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Grinding W/ You by _MinnieBracey
Grinding W/ Youby _MinnieBracey
Roc Royal Love Story ; When Roc & YN Pretend To Date, It Becomes Serious!
Love And Regret (a Mindless Behavior Love Story) by SenecaGray_
Love And Regret (a Mindless Behavi...by SenecaGray
Nicole Gates, a local school student is bullied all her life from just four boys. It's affected her life in many ways, but she( Surprisingly) has one little crush on one...
Faith (THIRD BOOK TO GRINDING W/ YOU) by _MinnieBracey
Faith (THIRD BOOK TO GRINDING W/ Y...by _MinnieBracey
Raising a 5 year old, 8 year old, and 11 year old isn't easy. But with Chresanto on her side, she isn't worried about a thing. { 3rd book to Grinding W/ You }
Mindless Behavior Imagines by psychedelics_
Mindless Behavior Imaginesby loser ♡
Mindless Behavior nasty imagines; taking request 😋
Do She Even Want Me.? (Mindless Behavior Story Starring YN) by StoriesByAisia
Do She Even Want Me.? (Mindless Be...by Aisia
YN Lopez is a 17 year old professional dancer currently dancing with mindless behavior at the moment. Both prodigy and roc royal have a crush on her but… do she even wan...
Stepbrother(book 1) by unapologeticallyk123
Stepbrother(book 1)by Unapologetically. K
"Baby girl , when I'm done with you you'll be begin for more . You'll be so wet you'll be peeing yourself" Malik smirked " yeah ok" i smirked Read...
Honey (A Keith Powers Story) by lush_rush
Honey (A Keith Powers Story)by MYAAH!
Soon to be World's Greatest Champion. Julian "Juju" Maxwell finds his new success to be a little sticky; in pursuit to marry his college sweetheart Sevyn Mille...
Dirty Laundry by _MinnieBracey
Dirty Laundryby _MinnieBracey
Let's do this Dirty Laundry ....
In Love With My Kidnapper . (A Mindless Behavior Story) by LastKing_Minnie
In Love With My Kidnapper . (A Min...by Vaé
This is a Mindless Behavior Adventure Love story . I ran . Running and running . I kept on running until I couldn't run no more . I turned back and I saw him still ch...
MINE! (Yandere! Dragon Bakugo X Reader) by BkugoLuvr01
MINE! (Yandere! Dragon Bakugo X Re...by Vankugo_SimpR.
This is my first story, yandere! WARNING: Language, SMUT, abuse, possession, obsession, blood (Y/N) (L/N), an expert hunter and a sharp craftsman with the sharpest weap...
Tempest (Royce/Winston) by ForeverMindless247
Tempest (Royce/Winston)by Bri
"You're a tempest.... A violent windstorm. You ruin everything you touch, and you don't give a single damn about it. You're the reason why storms are named after pe...
Laugh For Me - Book 1 by Love_2_Laugh_
Laugh For Me - Book 1by Love_2_Laugh_
Amber awakes in a fairytale land that has strange values that make her laugh... literally. Through every twist and turn she is greeted with laughter, love, and even some...
Mindless Behavior Imagines by YattiK
Mindless Behavior Imaginesby Y A T T I K 🖤
Love, Sex, & Strong Imagination Is All You Need For Daddy...
Nicki&MorePips by PrincessQueenZ
Nicki&MorePipsby Zoe
See what happens as the Pips begin to mature and make some new strange friends. How do they cope with being sent back to school with other children as well as living in...
In Love With My Kidnapper(Roc Royal/Santo August) by Hailey_Michele
In Love With My Kidnapper(Roc Roya...by Michele
She doesn't instantly fall in love with him, trust me. He started as a stalker, but his obsession grew bigger and bigger each second. No one noticed she was gone because...
Hidden (A Princeton Love Story) by misfitprincessss
Hidden (A Princeton Love Story)by misfitprincessss
Jacob is a poor teenager taking care of his two younger sisters. His mom is an alcoholic and doesn't help at all. His brother is just as much help as his mom. Jacob does...
Long Sleeves. | Trey Songz | by Shaaniaa
Long Sleeves. | Trey Songz |by shania ❥
Abuse, was all he did to me. Self-conscious, was all I felt. Long sleeves was all that covered the hideous marks on my body. That was my life.
||Mr. Lopez|| by MindlessSpecialist
||Mr. Lopez||by DamnDezWTF
Mr. Rayan Lopez, a 26 year old soon-to-be teacher, finds himself falling in love with a 17 year old girl named Y/N Owens. Y/N usually keeps to herself and isn't really i...