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Sweetheart • muke • by avancer-
Sweetheart • muke •by Idk
Luke is a broken and beaten sweetheart Michael wants Luke to be his sweetheart •fem!luke
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Secretary | muke [c] by mukecorner
Secretary | muke [c]by jules
"He didn't feel like Michael at that moment; he felt happy, he felt cared for, he felt lucky. He felt like he had everything he could want at that moment, everythin...
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Don't Stop - lrh by xPenguinx
Don't Stop - lrhby xPenguinx
Stuck in a love Natalie falls for Luke who just can't seem to give her what she wants without jeopardizing his reputation
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Pretty In Love {Muke}| Polish translation ✔️ by Aryman2302
Pretty In Love {Muke}| Polish tran...by queen
- Księżniczki nie mają brzucha wielkości Jupitera, Michael. - Ale moja ma. MPREG! część druga Pretty in punk! okładkę wykonała @CatchLastBreath za co bardzo dzięku...
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Seventeen | muke by mukecorner
Seventeen | mukeby jules
Luke was seventeen and clueless. Michael was thirty-two and a liar.
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Cancer  ★ Muke  au  by mukeslubefactory
Cancer ★ Muke au by 5sos are rats
Where a small boy with cancer falls for a new assistant doctor Or Where a bald boy with cancer just wanted to be pretty. And a new assistant doctor thought exactly that...
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virgin | muke by pyromuke
virgin | mukeby 1:48
"i've never had sex." "well neither have i."
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Opposites Attract || Muke AU by xMichaelBigRedDogx
Opposites Attract || Muke AUby Sammy
Luke Hemmings is the quiet boy at the school. He's what you would call the silent genius. He writes music and only has two friends, Calum and Ashton. He loves singing an...
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Pretty Boy (Lashton) by PoisonedOxygen
Pretty Boy (Lashton)by PoisonedOxygen
Where in Luke is 15 and Ashton is 20, and Ashton becomes infatuated by Luke, the pretty boy next door who only wears sweaters and skirts.
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I Like It Rough [Muke] by murderrized
I Like It Rough [Muke]by Cody AF
Friendship, it can be an excuse. A cover when there's not something you want to admit....Or you're too scared to explore. Maybe he feels the same, but you'll never know...
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Missing Parts by lovethepj
Missing Partsby h dizzle
"Luke I can't have sex with you. At least not the way you want". "And why is that?". "I don't have a penis".
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Black Magic || Muke by SameThough
Black Magic || Mukeby Bambi & Chastity
"I can't believe you actually talked to him. What did he say?" "Nothing. Nothing at all. Yet… he said a lot." “What are you talking about, Michael? H...
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The Truth Hurts by icryinacoolway
The Truth Hurtsby icryinacoolway
Luke and Michael were best friends. They shared items, discussed girls they thought were cute, and even used each other's toothbrushes and deodorant on occasion. Little...
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Muke - Back To Normal by AlyssaHart1
Muke - Back To Normalby Alyssa Hart
Muke- The boys are getting over Alyssa killing herself. That's Michael's ex. This is a sequel but my friend has it so I can't publish it. Soz guys. Calum and Ashton are...
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Be My Escape // Muke AU ON HOLD (I hate me too) by WhatILikeAboutMuke
Be My Escape // Muke AU ON HOLD (I...by Maddie
A story in which a shy boy gets sent on vacation to visit his aunt and hopefully break out of his shell. Copyright, 2014 WhatILikeAboutMuke
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Cut and Run **Muke** by RebeccaBentley12
Cut and Run **Muke**by Rebecca Bentley
Murrdor, Robbery. Killing, Ruining. Nothing Can Go Wrong CAN IT?? "Burn everything, that instincts us from existence, birth forms, records, social security numbers...
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Robbers {lrh/mgc} by blxsphemyclxfford
Robbers {lrh/mgc}by Abbey
"Hi, I'm luke, and I'm criminally insane."
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In The Night (Muke) by PoisonedOxygen
In The Night (Muke)by PoisonedOxygen
In the night he hears him calling In the night he's dancing to relieve the pain He'll never walk away. I don't think you understand. In the night when he comes crawling...
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