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Va Va Voom. by CreativelyShy
Va Va tαyℓoя
(BoyxBoy) I began crying even more while burying my head into my pillow. I feel so alone and so confused. What would the managers think of me? What would the fans think...
Come with me, Garnet by MckaylaStrobert8
Come with me, Garnetby ~Musubi~
Poor little Chresanto has been abused ever since his mother died. Let's just say don't fuck up. What if a Mysterious Afro-ed man sweeps him off his feet like the Gem he...
I can't help but wait (Royce ) Boyxboy by Daisyblossomflower
I can't help but wait (Royce ) Daisyblossomflower
Hi this story is about Roc Royal and Jacob Perez and how they fall in love but can Roc get past Jacob's boyfriend who is not what he says he is so will Jacob pick Roc o...
You're All That Matters (Royce) BoyxBoy by xprincetonx
You're All That Matters (Royce) Chocolate Prncss🍫✨
Jacob and Chresanto are a couple that are so in love with each other and it may seem like they've never went through any problems by how they act with each other but tru...
MY MENTAL CAPACITY by Odd_thoughts
What happenes when Jacobs heart is broken over and over again. Can he hold his mental capacity.
From Dusk Till Dusk (boyxboy) by LenaStorm
From Dusk Till Dusk (boyxboy)by Lena
[On temporary HIATUS] Jacob and Chresanto meet on a plane that's about to crash and immediately click. They're both stranded for the same reason. So what happens when, i...
I'm Falling (PrincexRoc story) by unkn0wnnn
I'm Falling (PrincexRoc story)by K.Writes ☺️
Boyxboy thing going on. No info needed. Read and enjoy!!!! Again Boyxboy thing if ya don't like it, don't criticize my book. Just leave. Again. ENJOY!!!
Lil Mosey Imagines by mymoneymyproblem
Lil Mosey Imaginesby My Money
Just some imagines I made while I was bored| send requests so I can make more| dirty and clean storys
Tempest (Royce/Winston) by ForeverMindless247
Tempest (Royce/Winston)by Bri
"You're a tempest.... A violent windstorm. You ruin everything you touch, and you don't give a single damn about it. You're the reason why storms are named after pe...
I Love You! by tyannahowlett
I Love You!by tyannahowlett
The Fat Boy Named Jacob Anthony Perez (Royce) by ayline143
The Fat Boy Named Jacob Anthony Ayline
Jacob Perez is a fat boy weighing 275 pounds. He gets bullied constantly by everybody in his school. Especially Craig Crippen j.r. Will he ever be saved or even loved. (...
Baller for love {Royce} by mysty789
Baller for love {Royce}by mysty789
What happens when the star of basket ball, Chresanto August finds that he has feelings for his best friend whom is a boy, Jacob Perez. All rights reserved © Read to find...
We Met in Gym (Royce-Short Story) by MoneNemo
We Met in Gym (Royce-Short Story)by 🖤 perivermore
They met in gym class . *RocxPrince♥boyxboy Copyrighted material ©2014-2018 by MoneNemo . All rights reserved.
My Star by tyannahowlett
My Starby tyannahowlett
Chresanto August is one of the worlds most know porn stars, who does not believe in love or a happy relationship just sex. Jacob lives with an abusive boyfriend and is...