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Stepbrother(book 1) by unapologeticallyk123
Stepbrother(book 1)by Unapologetically. K
"Baby girl , when I'm done with you you'll be begin for more . You'll be so wet you'll be peeing yourself" Malik smirked " yeah ok" i smirked Read...
Beg |  by unapologeticallyk123
Beg | by Unapologetically. K
"Beg for me babygirl" "Ohh please daddy" she rubs my bulge A shy freaky girl choosing over guys, a lot of female drama. I can't really give a summar...
Yellow Coat Blue Jumper (Little Nightmares 6x7 Fanfic)  by CheapGuyCosplay
Yellow Coat Blue Jumper (Little Lucifer
this Is a seven x six story and it's not going to be the little nightmares storyline it's my own thanks for reading this and enjoy :)
Stepbrother (book 2) by unapologeticallyk123
Stepbrother (book 2)by Unapologetically. K
There's chance you might understand but You most likely you will not understand this book if you didn't read stepbrother #1 . So I suggest reading it beyotch. But if you...
The InFaMoUS LoVe StOrY by angelit_0001
The InFaMoUS LoVe StOrYby aashu
What can happen when an international artist falls in love with a normal girl? What can happen when a brit bad boy falls in love with an indian girl? What can happen whe...
Fangs For The Alpha by IDonutLikeU
Fangs For The Alphaby Rawr
Savannah used to be human. She used to enjoy life. Until one bite changed her life forever making it never ending. Her happiness ended... But maybe someone could make it...
Misunderstood 🤜🏽 by unapologeticallyk123
Misunderstood 🤜🏽by Unapologetically. K
Some hood shit you not ready for. 🖌🖌 read the bitch.
Never Ending (COMPLETED) by yourgirlmarry
Never Ending (COMPLETED)by Marrybel Arnaiz
Kaya mo bang isakripisyo ang pagkakaibigan niyo para sa ibang tao na inaapi? Bakit maraming tao ang mas gustong mambully? Tatanggapin mo ba ang kapatid mo kahit step bro...
God Devourer by therealnovacrimson
God Devourerby therealnovacrimson
the never-ending story of an immortal being
"He loved none" by avyannaluna37
"He loved none"by je n ~
He sat there with nothing but a lazy smile, tugged his hat to keep hiding his eyes. He never said anything but kept holding my gaze while stars burned and ashes covere...
Repeated repeat? by Eliotleft
Repeated repeat?by Eliotleft
Lennon a girl just trying to set out for a new life But death comes to soon for the young girl. The paranormal will come and change a group of peoples life, especially...
Mortals Meet Demigods by lost-ataraxia
Mortals Meet Demigodsby Lily
Follow the adventures of mortals as they meet the demigods. I am NOT a Rick Riordan so I don't own PJO or HOO very sorry but I'm not continuing this.
A little Secret (Kagehina & Tsukiyama) by Haikyuu_ships_
A little Secret (Kagehina & Hinata Shoyo
(maybe a never ending story) Kageyama falls for Hinata but tsukishima unexpectedly does too and gets to Hinata first what will Hinata do will he also consider his feelin...
My love  (GxG) by notimetodieinlife
My love (GxG)by Mindyabusiness
Sequel to NEW GIRL If you haven't read New Girl, go read it before you read this. Thank you :) Katie and Billie's love for each other is never ending, but what happens w...
Make You Feel My Love (GLEE FF)  by yettialyssa2703
Make You Feel My Love (GLEE FF) by Yettialyssa
First book in the "Make You Feel My Love" Series 2 years with the newly formed Glee Club back. "Losers", "Jocks", "Cheerios", &qu...
NeverEnding by KakaPHD
NeverEndingby ⌈ 𝙆𝙖𝙠𝙖𝙋𝙃𝘿 ⌋ 
𝓝𝓮𝓿𝓮𝓻-𝓮𝓷𝓭𝓲𝓷𝓰 ● Yandere Peter Pan x Reader ● [Slight! Shadow x Reader x Hook] Peter Pan was a folklare that is highly praised by a wide variety of audience, th...
two friends and a problem by notyourdoll5
two friends and a problemby paige beattie
The two most unexpected 'friends' Caught in a tragedy that will change there lives to not the most perfect standards story 1 of 3 in the true hearts series ***complete...
The Never Ending Love💕 by Saniksh_writes
The Never Ending Love💕by Saniksh_writes
Welcome to the story of Kamiksha & NikYank ❤ What happens when one of the two sister's who is mad over an author meets him at his book launch...and the young author inst...
Loving the Nightmare ✅ by Lovesick_12
Loving the Nightmare ✅by .
SAMPLE Full book is available on dreame app "If you truly loved me, you would have never agreed to marry me." Aditya's sentence made me totally shocked. What d...