IS CONNECTED
Positive and inspirational quotes about love, life, heroes, dreams, success, family... I will try to update one quote per day :)
Rooftop Talks by insomnolence
Rooftop Talksby flaminia m.
❝they were broken, but they weren't alone❞ {{contains swearing, might be triggering to some, mention of self-harm}}
haunted by chamomileiscrying
hauntedby gummyshark( • ͜ʖ •)
my experience with sexual assault. this isn't for attention I just need to let it out somehow.
Quotes by imbecileMaryam
Quotesby Maryam❤️
Hey! This is a collection of quotes from different writers. Some quotes are mine some are taken from other sources. This book contains different quotes for cheering you...